Sleep Well with Mudras

Healing by Naran

Compiled by R Mohan

Why we couldn’t sleep well. The reason is that all our energy is focused on the head, especially about work, money and relationships. We keep thinking about something that has happened yesterday and today, and something that might happen tomorrow. Thus, more energy is focused on the head.

Chin Mudra

You touch the tip of the thumb with index finger. Unlike Chinmaya Mudra you keep the other three fingers straight. When you do Chin Mudra, extra energy in head is diverted to the root chakra (which is situated below your sexual organ) and then to the legs. You get grounded and therefore you sleep well.

Usually I do Savasana (corpse pose) before going to sleep, so as to unwind myself. Yesterday instead of keeping the palms on the side and keeping them open, as we do while performing Savasana, I did Chin Mudra. The amount of energy I felt had been tremendous, never felt before. Of course I slept well.

Vitality Mudra

Here you touch your thumb with little and ring fingers. This gives you physical strength – especially after you are tired from any activities that are physical in nature (newly married and aged people will find this Mudra very helpful).

Additionally, this Mudra puts you on a better financial situation then you are currently in.

Putting you in a better financial position – a case history

Kannan has never worked anywhere and had always been in business. He had never made enough money in his life and been always in debt and shortage of money. Kannan and his wife were asked to do this Vitality Mudra by Naran S Balakumar, for 45 minutes before going to sleep.

What they found out was:  They could sleep well which had been never the case before. Even though their financial position has not changed much yet (they had been practicing only for last few weeks), their financial situation has changed considerably. Somehow they found money from various sources to make up for things. Thus their life goes on a smooth sailing. I am sure they will get better off over a period of time.

Getting back your physical strength

Personally after playing cricket during the weekends I found this Mudra helpful to give me back physical strength required by me to carry on with other activities. Otherwise, two of hours of playing cricket take away all my strength to do anything meaningful, during the whole weekend.

Sleep Well

You may ask how you can sleep well with Vitality Mudra. When your financial worries are taken away, energy flows to your Hara chakra (located just below the navel) and Root chakra, and thus automatically energy in the head is reduced.

Try these Mudras and please give your feedback.

Good luck.

Good health.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    I have done the vitality mudra and can bear witness. It works no question. I also had an unexpected result. I began to put on weight! Is this a normal side affect or is this something unique to my mind? Have you heard of this before?

  2. Grace
    one will put on weight – only required weight. if you think you are putting on weight, immediately follow the mudra with fire mudra – place the ring finger at the base of the thumb.

  3. could you please say if there is any mudra for love? to show unconditional love to husband?

  4. appu
    touch your thumb with little and ring fingers and see the picture of Red Balsam.

  5. Sir,
    Vanakkam. i am drawn in debt. Kindly helpme sir. Already i bought money from my relatives and paying interest. Last month i finished my daughters marriage by pledged my house document. I dont know how i am going to settle these things. I put my used jewels to my daughter. some are broken too. Her m-in-law also angry with her. Kindly save my daughters life too.
    I am doing building construction. At present no business.
    I have that much of problems and not able to tell all those things . First solve these probs.
    What can i do sir. I beg ur help.

  6. 7hills,
    take the flower remedy blue sapphire pills for yourself.
    for the pills contact

  7. Namaskar sir, as I am married now, its my long problem that I do.t sleep befire 2 or 3 at night. Due to late sleep I wake at 8 in morning dat feels me embarrass in front of my in laws.
    Thanks to you sir from today I am gping to do both these mudras
    As we need finance too to remove our debt.
    Thankyou sir.

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