Ear pain whenever I open my mouth


Whenever I open my mouth – either when yawning or while coughing, I get a pain in the right ear.


Do you use a mobile a lot?


I don’t.


This could be due to Apanan (Prana), which has to flow downwards. Instead, it is flowing upwards instead. Do the Chin Mudra (index finger touching the tip of thumb on both the hands). It will help the Apanan to flow downwards.

Sam (after three days)

My pain has completely gone. Usually, my stomach is bloated in the evening from 4 pm until 9 pm. Because of that, my belly looks bigger. Can I do the Chin Mudra to reduce this bloating?


Yes you can. Additionally, chant ‘Vallabam Gajaananam Eka Thantham”.

The mantra will make you enjoy food. When you don’t enjoy eating your food, you will tend to nibble your food. You need to munch the food a lot (for at least for 40 seconds) before swallowing it. This helps saliva to get mixed with food, which helps the digestion process.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir
    I am 45. I have the habit of grinding teeth may be from childhood but I am unaware recently my doctor told me that due to grinding my lower teeth almost become flattened and he suggested me cap.
    I worry about lots of things in my life.
    With doctor advice I also want to meditate on Bach flowers or switch words because meditation plus medication works wonder.

  2. Naran ji
    Recently diagnosed with hypothyroid but did not start any allow ethic medicine because it is for whole life.In your blog I have read the effect of mantra Shivoham.For this problem whatever you advice me mantra, Bach flower meditation,mudra I will do or all together but I donot want to depend upon daily medicine.
    I feel too much tired,sleepy especially at day time and too much hair fall.I live in north America will not be able to contact you personally.
    Please guide.

  3. Mona,
    there is one B-56 drops available for thyroid probelm. Buy this from homeopathy shop. put 10 drops in water and take it . do this two times.
    you will be totally alright in three months’ time

  4. Sir,
    1) I was in govt job in my country but my husband wanted to settle in foreign so i had to left job and came.worked in foreign country for almost 3 year but again have to move in another city due to my husband job.i want to be self dependant and wanted good job with good income.please advice switch words to get good job and also i should be able to fulfill my home responsibilties.

    2) we do not have any social life.no friends.please advice so that we(my husband,me and my kids) can have sincere friends.

    thanks a lot

  5. Hello naran sir, i am really stuck in my life n not able to decide what next, i did my M.Tech degree through distance mode while i worked as a lecturer in a college n management promised me to raise my salary once i finish my m.tech degree, but now they are telling as its distance mode we vl pay only for B.E grade which is very minimum n a major difference of upto 10k for what M.tech degree gets
    its 4yrs i ve been working in this field n i cant change to company as they will consider me as fresher so please help me come out of this situation n suggest me switch word so i get a decent salary . Please sir help me n Thank u

  6. sandeep.r.
    chant SWEETCHESTNUT FIND COUNT DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink this water. do this daily

  7. Thank u sir, how many days i should chant n should i talk to my management regarding my salary.

  8. Thank u very much sir .

    • Naran sir, I did chant SWEETCHESTNUT FIND COUNT DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water n on 8th day i asked my principal about my salary hike, he said he will consider my request next month.he did not guarantee of increasing the salary he just told vl try. now should i continue to chant the same switch word till next month sir please tell me .Thank u


  10. Dear naran ji. I am having some problem since 3yrs. I was using mobile a lot during 2006. But after 2yrs of increased usage, i reduced using mobile.

    But still, i hv some problems in me. I am unable to open my mouth freely sometimes. I hv digestion problems and body pains only in left side of body. I was using mobile on left ear. Can i also use chin mudra? Is my situation the same as up flowing apan vayu?

    • krgs,
      stop using mobile phone. there is a sticker available in the market which can save one electro magnetic pollution of mobile phone. buy and stick to your mobile.
      Do this mudra.
      place the LEFTmiddle finger at the base of the thumb. Right hand be in chin mudra. Be in this mudra for 15 minutes daily.

  11. naran ji, thank you for the advise. i wanted to attend your EFT workshop today, but i am far from your place. i wish to meet you in near future.

    thanks for suggesting the mudra to me. i did this mudra for 15 minutes in the morning and i was able to feel the difference. But please make one clarification: when i touch the LEFT middle finger on the base of the thumb, can i use the thumb to press the top of middle finger? (only for support)…. Are you suggesting me Shunya mudra for left hand? Like here: https://healbymudra.wordpress.com/2010/05/22/uses-of-shunya-mudra/

    Today morning. i used the support of thumb to keep the middle finger at the base of the thumb.

  12. Respected sir i am Harini friend of Maha. I have 14 yrs old daughter. I gets anger and scolding her for her simple mistakes too. Please give some solutions to reduce my anger. I have to reduce my unwanted chats with all. I have to love my husband and my daughter. I should not fight with them. Please help me sir.

  13. HH
    bUY flower remedies CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS BEECH WILLOW WALNUT and take two pills of each for three times a day. Dont touch the pills by hand. These remedies are available in Homeopathy shops

  14. Sir
    I am running my own photo studio.please guide me how I can increase or attract more customers to increase my income.
    Jayesh Patel .

  15. jayes,
    write gentian whitechestnut in a paper and keep it with you. chant whenever possoble

  16. Hello sir,i hv lots of enemies surrounding me like my tanents,some neibours……there is a legal case running between me and my tenant.they even used wrong words for my 5yrs child.i know that i don’t hv that right to teach them,so i just want a SW from u so that no one can do any wrong thing with me and my family and can hv good surrounding.my wife feel scare about our son.

  17. Abcd,
    chant as many times as possible change find divine love now

  18. Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from a stiffness below and near my right jaw and right side of my chest. Kindly advice.

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