Mudra for surrender

Udana Mudra

It activates the throat chakra that energizes the head. It brings in the clarity of the mind.  Apart from that this can be helpful for bad throat condition also.

When you are stuck in a problem situation, be in this Mudra and chant the switch words, “CLIMB CRYSTAL TOGETHER DIVINE”.

To sit regularly for a meditation, even though if it is escapism, be in this Mudra, and you will continue to sit for the meditation.


It is also called as Mudra for Surrender.

What is meant by surrender?

Surrender is not inaction. Whatever we are doing we have do it.

You are writing with a pen. Suppose the pen gets a life and says, “I am writing so many things”.  Will you accept it? The pen is not supposed to say that and that to you.

Let us say the pen says to you that “I am writing so many things. So many good ideas come to me, when I am writing”. If so, you will break the pen and will go for a new one.

Similarly, surrendering means, the attitude of ownership is relinquished. ‘I am not the doer’ – that attitude should be cultivated. It is the training of the mind. That can be cultivated or trained by being in this Mudra.

Everything is coming from the space. Because of the divine, we are doing something. You are doing the action for the divine, by the power of the divine and with the help of the divine. That attitude has to be ingrained in every part of the brain. For which, this mudra will be very helpful.

You are not the doer – understanding and believing it

How to understand and believe that you are not the doer?

It is not the question of understanding. How to believe we are not the doer, but divine is the doer?

Instructions to do the Mudra: On both the hands, keep the thumb at the base of the little finger (first image) and rest of the fingers covering the thumb (next image).

Udana Mudra


I have been telling the following story about a Hungarian, during all the classes I am conducting these days:

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  1. Naran Sir,
    Please tell How to do Udana Mudra and for how many minutes can we do this mudra

    Thanking You

  2. I finally have come to understand that all of the occurrences of our life are a matter of projection from the subconscious mind. What is surrender, is it allowing what is in our mind to play out? Isn’t then resistance also apart of our subconscious mind?

  3. Can we know which mudra is safe to practice during pregnancy, please.

  4. hello naran sir,
    whenever i do prana mudra i feel energetic ,all my laziness quit from my body so feels great.but my problem is whenever i do prana mudra it feels great but at night i feel little little itching in my body and thats why i cant able to sleep.its like blood is running fast in tiny veins.and i am a vipassana meditator so i can recognise what is happening in the body…so can you help me with this…can prana mudra makes blood pressure high??

  5. Naranji! i am very suffering mentally and physically for loss my money in the words to say my pain.. please i need ur powerful advice for getting my money,peace and joy.. Thank u!

  6. Dear Sir

    I am Hari Kumar to day I visited your site.Which had given valuable information about.Mudras and healing we had developed a page which contain A to Z list of diseases and it mudras .Here is the link If you like the page please share it in your post that will give a wonderful user experience for your followers.


    Hari Kumar

    Complete Person

  7. Dear Naran ji,

    thank you for the excellent information posted on your blog. Which mudra would be beneficial to unleash creativity and imagination? I write a lot and have been suffering from writers block for quite sometime.

    thank you


  8. Now Naranji is not answering in this blog

    Please post your query in

    For all new Posts Please check

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