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  1. sanjaybothra

    very nice to see and learn. I want to be in regular touch . please explain about vyan mudra posture. ;;;;; how to overcome of finecial side to pay loans.

  2. for repaying loans, chant LALITHAM SRIDARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM, LALITHAM SUDARSANAM daily around 1000 times.

  3. Hi Naran,

    Even I would like to know how to pay off the loans as more than half of my salary goes off in paying debts, kindly suggest a mudra or another easy remedy.

    Thanks …..Monica

  4. Take the flower remedies chicory hornbeam – three doses of 3 pills each daily.
    be in pran mudra chant find count divine for 20 minutes daily.

  5. Hi Naran,

    I need your help with a problem. My husband is appearing for the final round of a job interview, but the salary he has been offered is much below our requirement.
    Kindly suggest a remedy so that he gets offered the salary that he has in mind.
    Your help is appreciated.
    Regards, Monica


  7. Bhagirathi Pradhan

    I need help regarding Mudras to be done for painless delivery , if you have any suggetion pl give.

  8. what is the probable date of delivery?
    let me know. Then i will suggest

  9. Hi Naren,

    My brother’s name is Narendra too 🙂
    I came across your site today while looking for mudras. I have been practicing for a while but never felt anything. from the past few months, I feel like an electric circuit formed when ever i make mudra and make me believe in them more.

    Thank you for wonderful site. My mother fell down and had a fracture near her waist on the left side. Doctor gave her bed rest for six weeks. she also has high cholestrol, high BP, Rhumetoid arthritis, Asthma and very weak bones. She started doing meditation lying down. Is there any mudra in particular that can help her?

    She is around 53 years old, kind of alone as friends are looking after her now. we lost our dad six months ago.

    Thank you

  10. Respected Naran,

    I got a new job after I had to struggle a lot for that. Please let me
    know is there any mudra that will help me to do my job perfectly without any mistakes. Also is there any way I can be very much
    popular as well as most needed person over there? I would greatly appreciate if you kindly help me in this matter.By the way my job is a receptionist in a yoga studio[yoga source].
    Best regards,

  11. chant OM VACHASPATHAYE(pronounce as in “pay”) namaha. write MUSTARD OAK in a piece of paper and keep it with you.

  12. Respected Naran,
    Thanks a lot for the quick reply.I would also like to get some help
    from you regarding my Mother in law.She is making my life miserable since I got married, past 13 years.She does black magic as well as other staffs.She wanted to kill me and my only son
    several times.Now she is trying to do something between my son and me, so that we don’t get along and hate each other.Please help us. On the top of that she wants to come to see us.To tell you the truth I don’t want her to come. Please
    help me.
    Thank You

    write the names of these flowers ROCKWATER HOLLY WILLOW VINE CHESTNUTBUD on a piece of paper and keep it with you,always.

  14. Thank you SO…………MUCH ! ! !

  15. Respected Naran,
    Thank you so much for all your help so far. As earlier I did mention
    you about my new job, they are not giving me that much hours I
    want or whatever they told me before.I am keeping mustard oak
    in a piece of paper written with me as well as I am chanting whatever
    you asked me to do so. Please help me to get more hours at work.
    I always appreciate your help.
    With Regards,

    download a picture of emeral and citrine (gem stones) and keep it with you ind addition to Mustard oak.
    Daily see the pcitrue meditate upon it. visualise green and yellow rays entering through your third eye and fill up your entrie body. After 10 minutes pray to the gemstones, “Citrine emerald be active in my aura for the next 24 hours.” Do this daily

  17. Respected Naran,
    Thanks a lot for whatever you have done for me so far.Without your help nothing is possible
    for me.Today, I’m going to ask your help regarding one of my health problem which has been bothering me since couple of months.8 years back I had the same problem but was gone
    away by itself. This time I am suffering a lot. Whatever I eat I feel heavy into my stomach lots of gas also. The
    main suffering part is my chest feel like very heavy some times, feels like a stone is sitting
    into my chest.It comes and goes on and off. I would like to eat like a normal person without worrying about my meal time what to eat. Sometimes I have sour taste in my mouth. You are
    my last hope. Please do help me. I always appreciate your help.
    God bless you,

  18. Respected Naran,
    As per your advice I am keeping the flowers name as well as whatever you asked me to chant for 10000 times a day, regarding my mother in law.Please do advice me what else I can do for
    her to not come to visit us.She is supposed to come first week of next month. I already did
    explained you about me and my son’s fear about her black magic. Please help me regarding her visit cancellation. I do appreciate your help.
    With regards,

  19. KISHWAT ,
    Don’t think about black magic. By constant thinking about a person or event, you are energising that and keeping it alive. Stop it.

    Write in a piece of paper MUSTARD CITRINE and keep it with you. Keep it under the pillow of your son.
    Mustard will clear out anything black or dark giving you light( hope) in life.
    Citrine will increase your self-confidence 1000 times
    Use this combination and allow them to work for you.

    You can download a picture of these two – Mustard is flower remedy and citrine is gem remedy- and
    Meditate upon them for ten minutes a day.
    You can buy the pills of above from the Centre at Chennai

  20. Respected Naran,
    Thanks very much for your precious words.I will follow each and every steps
    with due respect . I wish some day my dream will come true to join your workshop
    or seminars.I am really looking forward for that. Distance is the main barrier as we
    live in North America.Anyway, thanks again for all your help and time.
    God bless you,

  21. Respected Naran,
    With due respect I would like to ask your help regarding one job situation.
    One staff named Lily is always after me at my work. All the time she try to find
    my mistake even though they are not a big issue. She calls me at home and
    starts telling me whatever I did wasn’t right. She did complain to our boss but
    boss is good and understands as a new member I am learning and trying my best.
    My question is, what is the way I can make Lilly happy and how to get my work
    done without any mistakes.Also how to get more hours to work.

    Best Regards,

  22. . KISHWAT,
    do the forgiving exercise. chantg daily 100 times, “I . KISHWAT forgive you Lily. You please forgive me and release me.”
    Write in a piece of paper HOLLY BEECH WILLOW HORNBEAM and keep it with you. Meditate on the names-keep repeating the names for five minutes – and then go to the office. keep the paper in the pocket.

  23. Thank you so much Naran. Lily behaves much better than before. I am doing every thing you did ask me to do so.Looks like you send
    magic for me. I feel so blessed just because of YOU! ! ! ! There is no words to express my gratefulness to you. But my prayers and
    thoughts will be forever for you .
    May God Bless You ! ! !

    very good. continue the forgiving exercise for another 42 days.

  25. Respected Naran,
    With due respect I would like to inform you about something which is very much
    important for my family life here in North America. My mother is an immigrant here.
    She comes and stays with us whenever we need her for looking after my son.But the thing is she very easily gets upset and sad for a very simple issue. Even she
    sometimes cannot get along with my 10 yr old son. She has no connection with her only son as well as her other daughter.We are the only family who does care and
    has connection with her. She lost her husband 30yrs back.Please Sir, tell me1. how
    we can keep her with us forever by making every side happy[ my in-laws as well as my husband] 2. Also what we can do to make both my mom and son to get along and to be the best friend ever.
    I urgently do need your help. Please help me and make my life easier as usual.
    I really appreciate whatever you have done for me so far!!!!!!

    Best Regards,

  26. Buy the flower remedies BEECH WALNUT CHICORY HOLLY WILLOW and put 1 drop of each in common drinking water. Chant TOGETHER DIVINE

  27. Respected Naran,
    With due respect I would like to ask you about a critical situation about my married life.After a long time me and my husband got into a big arguement.Whenever my
    mother- in-law comes we always have the same situation.My question is, what is the best way to keep my husband happy as well as to create a healthy family life
    i.e. to get his love. I do really and badly need your help as usual. I have no words to show my appreciation what you have done for me so far.GOD BLESS YOU!!!
    Best Regards,

  28. Respected Naran,
    I have a 10 year boy who doesn’t like to do studies. Most of the time he plays
    and watches TV. Whenever I ask him to read and write he gets very mad at me
    and both of us start urguing.Please let me know what is the best way he starts
    loving his study and story book reading as before he used to do.
    Thanks, ,

  29. mail me to you address. i will send bach flower remedies which can change your son. In the mean time,keep you son’s name written on a paper on your left palm and close it with the right palm. Chant FIND DIVINE LOVE HOLD ON. Daily chant this for ten minutes in the morning and in the night.

  30. Dear Sir Naran,

    my husband is always waiting for companies to reply to him about the job and now he already passed the first interview and the recruiter told him that he will contact again for the second interview but we still waiting.
    we are really suffering here we want to move to dubai and to get this job will be a dream come true
    please help us sir
    what can i chant for my husband to get the job in dubai??


  31. salwa

  32. Hi there, I came accross your site and I hope you can help. I have recently experienced two ills: loss of job that I put lots of effort and my heart into it and lost my boyfriend who has left me as I was really down and depressed. I am still sad over my boyfriend leaving me like that in dark part of my life where I was there for him all along when he was down, sick or not feeling well, which was often, but it is for the best. It is just hard to dig myself out.

    I am finally well enought to start looking for a job and am going for an interview tomorrow. Can you please help me with advise what to do to help me get well paid job where I will be valued for my knowledge and effort and not fear of losing a job? And is there a reason why my ex boyfriend never made contact to see if I am doing well (and he kept saying previously that my well being is of the most importance to him). No, I do not want to be back with him but having a hard time resolving in my mind how to trust anybody else if a person can be this cruel?

    Thank you so much in advance for helping me.


  33. Bianca,

  34. Hi Naran, thank you so much for your quick reply. I forgot to mention that I also take some Bach remedies (combination of Rock Rose, Holly, Heather, Honeysuckle, Beech, Vervain and Star of Bethlehem.
    Should I start on Sweet Chesnut as well and should I continue with those 7 above?
    Many thanks, I will start chanting today.


  35. Sorry one more thing. Do I chant:

    Thank you so much,

  36. Bianca,
    stop the remedies you are taking.

  37. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to know that what is the best way to become
    rich or financially solvent as I am struggleing a lot for ever.Please let me know
    what I can chant or do that will help me to overcome this problem.Is there any way I
    can attract miracle to my fortune!!!!! Please please and please help me!!!!!

    Many Thanks,

      dont expect miracle to happen. It will distract you from finding ways and means.

  38. Hi Naran, thank you for your input. I am repeating the mudra given and have stopped taking the remedies, but today I was really sad, more than in a month. Should I continue?
    Thanks so much,


  39. Respected Naran Sir,
    Thank you so very much for your kind reply.
    I really appreciate your valuable time and
    support for everyone!!!!!! I OBEY and perform
    each and every suggestions of you with great

  40. Respected Naran Sir,

    With due respect I would like to inform you that
    I am following your footsteps regarding my son and me.
    Seems like both of us are behaving nice with each other.
    No wonder,your magic words works best !!!!! I did
    send you 1 mail but got server problem that time
    My apologies if the same e-mail waste your time.

    Today, I would like to ask your help regarding 2
    things. One is what is the best way to get goodnight sleep.
    Also, how to cope with the morning rush.It increase
    my BP in the morning.Sir, please help me as usual
    with your magic words or whatever you will suggest
    that will be done with due respect and belief.
    Thank you so much for all your help.

    Best Regards,

    FOR NIGHT SLEEP: keep a bowel of salt water near the bed. in the morning after morning rush is over, throw the water into sink. in the night, while lying down, chant OM LAM NAMAHA

  42. Hello Naran,

    Kindly assist me in finding solutions for the following:

    – To bring about financial freedom
    – My mother’s suffering from one sided lower back pain.

    Thank you.

  43. Srinath,
    chant om lam namaha for your mother.
    what is the problem in finance?

  44. Naran,

    Thank you for the response. I am a Freelance Trainer with no permanent income nor any savings. I have a family of four to support and without enough money coming in each month, I always end up worrying about finances every month. Kindly advice.


  45. Srinath
    chant ELM GORSE CITRINE daily 100 times.


  47. Respected naran,
    I am facing lot of problems in my life and my life facing finanacial problems and business is good but unable make the profit and pay interest for the lend amount and my income is going waste plz…suggest

  48. Respected Naran Sir,

    Thanks very much for allowing us to express our
    need to you.Could please you help me regarding one issue.
    In few days I have to go to a family trip which includes
    staying at a motel as well as river cruise which has a
    over night stay program. In both cases I am really scared
    i.e. to sleep in a motel and in the ship[ as I am always
    very scared to sleep to unknown place].Just to mention
    that this is the first time I am going to a cruise as well as
    to stay there over night. SIR PLEASE DO HELP ME WITH
    something so that i can overcome my worries. Any chanting
    or Bach Flower Remedy whatever you suggest that will be
    excepted as a divine gift!!!!!

    Best Regards,


      • Dear Naran Sir,

        Thank you so very much for your kind reply.
        Your precious words will be chanted with due
        respect, trust and joy!!!!!! I am so blessed as
        I do GET DIVINE HELP FROM ONLY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
        i will definitely let you know updates.


  49. sir, i have not received the replay from you sir

  50. Respected Naran Sir,

    Still waiting for your kind reply!!!!!!


  51. Divine Lord,

    Came in handy when I was in trouble. Now, I am earning enough to feed my family and to enjoy some part of my life. I was sufferring for almost 26years without money. Now, I need money to pay me debts towards house loan and for some saving for my retired life.

    Though I know painting, I am unable to make some paintings and sell them. My husband does not like me to spend time onthis.

    Please suggest me some means.

  52. Respected Sir,
    I am anxiously waiting to receive your divine gift for


  53. Respected sir’


  54. shreenivas rao,
    chant sweetchestnut hornbeam willow pine daily for 100 times. write the names in apiece of paper and keep it in your office table,

  55. Hi Naran Namaste,
    My husband has lost his job a year back could u please give us a sloka how to find a job for him.He has applied at many places but no answer from them.

  56. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to ask you a big favor regarding one issue.
    My husband went for official tour for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks they extended
    that to 1 more week. Now they are asking to stay more days.What is the best
    thing to chant or something that will help not to stay away any longer outside.
    Please Sir, do help us in this regard, otherwise our overall life situation will
    be a big mess.Could you please help me with your divine words!!!!!!

    Best Regards,


      • Dear Naran Sir,
        Thank you so much for your kind reply. I am very greatful to get divine help
        from you all the time. I am so blessed for your magic words!!!! I am already chanting those words and will let you know updates. May God bless you

        Best Wishes,

  57. Respected Naran Sir,
    I would highly appreciate if you kindly reply
    to me soon and save us from life and death situation
    for our family.

    Thanking you in advance

  58. Respected sir,
    I and my friends company in same shed but i have worked in his company for 6 years with the payment 6000 per month but my friend told that he will hand over the business to me.

    but now the things are going good for him and he is handling himself but think yourself sir i arranged the workers . i made him the business goes sumoothly

    but i want to him to give the business to me or otherwise let him to vocate the shed

    kindly suggest

    with regards
    shreenivas rao

  59. chant chicory vine rockwater

  60. Respected Naran Sir,
    Thanks very much for all your help!!!!!! I am chanting whatever you have suggested me for my husband’s official tour and they didn’t extend that
    any more.What a magical world you have created for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today I am going to ask you some help for my 10 yr.old son.He doesn’t
    like to study at all,instead he watches tv,games all the time.This is too much
    for us too handle.He says he doesn’t like to study,Comparing a grade 6 student
    he doesn’t study at all!!!You know, how hard it is to raise a child with having all
    the good qualities.My only wish is to see him doing study with full respect and
    with great interest.I know you can solve my problem as usual. Please suggest
    me what I can do for him.Chanting,bach flower remedy,or anything else that
    will help me to see that my son loves to study all subjects.I beg you Sir, Please HELP.


    • chant scelranthus wildrose jade over a tumbler of water and give this water daily.

      • Dear Naran Sir,
        With due respect I would like to ask you about my son.As per your advice I
        am giving him your above mentioned mantra charged water every day.Seems
        like it is not working that much as it was before.He still hates to do study as well as reading story book. On the top of that I would like to ask you to help him
        regarding his uncontrollable anger as well. So, please Sir bring help to our family, so that we can breathe happily to see our only son studies happily with great
        respect.Also to see him behaving nice with all without showing any anger.
        YOU ARE THE BEST OF EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please reply me when possible.


  61. Respected Naran,

    I am anxiously waiting for the reply of my previous letter #74.
    Whenever you get a chance please do help me regarding my son.
    I do respect and appriciate your time and effort!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • do not come in two different names. either state the problems under kushwat or sam. one time you enter the blog in the name of kishwat another time with sam. it is so confusing.
      Add Gorse to the existing combination

      • Respected Naran Sir,
        So sorry about the confusion, eventhough it is not by purpose.
        I do apologize for the inconvenience.Next time I will be more careful.
        According to your suggestion,”SCELRANTHUS WILDROSE JADE GORSE”
        will be the new remedy word for my son if I am not wrong,
        Thank you so much for all your help so far. I really do appreciate your
        kind attention and time for us. Wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!!


  62. Dear Naran Sir,

    Thank you so very much for all your help!!!!!!!! Your
    suggestion regarding my son will be done with
    great honor,belief and enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  63. Dear Sir,

    I read all the remidies or all problems…so i need one help that , i want to get merry n i want a partner who cares very much of mine n i will also do.who is settled as i m plus 40 and working i need he shoud be having own banglow and good financial position and from good culture..



  64. Dear Sir,

    i have a clothes boutique. The income i get is just nice to cover most of the expenses. Somtimes it is not enough to cover all. Can u pls advice on how to improve the earnings & income and attract more clients to the shop. Also kindly advice on a way for me to repay my loans and debts. i am very disturbed at the moment because of these debts.

    thank u for your time


  65. chandra
    CALL “wolf, please get me more clients daily.

  66. Respected Naran Sir,
    I would be thankful and greatful if you kindly give your reply regarding
    my son #76 letter.I am so much blessed as I always get the perfect
    solution from A DIVINE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish your divine world expand
    more and more!!!!!!!!!!


  67. Respected sir,
    I have been constantly under a dark cloud, I am lost , and have a lot of financial difficulties, , iv been struggling to find my life purpose, im currently in a professional school , but wish to fullfill my desire as an famous artist I seek a mudra and mantra, to give me financial independence, and increased wisdom

  68. Dear Sir,

    I am a fashion designer and run my own boutique.. I like my work and love what i do… But i feel that too many people are very envious of my progress… Everytime my business improves and I’m moving forward, i hear comments from people close or otherwise being very envious or jealous. and then everything is back to square 1… Even my staff either fall sick or have some personal problem which effects their work even though they are very happy working here which eventually makes them leave…

    Please suggest a solution for Financial Stability & Growth and Good Helpful Staffs to help me achieve my visions and help grow my business.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


  69. Sam
    continue the same remedies i suggested along with GORSE

  70. Jeremy

  71. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please forgive me for my unwanted mistakes.Also please do
    help me regarding my letter #79 i.e.”scelranthus wildrose jade gorse”
    is that the new addition you want me to chant over a tumble of water
    for my son? I would grately apreaciate if you kindly let me know if I
    am doing right or not.Thanks very much for all your help so far!!!!!!!!!


    • yes. this is the combination for your query# 79

      • Dear Naran Sir,

        Thank a billion for all your help so far.I am following all your
        suggestions with great enthusiasm and TRUST.Me and my
        entire family are so fortunate and blessed for your DIVINE
        HELP!!!!!!!!! I will let you know all updates.Thanks again for
        being such a caring person!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Respected Naran Sir,
        With due respect I would like to ask for my son,how to overcome his tendency
        1) that “if my friends see me I am bringing test meterials home earlier to study,
        then they will think I am not smart enough”.
        2) How to overcome his over confident attitude about studies?
        3) Also how to get very good grades in exam ,as he is not getting expected
        grades as he is supposed to get.He wants to get over 90%
        Also to let you know I am following everything you had asked me so far.Life is
        much easier with your DIVINE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Hope to hear soon from you.
        Thanking you in advance,

  72. Dear sir,
    What mantra can chant to build wealth fast.

  73. also what matra can help get rid of excessive wieght.
    thank you

  74. Dear Sir,

    Thank u so much for your help. I am following your advice and hope to achieve what i wanted. i have also recommended a few friends and family to this blog and they seem to be very happy. Bless you for making happy changes in peoples lives.

    have a Good Day


  75. Dear sir,

    How do i generate money fast to pay off my debts. This is my immediate concern now. I have been only paying the interest so far. I want to settle all my debts and then move forward in my business. Because of these debts, i am disturbed and this is affecting my health. Please advice.

    Thank you


  76. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the mantra.. I’m seeing good and positive changes in my business..
    Thank you sooo much…

    But Being a fashion designer, appearence is all in this business. Due to work Stress and late hrs at work, i canot take care of my health properly… Im also gaining excessive weight.. Kindly advice me on a Mantra or a Mudra to stay healthy and fit and also to maintain ideal weight for my body..

    Thank you

  77. Jeremy
    concentrate on studies NOW DONE

  78. Dear Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to ask you when you have
    time please suggest something about my query#97.I truly
    and grately appreciate your precious time,Divine Knowledge
    and help for the suffering humanity !!!!!!!!!! I always spread
    the words about your awesome website.MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!


  79. Dear sir,
    what can use to get rid of excess fat from face and neck.
    Thank you

  80. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am practicing yoga for many years, I just found your blog and felt so happy. The information are so easy to understand and clear. Since I am a yoga enthusiastic and a regular practitioner I was always eager to learn Mudras. Thanks for sharing the valuable data. If you don’t mind could you please give me few references of books I can start learning and advance. My email is Thanks in advance

  81. Respected Naran Sir,
    Could you please let me know that, if I download your CD’s from the
    internet, are those CD’s the same as you have in your centre? Please
    Sir forgive me for my query but would greatly appreciate if you kindly
    reply this.May God Bless You!!!!!!!


  82. kishwat,
    give me the link where they are available.

  83. Respected Naran Sir,
    Here is the link where I got the list of your CD’S which we can
    Actually I was looking for your list of CD’S and finally I found this,
    Best Regards,

    • LOTUS,
      chant as many times as possible. Yes it is for the pain.

      • Thank you for your deligent reply. I had previously gotten some advice for him to do the aakasa mudra and also the vaayu mudra (while doing the vaayu mudra rotate wrist left and right). What are your suggestions regarding this? While I was looking for more information, I bumped into your site
        Atma Namaste!

    • Kishwat,
      in that link Cds are no more available.

  84. Respected Naran Sir,
    Still waiting for your kind attention and reply for my letter #118.

  85. Kishwat
    Do it.

  86. Respected Naran Sir,
    Thank you so much for your reply.I do appreciate what you have done for
    me so far.Your DIVINE HELP has brought special light into our life!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May God Bless YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  87. Respected Naran sir, I am trying to sell our house. Its been on the market for one year. I asked you before you told me to Chant FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW ON. I did the chanting, and we almost got the offer but something happened that we couldnt accept the offer. After that we didnt get any offer yet. Please shower your blessings on us so that we can sell this house and buy the other one.
    I want to sell this house because of my husband work. Presently, he has to drive 2hrs to get to his work.

    Thanks for your help.

  88. Seeker
    continue the same. Add Gentian – FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW

  89. Thank you Mr. Naran, I will keep you updated.

  90. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am still waiting for the query of your list of CD’S and books to order from you.

  91. Atma Namaste! I greatly appreciate your service to mankind. I would like to get some help for my son. He is having a serious wrist problem on both his hands. The doctors are suggesting that his ulna is slightly longer than his radius. We cannot perform any surgery at this time because of his age. He is only 15 and his growth plates might get affected. He is in pain. He cannot carry anything with some weight even his school bag hurts him. He is one of the best basket ball players in his school and he couldn’t play basketball properly this year because of this problem. It is really making him sad and as a mom I am feeling helpless. Recently he developed some issues with his neck and back and i am taking him to a chiropractic for that. That is not helping much either. He also gets migraine head aches. Despite all of these issues he is a well behaved boy, studies hard, respects everyone and is basically a very good person at heart. It is hard to see him like this. Can you please suggest some mudras or chants or eft tappings or anything that you think will help him? I want him to be free of his wrist pain, headaches, neck and back pain. Please help him in any ways you can so that he is healthy and succeed in anything he does, be it basketball or studies or anything that his heart desires.

    Thank you,

    • lotus,
      chant GOVINDHA ACHUTHA KRISHNA. over a glass of water and give him. Ask him also to chant

      • Thank you for replying. As I am new to this, can you please give details as to how many times, how many days? Also, I am assuming this is specifically for the pain – correct me if I am wrong. Thank you again for your help. I appreciate it greatly! Atma Namaste!

  92. Dear Naran Sir,
    This is very urgent for me to get help from you, what is the
    best SW or anything that will help to cancel his official tour.
    Before you asked me to chant ‘CENTAURY MIMULUS CORAL’
    for not extending his tour. This time he/we want that the tour cancels.
    PLEASE reply ASAP!!!!

  93. Respected Naran SIR,
    With due respect i would like to ask your help
    regarding my query #127.Please Sir,do save us
    asusual.We need his tour to be cancel and so as the company
    find someone else to do things done by the new person.Just to mention
    that he wants to work at his usual work place[as he is working there for
    more than 15 yrs.] He doesn’t want to tour place to place which seems like a
    new thing added to his work,which is not favorable at all for us.i beg you sir,
    please give your DIVINE LIGHT TO SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Respected Naran Sir,
    This is really urgent to get your help regarding my query #127/128.
    Please,give me any thing sw or mantra to chant,I/we are very much blessed
    to know you!!!!!!!!!

  95. Respected Naran Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your DIVINE HELP!!!!1
    I will let you know the update.

  96. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your awesome help for the
    mankind.I am new to your site & will ask
    your help regarding one issue.I was given
    one month notice from my job without
    showing any major reason.Also instead of
    talking to me in front, my boss called me all
    of a sudden at home and notify me that
    she got customer complain & GAVE ME
    the notice.My concern is how to get rid
    of this false aquisition[where I was v much
    liked by the clients]. I want that my boss
    realize what she did wrong against me
    no matter it is office politics by someone
    or something else.Please Sir,can you help
    me to get back my honor,prestige as well as
    my good image back???????????????
    This is really urgent for this situation.
    Please let me know what mantra, SW,
    to be chanted. I do really need reply ASAP.


    • lura,
      chant ELM STAR OF BETHLEHEM ROCKWATER. In the night be in pran mudra. i.e. thumb touching ring finger and little finger. (both hands)for 20 minutes before sleeping

      • Dear Sir,
        Thanks a lot for your kind reply.
        I’ll follow your suggestion with great honor.
        I’ll let you know the update.

  97. Dear Naran Sir,

    Please give me some remedy for my query #135.

  98. Reapected Mr. Naran, I am chanting “FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW” for two weeks. But nothing happened yet. Please suggest me what should I do?


  99. Dear Sir,
    Please help me regarding one issue.One of my husband’s
    old girl friend is keeping connection with my husband via
    email, text and phone calls.Please tell me something that can
    be chanted, done to destroy this relationship and save some
    one’s marriage. Please Sir, can you help me ASAP.

  100. Sir,
    Please reply my query #144.This is very urgent.

  101. Dear Naran Sir,
    Could you please help me to solve my query #144/145.
    I need your help urgently.

  102. Dear Naran Sir,
    Pls. help me to get some help regarding my query#144

  103. Dear Sir,
    Could you be able to help me out regarding my #144 issue.

  104. lotus,
    from where you got the suggestion. follow that.

  105. Hello sir, I got that information from an yoga ashram in Amristar. Thanks for your kind response.

  106. Dear Sir,
    It’s been a while i am still waiting for your
    help regarding my query #146/147/148.
    I would be grateful if you kindly answer this time.

  107. Dear Sir,
    What is the best SW,chanting to get a call for an interview.
    I submitted my resume into different places but no call from
    anywhere so far. Please do suggest me something to get a job.

  108. Lura

    So, blessed to have you in our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. sir,

    i have incurred a lot of credit card debts. i have paid back a lot in interest as well as principle to the best of my ability. When my business was doing well, i was very prompt in payments. But i had a rough 1 year and tried my best to pay off the debts, Now with all the late charges and penalties its has reaches nearly RM 150K. Though my business is picking up recently, most of it goes to settling the same and sometimes i cnt make payments. Please suggest an amicable way for me to settle this problem for me as well as the financial institution.i do not want to shed resposibilty in payments, but i also do not want court summons or black listing either.

    thank you for your time


  111. chandra
    take the flower remedies MUSTARD (for those who are drowned by debts) on 3 days, in a week. the other days take AGRIMONY( to settle amicably) 3 pills two times.
    Every day take GORSE in the evening 2 pills. Early in the morning take SWEETCHESTNUT 3pills.
    Do this for one month.

    • sir,

      Pls tell me where i can get these pills in malaysia – kuala lumpur… and in the event i cnt procure these here, can i chant these pills’ name or write them in a paper? Tq

  112. Dear Naran Sir,
    After a while i got a call to join next week to a job,
    Now my query is what is the best chanting for
    keeping that job permanent and not to loose it
    for any reason, Also what should i chant to keep
    my boss as well as everyone happy at work,

  113. Lura

  114. Dear Naran Sir,
    fortunately came across this website while browsing for mudras. We have been trying for a second child last 5 years….Is there any mantra that I can chant to conceive at the earliest ? I am not able to control my over eating and the tendency / temptation to eat the moment I see the food. Due to this I have put on 10 – 15 kgs in around 3 years. Pls help me. The middle east country where I live, homeo is banned.

    Thanks in advance and God bless you !!!

  115. Bliss chant CHERRYPLUM ROCKROSE daily for 15 minutes.

  116. Dear Naran Sir,

    In the above posts, you advised ROCKWATER OAK CRABAPPLE for weight loss. Can I also chant this apart from CHERRYPLUM ROCKROSE that you have advised me ?

    Thanks in advance and God bless you !!!


  117. Bliss,
    yes you can.

  118. DEAR SIR,

  119. Dear sir,

    need help with sw for a bad toothache! Is there any good sw that could heal bad teeth, dont like going to the dentist. Please, please help

    • luna,
      chant blue sapphire. dont avoid going to the dentist. you dont like or you fear? Take Mimulus flower remedy two pills overcome fear and go

  120. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am v.anxiously waiting to get your kind attention & reply
    for my letter # 168.Pls. do help me.
    Thanks kindly,

  121. Namaste Naran ji

    I am 34 years old,earning not so well, times are difficult,can you please advise me on a mantra that will get me or promote me to a high position with more money. And a position that will enable me to buy my own house. I have a lot of enemies. Please assist me as in interviews I’m nervous, I would like to be able to get a job without an interview if possible….anything is possible ….I have helped many people in the past and in return they walked all over me….I’m in a relationship,my boyfriend is looking for a job things are though and I have to get a better job to support my parents and him….he is trying hard to get a job but things are though out in the world…I need to progress fast….

  122. Thank you mr naran ji your assistance is sincerely appreciated….may god bless you in your life….

  123. Greetings Sir Mr Naran ji

    I’m 29 years of age turning 30 in july 26…I’m experiencing tremendously problems in obtaining a job,I have been going for interviews and nothing gets finalised and I don’t end up with a job at the end of the day,my interviews are though but I carry myself out well but for some reason I am not selected,sometimes it difficult as people are racist because I’m indian….I have debts accumulating,people owe me money who don’t want to pay me….finances are really bad,please help me regain lost wealth and importantly help me get a decent job….there were times where I would go to bed hungry in the past becauses of finances….
    I would really appreciates your help Sir…

  124. niven
    Write “DAKINI” in a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow while sleeping.

    Please refer the link:

  125. Dear Naran Sir,
    I need help for one of my friend’s son.He is too much involved
    with his friends.My friend is having hard time with him [11 yrs]
    as he always either ask his friend to come over or he will go to
    their place.It is getting to much for the mum when she sees that
    her son is tooooo much involved with his friend than his family.


    • Lura,
      write pasupathim mahadevam in a paper and keep it under his pillow.
      chant AGRIMONY CENTAURY WALNUT CRAB APPLE over a glass of water and give that water to the boy. do this two times a day.

      • Divine Lord,
        Thank you so much for your kind reply.I will let you know all the updates
        on behalf of my friend.


  126. Dear Naran sir,

    Pranams. Is wearing Navaratna ring beneficial for health and peace ? Can ladies wear navaratna ring. If yes can they wear during periods also.

    Thanks in advance n God bless !!!


  127. dear naran sir.
    i have lot of problems regarding my health and not being able to do anything for my carrier. i am low in confidence and lack will power. moreover i m scared of darkness and feel dat some kind of ghost or spirit will come.if i close my eyes to meditate i get distracted and scared. i cant stay alone in night.
    i am 32 and married for 18 months now. my health seems to deteriorate,. my eyesight is weak,lost 80% of my hair and remaining are grey, i have weak memory,cant focus or concentrate, i have dust allergy and cant seem to tolerate cold weather and have been suffering from cold past many years. i dont have determination to do anything, i cant commit myself to do anything. i am lazy n lethargic. way behind of time
    never did i manage to make my carrier,coz i was an average student,with family issues and no love and bonding amongst parents n siblings. married to a well qualified family of professors and lawyers i feel like a misfit and ashamed standing amongst them.
    having never achieved anything i feel like a failure.

    please i would be grateful to u if u could suggest me any remedy for all my problems.
    help me please.
    Sir is there a possibilty of u holding healing course in delhi. i want to attend and learn under ur guidance.

    thank you so much sir.
    will be eagerly waiting for ur reply.


    • kiran,
      Meet me in person. till such time, chant TOGETHER BE ALONE.

      • thank u sir for the switch word.. sir is this for my health, or for the problems of mine that i mentioned.. if u cud please clear on this ,so that it becomes easy for me to relate n focus on it and practise.. because it is not one but many problems i am surrounded with.
        thank you, sir again for providing me ur help and support.

        Sir do i have to come to chennai to meet you.?


  128. kiran,
    chant this. it is for everything.

  129. I was transfered to BHEL New Delhi and suffering due to many . Last year I have met you also. You have also told me some mandra like Lalitham sathasivam like that. Can you again send the same mantra. This time I will definitely chant.

    JS Parthasarathi 98714 10444.

  130. Hi Naran,
    After a few weeks of taking med for my cough and painkillers for my neck pain, I’ve been feeling that my head is heavy and giddy everyday for over a week. I can’t work properly and feel down. May I know what flower remedy and mudra should I use?

  131. JEN
    CHANT CRAB APPLE(cleansing) WATERVIOLET(heavy head) CLEMATIS (GIddiness) GENTIAN(feeling down) over a glass of water 100 times and the charged water.
    download blue sapphire picutre and keep it under pillow till the giddiness goes

  132. Dear Naran, I am a freelance writer but for the past few days, I have observed that my editor is not pleased with my writing. My creativity has dried up. Please help me with a solution.


  133. anandi,
    chant MUSTARD OAK WHITECHESTNUT 100 times over a glass of water daily twice and start writing.

  134. Dear sir,

    How do I manifest a good mentor into my life…. many a times people say I m very gifted and talented…. but I m at a cross roads in my life as of now… I need proper guidance as how to channel my energies in a proper way to boost my business and I need a good mentor to help me reach my goals…. is there a yantra, mantra or sw to use to bring helpful people into my life… also a powerful mentor to guide and help…. ‘ As the Chinese say to succeed in life u need the guidance and support of a good successful mentor…. please help



  135. chandra,
    there is a posting here on communicating with the Universe energy to get what we desire.

    • Sir,

      So i have to imagine the universe as a Post Office and mail a request for a mentor. Imagining all the while, for a mentor…is this how i do it…. could you please explain a bit to my scenario.

  136. Dear Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to ask your divine help for one issue.
    My Mom most of the time lives with us as she didn’t have any connection
    with my brother & sister.Recently after a decade they started talking with her
    which was a gift from DIVINE SOURCE for us.But unfortunately, all of a sudden
    me & my husband are the worst person now to my mom.We shared each others
    good as well as bad time after our Dad passed away.Her overall attitude,
    confidence,love toward us,almost everything has changed unexpectedly.
    My query is how me & my husband can get our lost love,belief,confidence
    her favour for us back.Just to let u know that I am her youngest children
    among 3 & I would like to get back my love, affection,almost all the positive
    things from my mom.Please Sir, do help me ASAP.

    • lURA,
      CHANT FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
      do this daily two times

      • Respected Naran Sir,

        Thanks A BILLION for your HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Life is much easier when we are under your DIVINE umbrella!!!!!!!!!
        Will let you know the updates.

        Best Regards,

  137. Respected Sir,
    I would appreciate if you kindly help me regarding my query # 200.
    You ARE OUR DIVINE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot,

  138. Dear Sir,

    Please guide me regarding one issue.I am drinking 2 times the mantra charged
    my mom that I already mentioned before.All of a sudden she wants to go to
    back home now but we do not want to let her go at this moment.What is the
    best chant,YOUR DIVINE HELP we can do this time to delay her going there.
    Please Sir,give us something to do so that either she change her mind or something happen that so that she stays with us few more months.This is really urgent!!!!

    Thanking u in advance,


    • lura,
      continue this chanting.
      Ask for help. call wolf and say, stop my mother from going, if it is ofr our highest good.

      • Respected Sir,

        Thanks again and again for your Divine HELP as usual.
        No words to express my appreciation to you!!!!!! I will let
        you know all updates.


  139. malliga rajesh

    Sir i saw ur site really good actually my daughter is 15 yrs old. Right from the beginning she is not interested in studies. i thought she will change later but still she is like this only. Kindly please help me what to do to bring her shiny in her studies. she is not doing her work properly. she is lazy. she like to sleep nicely watch tv and play for the whole day. pls sir give remedies for each and every thing pls pls pls.

  140. Sir, my huge amount of money is struck with one brahmin lady For the past five months she is asking me to come today tomorrow next week like to get back my money. kindly help me in this case too.

  141. sir i want my daughter tobe good in studies kindly see mypost 207 & 208 pls answer all my posts pls tell me the slogas and mudras i cant get flower remedies. where can i get these flower pills pls sir.

    • GIVE flower remedies SCLERANTHUS WILDROSE CLEMATIS three pills of each one after the other for three times a day

  142. I am having a hard time convincing my husband to return home and I am also legally blind and searching form employment. I have career skills as an Executive Assistant to “c” level executives. I hold two degrees and AS in Business Management and a BA in Community and Human Services. I desparately need to find work as I am living off of 70.00 per month after paying my bills out of my SSDI monthly benefits and I really need my husband to return home to me because I love him and I know he loves me, but he is under the control of the woman who used some type of religion to steal him and control him and take him for everything he has including family friends and his money. He has always helped me due to my vision and has always been a kind person to everyone, helping others to pay their bills, and just good things for others and now she has corrupted him to darkness almost. what can i chant to alleviate this from him, our relationship and even more importantly “me fining a job” to which is first, a must, a priority in my life at this time.
    thank you for listening and I truly hope you can help me. I am new to t mudras, so if you can help please let me know the hand positions that i should use with the chanting. again, thank you so much for listening.

  143. Stephanie

    • thank you and after chanting the mudra for a period of time, i will contcact you to let you know the results. Thank you for answering me so quickly because I really need help and guidance and I know this is one of the ways to achieve spiritual guidance. Steph

  144. Hello Narain,
    Is this the chant for finding employment as well as for the situation concerning my husband returning home to me? if i should be chanting another Mudra for finding a job please inform me of the mudra i should chant for this. thank you so much for your help. Stephanie.

  145. Hello Narain,
    Can you please advise me of the mudra, hand position and sitting position, breating etc to be done for my kidneys to become healthier. I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure but i am still in the moderate level – medically speaking. I also was given a mudra for returning my husband home to me, but it did not include the hand posture or b reathing associated with the mudra. Can you please advise me of this and also for the Mudra for finding employment because it is very very hard being that I am legally blind. I already have the mudra for love or is it the mudra for love and money all in one. the mudra you gave me was: coral, centaury, walnut, open, align to the rays and grace of divine love…is this mudra also for finding a job or just for the reconcillation and return of my husband? I know this is a lot and i hope i was clear in my request? Thank yoiu, Stephanie.

  146. Respected Naran,
    I would greatly appreciate if u kindly help me with your DIVINE GUIDANCE
    for what to chant or any thing to get rid of hypotension/low blood pressure.
    What is the best mudra or something that help me as well as some other people
    who has the same problem.Please help me as usual.

    Thanking you in advance,

    • lura,
      for hypotension there may be less Hb. iron intake has to be increased.
      there is sodium potassium imbalance. Protein absorption may be less. so many factors are there. one has to come meet in person. if possible i can help

  147. Dr. Preethi. G

    Hi Naran Sir

    Hope you are doing good. Thank you so much for services which you are rendering to the people.

    I have purchased many CD s from your center. Everyday I use to listen to them.

    Kindly help me for the following issues:

    Am trying for abroad education and job. I want to qualify in my process.

    Also my marriage is getting delayed. I am a hard worker at my work place. But not getting proper appreciation.

    And please say a good mantra for my guy’s financial issue.

    Thank you in advance.

    With regards

    Preethi. G

    • Dr. Preethi. G

      Hi Naran Sir

      Hope you are doing good. Please reply to my queries at the earliest. Also I am in love with a Muslim guy. Marriage is getting delayed. Even my parents know about my issues. There is no response from them. They are not replying.

      I want to get married to him. My future in laws are good to this issue. They are fine with this matter. Please suggest a remedy. I want some mantra to be chanted … I want to get married to him soon as I am getting older.

      Thank you in advance.

      With regards

      Preethi. G

    • Dr. preethi,

  148. Thank you very much Naran sir. I ll do that. Thanks once again.

    1. My another request is my husband is not talking with my daughter affectionately. He always scolding her. Even though she loves her father. He too lovers her but not showing it. She make a call to her father and asked him to come home quickly . He always finding her mistakes. Pls give some remedy for this. Most of the timing I chant TOGETHER FOR EVER GIVE DIVINE COUNT NOW. Is this enough. I came to know this chant from your post only.

    2. He is doing business like used car buying and selling. He is doing this with his friends office. But he is not a partner. Actually what i want is he must have a own office. He has to stand on his own leg. He should not depend others. Now a days no business too. We dont have source to do. Most of the timings he simply sitting in my home. He pledged my jewels and doing this business. Kindly help me.

    3. I am getting angry when i see my daughter is sitting ideal or watching TV or not taking books. I am scolding her that much. I have to reduce my anger. what can i do for this sir. I prayed god for this matter also but no changes with me. I love my daughter and my husband so much.

    Pls reply me sir.

    Thank you very much for your service.



  149. Sir please I am waiting for your reply.(233)
    My humble request is send your reply in this new mail id. please sir

  150. Respected sir,
    Now a days my daughter gets calls from some guys. I think she is going in a wrong way. Kindly help me what to do in this case. I asked her who is he? She said no i send a sms to my friend by mistake it has gone to his number she said She must be good in character. she must concentrate in studies. Till now she didnot take rank in her examination. I want my daughter to be a rank student. Now she is doing 11th standard. What can i do for this? Pls help me sir.

    Thank you


    • Tamilarasi,
      give her the flower remedies AGRIMONY CHESTNUTBUD WALANUT CHERRYPLUM CORAL two pills of each three times a day. go the Chennai centre and buy.

  151. Namaskar Naranji.
    Thank you very much for your response ji. My problem is 12yrs back i had a scooter and i sold it for my financial probs. Now one of my friend went to abroad and gave his scooty to me. Till date i did not use it. While taking i am getting shivering. I put sudden break on the middle of the road if i see anyone coming opposite to me. Pls help me sir. Pls take out my scare.
    Thankx ji

    • jj,
      take the flower remedies Rescue Remedy and Mimulus before riding the scooter.

      • Namaskar Naranji,
        Thanks for ur reply. What is rescue remedy. Shall i ask my husband to chant Mimulus.
        Ji my request is my husband and my parents are not talking each other for past 2 months. There is no big reasons for this. Nothing is there to tell. Before that my husband is not like that. He is very close to my parents. My father did not come to my house like that type of silly matters. Last month my husband met my father in some ones marriage there also they did not talk to each other. I hate this. My niece`s marriage is held on end of this month. So they will meet each other. They should not be seperated. They should be united. What can i do ji. Is there any chant or manthras. Pls tell me ji Kindly help me ji. Very short period is there. Kindly show ur divine help. I am expecting ur reply.
        Thankx ji

      • Respected Naran ji,
        I am waiting for ur precious words for 246. Pls reply me.

  152. 238. Tamilarasi
    in addition, write in a notebook, I THANK….(mention her name) FOR GIVING NOW DONE. While talking to her or going there forgive and thank here mentally. don’t blame her.

  153. Dear Naran sir,

    Pranams. Last week, I was diagnosed anaemic due to iron deficiency. I have started iron tabs and vitamin supplements. Over the last 3-4 months I felt puffiness of cheeks, fatigue, lack of concentration. Also my legs and feet swelled lightly within an hour of sitting in sofa putting my legs down. I also put on around 6 kgs. I couldn’t exercise as I felt tired. I have not been myself…Please suggest any mudra /bach flowers / mantras to help me recover.

    Thanks in advance and God bless u !!!


  154. Bliss,
    please contact the centre. you will get ruby pills and ca mg potassium pills (Bio salt) which will help you

  155. Sir, my another problem is tummy. It looks like 5 months pragnant lady. Kindly help me get rid of it.
    Thank you sir.
    Regards tamil arasi

  156. hello sir, i found ur site quite impressing, i completed my engineering last april what mudra and mantra should i use inorder to get very good job which makes me really satisfied as early as possible ,please reply me

    • SRI,
      BE IN SAFE AND SECURE MUDRA and chant for 15 minutes “I thank and accept the job given by the Divine.”

      • thanks sir for the reply ,and one more thing sir one of my beloved ones stopped talking with me due to some misunderstanding ,inorder to get rid of it and make the person come back realising and for making relation pretty good what should i do.

  157. jj,

  158. sir,
    I want to increase my height. Is there any switchword/remedy/mantra to activate pituitary gland, so that height can be increased. Please guide me.

    Thank You

  159. Sir, This is Mega. I am studying in 12th standard. My colour is so dark. I like to improve my colour. Kindly help me sir. Pls u ll understand my probs i think. Pls reply soon. I got this blog. its very nice.

  160. Respected sir,
    I am giving all the medicines u have suggested to my daughter. I did not feel any changes in studies. It ll take time means no problem i can wait. This is for your information. I would like to know which pill is for what? Sorry for troubling you.

  161. sri,

  162. Sir,
    Please check my q.210 and ur answer 211. Like that q.236 & ur answer 237.I am giving these pills. But there is no improvement in her studies. Just updating my status to you sir.

    • Mr,
      then i have to see her in person to talk to her. there is something else other than what you say.

      • Sir, This is Mr. Sorry to disturbing you. See day after tomorrow my daughter’s quarterly exam starts. bus she is not showing her interest. I started beating her. scold her. simply she is sitting and crying. you want to meet her in person you said. But my husband wont believe any thing. Because of me he bought that medicine for 800 rupees. He is shouting on me . V r not able to spend much more. Is there any chanting pls tell me sir. Kindly help me sir. I am searching all the blogs queries for my remedy. My husband also told me if u go like this u ll become mad. What can i do sir as a mother i can do this thats all. Kindly show ur divine help to my daughters progress. I beg u sir. I left every thing to u. she must get rank in this exam. This is my wish. Kindly help me.

  163. thanks sir for the reply

  164. Sir,
    Waiting for youe reply. Please suggest me, what to do for height increasing,

    Thank You

  165. ra,
    take the flower remedy crab apple for 3 months. three pills three times a day

  166. Hi Sir,
    I need your help, am very much impressed of this site and am badly in need of ur advice…
    I had attended the interview 13 days back when i followed up they said its on hold and waiting for 3 more candidates for interview, am very much confident that the interview was awesome and i was able to do the best… but am worried now any how i should get this job or else my life & carrier will be miserable.. plsssss advice me a solution to get the same job, its my respectful request

  167. sree

  168. i am handicapp plz help

  169. . sameer
    what help you need.

  170. sir,
    Pls chk Q282

  171. sir i have parallysis for 15years help me to regain my health

  172. sameer,
    chant MADHAVAM MADHAVAN as many times as possible

  173. Sir ji…
    Thank u so much, I got my offer letter today ,my salary offered is much less than what I expected, but am very much thank full to u 🙂

    I will be joining from 9th sept . my manager and all other co workers are of from different nationals, and I will be new for them so pls advice what should I do to complete my probationary period successful and to make my manager impressed and coworkers to respect me. off course my part of job i should do efficiently but still what to do to get the grace to make my work perfect and appreciable.

    Kindly help

    • sree,
      i am answering both your queries today only.
      For your question 282,i wanted you to add Gentian Mimulus . Now you say you got the offer.
      for the probationary period CHANT CENTAURY(to be able to say NO, when needed) GENTIAN (to work with full heart without feeling sad for getting less) WALNUT(to adjust with different nationals) MIMULUS(for a friendly atmosphere)
      HOLLY (for aligning with others easily)
      Best of luck.

  174. Sir.
    Thank you so much.

  175. naran sir,
    my sister and her family hv been in states for 11 yrs,due to sponsor prob the court hv denied green card and told to go in for voluntary guide

  176. tilotama,
    ask them to chant GORSE WATERVIOLET

  177. Respected sir,
    my daughters hand writing is worst. she is studying in 10th standard. Can u helpme sir. pls.

    • maha,
      chant beech walnut chicory gentian while doing the cooking
      impatiens chestnutbud over a glass of water and give that water to your child

      • Thank you naran sir. thanks a lot for your divine help. I ll follow it. Thank you once again.

      • Sir, Now a days i not doing poojas properly. Before that i ll do atleast alternative days, now a days i lite the lamp only in the morning hours that also weekly twice only. i am not chanting slogas. Kindly change me to do properly with full heartedly. Pls help me . Give me some chants. Thank you sir.

  178. Sir, one more request i am a housewife. I have to prepare delicious and tasty foods. What can i do for this sir. My husband and mother in law are scolding me daily. Kindly help me sir pls.

    • Respected Sir, u asked me to chant beech walnut chicory gentian while cooking still i am doing but sometime it comes ok not so good some time some mistakes occurs what can i do sir? pls dont ask me to attend cookery classes. pls sir.

  179. Dear Naran Sir,
    Could u please help my son regarding one issue.
    He just started a new grade in school and he really likes his
    teacher,but there is a chance he will be moved to another
    section which my son really doesn’t want that to happen
    Please let us know what we can chant or anything that
    will help this problem.This is URGENT,please help.


  180. Dear Naran Sir,

    My marriage is in deep trouble. My husband of 9 years is wanting to leave me. His entire family is supportive of his decision . He has been in depression for the past years or so due to setbacks in his work .We have been trying to conceive for the past 4 years but all treatments have failed , even though the doctors cant find anything wrong with me. I don’t know what to do anymore, how to help my husband come out of this depression , how to save my marraige and have a child . Please help me sir .

  181. Respected Sir,
    I would greatly appreciate if u kindly have a look
    to my query # 299 and give my son remedy for that.

  182. the answer is given in 297.

    for the question 300 read the answer in 301.

  183. Sir plz tell me is there any chant to come out of past bad experiences as it disturb present life.plz reply me Naranji.

    • Respected Naran sir,i have another problem that i always try to think positive but negetive thinking came around.plz suggest me a mantra to keep positive energy.u hv suggested me TOGETHER DIVINE for my relationship,m doing it.Plz reply me sir.

    • madhu,

      • Thank u.Sir u hv also suggested me To chant I am sorry plz forgive me i love u i thank u.may i chant both for my relation and to keep positive thought?

  184. Respected Naran Sir,
    I found your website very very very useful for a complete happy life.
    Your remedies are amazing…and instant too. I can feel the immediate
    difference with Chanting mantras with mudras…such as
    Also practicing SAFE & SECURE mudra….feels very positive inside.

  185. Dear sir

    I am married and have children but have to go through so much of medication …. when I try to conceive. Doctor says its because place change India to Australia
    I have gone through hormonal change bcoz of new weather & climate change.

    Plz suggest me any mudra to help me to conceive another child. I am very very desperate for another child…. bcoz worried of my increasing age.

  186. Respected sir

    I would be very greatful for ur kind suggestion for q..312 ….for pregnancy.
    I feel like I am running late to complete my family as time is passing so fast.

    • Sorry the ques…no….is 313….sir I am waiting for ur kind suggestion.
      Plz give me a mudra or switch word for conceiving …(pregnancy)

      Sir I am waiting for your DIVINE HELP.

  187. Dear sir

    I have one more problem stuck-up since last four years. We have applied for Permanent Residency of Australia after finishing my studies and fulfilling all requirements for in Australia.

    After finishing my course in Australia and fulfilling all other formalities ….I lodged for PR of Australia in May 2009….But till now my application is not yet opened…and I am living in Australia ….waiting for a positive response from Australian Immigration.

    Please kindly help me to get my PR file opened and also bless me to get positive answer from them.

    It’s been six years I am trying to get settled in Australia….with my application lodged just waiting & waiting & waiting since then for a good news from Australian immigration.

  188. vj,
    call wolf to help
    chant waterviolet larch gentian wildrose

  189. Sir,am surita from kolkata need ur family forcing me to marry guy of their own choice whom i don’t want.and they are blaming me everytime.i know they care for me but just want that they agree with my opinion and support me.plz suggest me any chant for it sir.thank u.

  190. surita,

    • Thank u sir.sir i came to know about u from my friend Madhu.i liked this but have a ques on mind.when we chant those recommended by u for our family or any friend,husbend ,lover… that any sort of vashikaran(as its nt good karma)or chants are normal?please sir reply me,m anxious to know it.

  191. surita,
    they are not vashikaran.

  192. what is bach flower switchword mantra remedy for knee pain, also my son has claustrophobia of traffic is without job for many years and has no interst in work what is the remedy

  193. Sir,i am chanting both ‘I AM SORRY PLZ FORGIVE ME I LOVE U I THANK U’ AND’CHICORY WALNUT HORNBEAM’for my relation but he is still nt talking or feeling as b4.sir i know love is for giving nt for receiving but after loosing 3relation after being honest i lost my confidence.this guy again create faith and love in my life but don’t khow why suddenly change his he is honest so this time i dont want to loose him(by d way he is muslim and live out of india).i am trying by best but Sir u plz bless me good luck so that i succeed in love and by birthday is coming 29 and i want to b happy .take care sir.(sorry i wrote same in movemend mudra blog.)

  194. Respected Sir
    I have two daughters, both are suffering from skin disease since birth. Elder is 14 years and younger is 7 years old. Please suggest some remedies for them.

    • sanjay gupta,
      what skin disease?

      • Sir,i am from kolkta.i came 2 know about this from my sister-in-law problem is about my daughter who is of just 7yrs and suffering from asthma.she is under ayurvedic treatment but improving very slowly.plz refer me any chant which i do in her behalf to give her good health.thanks

      • it is peeling off from whole body like Plosarsis. Only difference is plosarsis is after birth whereas my daughteres are suffering since birth.

        • sanjay gupta,
          it is auto immune disease. it has to be treated. BACH FLOWER CRAB APPLE AND RESCUE REMEDY AGRIMONY will help

  195. Hello sir,
    Iv used your recommendations before. I am in the US will be taking my medical licencing exam to be a physician, Oct 29 what mantra would be best for me to do to be extremely successful at the exam and pass with 99% score, needed to get into a good post doctoral program.

    Thank you

  196. Sir,plz am waiting for ur help.

  197. Hello Sir
    I posted a query here, hope it reached you. Otherwise,

    I am stuck in a low salary job now. Tried hard to get a job abroad from last 10 years, but nothing is coming in favour. I have 2 daughters, wife and parents to take care of, but this salary will not be sufficient. Please tell me a way to find a better salaried job and get rid of my financial crysis.

    • aneesh anand,
      take the flower remedies ELM OAK OLIVE three pills of each four times a day.
      chant OPEN HEART and thank what all happened in your life

  198. Nirmala PB

    I want to reduce my weight please hlep me

  199. Sir, i already have done as you instructed i even keep it under my pillow at night, would chanting
    mustard oat
    help as well while preparing for my exam that is on oct 28?
    do i chant 398 as well?
    Thank you.

    • concretion mustard oak #

    • I have come across in the blog, to write name date time within two concentric circles and 398, is there any particular color to write 398, iv already drawn it black ink and wrote 398 in red. I am continuing to chant 398 100 times every day, and mustard oak 100 times slow care 100 times. I want to do everything to the maxim to ensure my goal and success, in addition to preparing for the exam aswell.

      Thank you
      God bless you.

  200. Dear Sir,

    I am 38 year old, Since past 20 years i am having under eye dark circles, i have taken treatment but i want to have a permanent solution.

  201. Sir,am chanting Reach between together divine,but no response from his side.can i chant ‘RELEASE RESISTANCE(his name my name)TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE’??and 1 more thing sir,i am going to express all my feelings,my love for him and even the pain i am feeling by a mail to there any chant which i can chant while writing or sending so that he can feel the dept of my words??seeking for divine help.

    • Plz sir plz clear my quiaries as i don’t hv that much time in my hand to heal my relationship.

    • Sir,plz don’t mind as am writing many times to u.plz show me way so that he approach me in positive mind soon and what can i chant so that he feel my love.

      • oli,
        change your mind. chant OM CHAM NAMAHA OM JAM NAMAHA while writing and you can continue this

        • Thank u so much sir.but sir 1confusion,u said change ur mind,is that for me or i hv to say it be4 chanting the mantra??plz tell me sir so that i can follow in right way.

          • Oli,
            if you are obsessed of anything, it may not happen. i asked you to change your mind set and be relaxed.

            • Yes sir u r right,i feel restless unless it happen,and always think that this is nt possible,next to impossible etc.but now i realy try to b relax…….divine wl help me to b happy.thanks

  202. Sir, I love my dad. He too loves me. But he is not showing it in a word or any thing. He always finds my mistakes and scolding me what ever i do. Now i am 15 yrs old he did not talk to me nicely affectionately. Pls tell me sir some chants to get my dads full affection, love. If i eat he tells me u r showing interest in eating not in studies. Kindly help me sir give me strong chant to get my dads affection within a day.
    Thank you sir.

    • mega,
      chant beech willow pine 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
      write in a paper I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE and keep it under the pillow

    • Respected naran ji, Pranams. I gave a mobile to my brothers son for repair. It is costlier one. Now my mobile is working good. But he is not returning it back. I dont want any qua rel between us. Thats why i am asking you. Most of the timings i lost my patients. Kindly help me.

      • HH,
        chant AGRIMONY HEATHER CHESTNUTBUD CHERRPLUM IMPATIENS as many times as possible.
        AGrimony – to avoid quarrel
        Heather – so that he listens to me
        cherryplum – not to lose control
        impatiens -to overcome impatience

  203. Sir, I already have done as you instructed I even keep it under my pillow at night, would chanting
    mustard oak
    help as well while preparing for my exam that is on Oct 28?
    do i chant 398 as well?

    I have come across in the blog, to write name date time within two concentric circles and 398, is there any particular color to write 398, iv already drawn it black ink and wrote 398 in red. I am continuing to chant 398 100 times every day,
    mustard oak 100 times
    slow care 100 times.

    I want to do everything to the maxim to ensure my goal and success, in addition to preparing for the exam aswell.

    God bless you.
    Thank you.

    • jay,
      everything is ok? is there any mention of any colour? Then why do you ask such questions. Healing is simple without rules. believe in divine and do the healing.

  204. Hello,
    I have come to this blog, I reading all the miracles happening. Can you recommend a remedy for my mother, she is always getting into accidents and is always very careless(accident prone, and forgetful). She just got into a car accident today, shes alright but this is one of many. Is there something i can write or chant intorder to help not get into so many accidents and help her be mindful and careful with regard to all things, to be calm, in the present and more loving.

  205. Abinav,

  206. Naranji,my problem may show that its nt a big1 but it is.i live with my father.he is nice but very unpredictable.problem is that he suddenly invite people(most of the time unwanted people) in dinner or lunch without asking me weather i wl b at home to make food or not.i am working,sometime even i need to take holiday.sir is there any chant which i can do so that these people cancel there programme themself.plz help me if any as coming Sat some are coming for whom i want they cancel it.plz sir don’t laugh at me,its realy a regular problem for me.

  207. Dear sir, I typed a response and I did not see it posted, so if you see a duplicate one please pardon.

    Sir, I only mentioned color because on a previous case similar to mine, there was a diagram of concentric circles and 398 written in red.

    I was a bit worried about the exam but now i feel more secure and protected about the exam now.

    I will still continue with the remedy with undoubting faith.

    I feel calm and I just need to go over all the total material twice more in preperation.

    I still feel i need healing with regards to my actual few days to review,
    its an 8 hour exam, and the questions require cross disciplinary mastery and comprehension with aprox 1 minute per question.
    My exam is on oct 29

    Can you please give me a remedy for my review:

    to be faster
    to comprehend more deeply
    to retain permanently
    to connect all the information cohesively and in an integrated manner
    to recall(access appropriate information) quickly when faced with a question within the mind.

    I want a permanent accumulation and access to the knowledge for my entire lifetime well beyond the upcoming exam.

    I am grateful for your healing, guidance and wisdom.

    Thank you
    God bless you

    • jya,
      you can take flower remedies MUSTARD OAK CHESTNUTBUD HORNBEAM. put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and sip for 3 to 4 times , while studying.

  208. I always scared of loosing my love.i know i became obsessed and i realy try to b relax and leave on divine but again get i lost my first love like this ,thats why think this time also scare to happen the same.i just need his understanding and caringness like b4.

    • whenever you get the fear just say within, why this fear? The mind always has a tendency to think and feel as it did in the past. The event may be new. The feelings and thoughts are never new. The same feelings the same thoughts are produced everyday. As long as we think that we are mute spectators of events, we cannot do anything.You are not your mind. When it produces some feeling or thought, which you dont like, you have the ability to release it. When a feeling arises, or when a thought comes out, just say, Can i release this thought? or Why should i keep this thought? or This thought is helping me or hindering me?
      if it hinders me, lcan i release it ? If the answer is “yes” say, ” Say i release this thought.” Say this as many times as possible so that you are out of the fear. This method will help you come out of fear. Fear always manifests what you dont want in life.

  209. Sir u hv told me not 2 b obsessed and to relax.but sir how can i able to know my limits,can’t i hv right to express my feeling?can’t i pray or try to regain my lost harmony between us?i am chanting mantras with full faith on divine,how can i atleast can know that there is stil a hope?bcoz we r neither astrologer nor a can talk to divine.i am going to say my feeling to him tomorow after chanting OM CHAM NAMAHA OM JAM NAMAHA.God knows what is waiting for me love or again the same.but thanks sir u r trying best for me.

    • Oli,
      when you are obsessed with worry and fear you are breaking the quantum rules. Your fearand will manifest the one which you don”t want, instead of getting what you want. Desire something. quieten your mind, relax and release it to the divine filed. Approaching anything with the calm and relaxed mind has got better chance of getting what we want.
      How to remain calm and relaxed. That is where the surrendering attitude enters. By surrendering the desire to the divine field, you accept what the divine offers. Surrendering makes you think that whatever divine offers is good for me.

      • Thank u soo much i wl chant ur reccomended mantra and then chant quiet mind open heart relax.i wl try my best.Sir i want to share an experience,today due to some mechanical problem i lost all FM channels in my mobile.i tried for atleast 20mins to get it but failed.then again after 2hrs i checked,it was same.i just chant Reach divine to regain fm channels.sir i was amazed to c that all channels r there as b4.

  210. Respected Naran sir,
    Now a days my husband is not talking to me properly, not sharing with me anything. B4 that if am not talking to him means he will come and ask me and say sorry to me.
    He is not hearing my words, not seeing my face too. Pls i beg u sir tell some chants I too chanted together divine. but no response from him. Give me chants sir.
    with regards,

    • MR,
      why dont you and ask him straight? Go and ask why is he not talking to you? if necessary correct yourself and patch up without ego. It is your ego which spoils the relationship. No mantra will work if you dont shed your ego and pride.

  211. Dear Naran,,

    Seeing lots of positive results on your blog, Kindly help me. 2 yrs ago I was working in abroad. due to my mother ill health I quit d job n came back 2 India..After that I never got a good job at my hometown. Just 3 months ago I lost my mother and now I am very depressed .I don’t know what to do ? & where to go. I lost my father in my childhood after his death our family life became miserable. After passing through lots of difficulties finally shown my horoscope to an astrologer. He replied that my horoscope says that I am passing through a very bad time period which will remain till 2014 and also says that I am having pitrudosh and my horoscope says that I cannot stick to a job for more than 3months.. I don’t know what do ? Please suggest something to my following questions below.
    1. I want a job in USA what to chant ?
    2. How to stick to a job for long and settle down?
    3. How to keep my mind cool?
    4. Addicted to alcohol due to tensions
    5. Cannot forget the pain of my mothers death.
    6. Jobless since 2yrs.

    I will be grateful if you kindly suggest some remedies to my problem.


    • smrty,
      you have to meet me in person.
      In the night, before sleep, chant HARI OM -This will remove all your mental emotional pains.

  212. Sir plz don’t get me wrong as u already get idea that m very emotional person.i just need to know that is that realy possible by SW to regain lost harmony with the person who suddenly change and even not talking to me??i realy want that love and sweetness in our relation as it was just b4 2months…..sometime feel if i can talk to divine.plz sir just reply 2lines as ur words somehow create confidence.OLI

  213. oli,
    yes it is posssible

    • Thank u soo much i wl just chant SW.and then release my fears and negetive thoughts as u mentioned.i think if Divine hv show me ur site it means there must b some possibilities to heal my lovelife.And sir plz arrange an workshop in kolkata if possible,m very eager to know much more about SW and Mudras.

  214. Dear Naran Sir,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. It will be my pleasure to meet you but I am staying in state of Odisha & I don’t know where you stay. I will definitely follow your suggestion and will revert.

    Please let me know that how many minutes I have to chant ” TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE.” and at which time & in which mudra ?

    Lastly I would like to thank you once again for your kind suggestion.

    “Service to humanity, is service God ”

    “God Bless You Mr. Naran”

    Best Regards

    • SMARTY,
      Be smart. When you are in dire need, you should not ask how many times. chant as many times as possible. I need not tell you that. When you want to get something go all out. i asked you so chant. did i mention about any mudra? Why this type of doubt? Did i mention any particular time?

  215. Dear NARAN SIR,U HV SUGGESTED ME TO CHANT’scleranthus walnut find divine love thanks’and ‘chicory walnut hornbeam’.i am chanting but still nt find any i told u b4 that i already hv 2broken relation so this time i don’t want to loose this person who create love and faith again on me but suddenly change.sir am not that type of girl who can change her boyfriend one after another.i need a steady relation with him.SIR IS ONLY FATE IS TRUE OR DIVINE AND SW CAN MAKE IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBLE……PLZ SIR TEL ME THAT CAN I CONTINUE PREVIOUS CHANTS OR ANYTHING NEW SO THAT HE AGAIN COME BACK AND I CAN HAVE THAT LOVE AND HARMONY BETWEEN US??SIR U KNOW THE RELATION WAS TOO SWEET BETWEEN US BUT I ALWAYS SCARED TO LOOSE HIM AS I BAD IN PAST.THEN I REALISE WHAT NEGETIVE I AM THINKING COMES TRUE WITHOVT ANYFAULT.I KNOW I HV TO KEEP TRUST ON PEOPLE AND DONT MIX UP WITH PAST.I REALY DON’T WANT TO CONTROL HIS MIND,BUT WANT HE HIMSELF START TALKING ME AND BECOME Loving and caring like he was with me b4.hope i can express my emotion to u as i know am not good in english.plz reply me whenever u get time,i realy need ur divine blessing and help.MADHU

  216. Plz suggest me Sw that can reach my desire(his love,caringness,respect that he had for me),if u say to chant 1000times i can do so.m nt desperate about it but don’t want to fail to heal my lovelife as in previous relation.and as u suggested some1 else m also trying to release my fears(that everything is over and no1 can help me).seeking for ur reply.and sorry to take ur many time.MADHU

    • Reach divine help from u sir.everytime when love came to me i thought God is with me but then i hd to move from it.this time divine hv to help me,i don’t want to change my dream with him.if divine can do anything then why can’t he fulfil my one.Sir plz suggest me Sw.and wish u and ur family happy dashera.

  217. Respected Naran sir…
    I am really worried that im not gaining height.All my family members have good height. But im not gaining height. Among my friends too im the shortest. So this makes me fell sooo bad. My brothers have very good height.One of them is 6 feet. Can you please suggest some way to solve this problem?Hope you will reply soon.

    thank you

  218. Sorry sir plz don’t get anger on me.i am nt counting but chanting (SCLERANTHUS WALNUT FIND DIVINE LOVE THANKS)whenever get time,atleast 3times from between i tried to talk to him but nothing change.thats why became restless and feeling like everything is over.i wish if i could get that love before Durga Puja.i know sir i hv to keep patience now.if i continue the same chant then u don’t hv to reply as i know u hv to give time to others also.reply only if anything new Sw needed.THANKS SIR JUST BLESS ME.

  219. Dear Naran Sir,

    I apologize and I understand now. Thank you very much for your kind reply.

    Warm Regards

  220. Sir,actualy b4 i came to know about Sw i tried lots of things as mantras,jab,pujas but it never work for me and i broken my trust that divine can hear us.i like to follow Sw just bcoz it has no boundary like proper time,limitations,siting positions etc.i am realy chanting ur suggested Sw but as u for previous result i always think that can realy divine hear us,can realy it is posible to get back the harmony of a broken relation,can realy such simple Words fulfil our desire??this types of feelings make me hopeless.nothing else sir,i do respect ur help as i know u r geting nothing from us but stil serving for us.May i continue the same??MAY GOD BLESS U.

  221. Madhu,
    if nothing happens, whose mistake is it? Are you not responsible for that?
    There are two choices in this world. YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU DESIRE. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DON’T DESIRE. Healing is done to fulfill the desire. If anything does not happen, will our blaming or whining or grumbling get what we want? Instead of blaming, try to build up more belief and trust in what you do. Everything will be alright.

    • Yes me i never blame divine,i just hv a feeling that ‘i am a simple and ordinary girl in this crowded world,so how can i reach to divine….can he hear and see what is my desire’.etc.Sir its not blaming his power i am actualy dominating myself that i don’t hv that potential to connect with divine.belief me i trust God but i don’t trust my fate as bcoz it always lastly said that forget ur love.but about Sw i realy trying to keep trust….am chanting it so many times even it bus,time of cooking.hope for the best.THANKS SIR

      • So now i hv to chant’scleranthus walnut find divine love thanks’and write 51 times my name together reach his name divine daily.Sir one last ques can i reverse the names as i want he appoach me(no no its not ego,as i tried a lot bt he doe’t reply thats why)….whatever u feel good for me wl follow it.GOOD NIGHT SIR.

  222. Dear Naran Sir,

    I was wondering what you can recommend me for the following conditions, I am experiencing heart palpitations everyday , which is due to anxiety. Also I need to loose 10 pounds of weight and my hair is not growing like it is used to.

  223. Reno,
    when you experience anxiety chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER

  224. Hello Sir Naran,
    I really need some divine help ifor transferring from my current college, I really want to change schools one I am in is not very good and is not widely accredited, this may be a problem in future.

    I would like a divine mantras or switch word I can say to transfer into a specific university I have in mind, I really want to get into that university, its competitive.
    Is there anything i can chant with + (name of university) ?
    how long should i chant before starting the risky process of transfering?
    how many times do i chant?

    Also my current college may give me problems in transferring what can I chant to prevent any obstacles from current college and make process fast without any hassles or experiencing administrative bullying.

  225. Arjun,
    call the help of wolf in this regard

  226. Dear Naranji,
    My 10 year old son got his right tibia and fibula fractured in march and underwent surgery to insert nails. Last month the nails were removed. Now by God’s grace, he is normal and has no pain. Its been 6 months And still he is limping a bit. We are worried it may become his way of walk forever.(he is doing exercises for his leg daily) Any SW or Bach flowers or mantras to make him walk normally without limping.
    Thanks in advance and God bless u !!!

  227. Dear Naranji,
    Just wanted to thank u and share my experience. Last week one late evening I went out for shopping leaving my 10 year old son at home. My husband was out of station. I asked my son to lock the main door and sleep.( we live in an apartment). it was only when i returned that i realised that I hadn’t taken my home key. I tried calling landline, his mobile and calling bell continuously for 45 min, but my son didn’t wake up at all. My neighbors came to help me. We tried breaking the lock but it didnt work out. My neighbour started contacting a carpenter. the battery in the calling bell was gone due to continuous usage. I was ringing his mobile and landline cotinuously. Suddenly I remembered reading in ur blog that in such situations wolf will come to rescue. The idea of calling an animal spirit has always been a bit scary for me. But getting experimental I started calling wolf for help to wake up my son to open the door. For 3 min with my heart and soul I begged for wolf’s help. After 3 min I chanted Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha for some 2-3 min. Suddenly to the amazement of everyone, my son picked up his mobile and opened the door. I thanked wolf while heartedly.

    Thank u so much Naranji for ur service and guidance. God bless u !!!


  228. Sir,soo many peoples r sharing there experience about using Sw.when i read this it increase my faith,but in my case i am loosing confidence.i am chanting chanting and chanting but nothing is improving in my relationship.i realy don’t want to loose him but thinking if Sw does’t work for me then what can i do to win his heart and gain that sweetness again in our relationship.i even add ‘release resistance’with ‘scleranthus walnut find love thanks’but no change.when i came to know about this site i feel divine hv shown me the right way but with time i am loosing hope.plz Naranji help me.its my earnest request.

    • Madhu,
      A restless mind can never achieve anything. You are visiting the same page.

      Don’t you notice my replies in 390 and 392

      i am giving this not for your sake but for all who are involved in love affair and desiring to get back the lost love.

      To associate and disassociate is the nature of mind- It is a way in which we operate in our life. It is always clouded with thoughts emotions.It always acts in oppostion to the Divine order. ..
      Two persons love each other and during that period, instead of understanding they quarrel and part… ie, the mind works towards disassociation when they have to associate…
      Desire to dissassociate operates when there is a need to associate.
      After parting, the mind regrets and wants to associate…. It is the mind which has paved the way for separation. Then can we go beyond the mind? We are not our minds.We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions.
      When one is separated, he regrets his past and longs for re-union.As long as this desire to associate operates, one cannot reunite or get back his lover.One has to continuously release the desire to associate.
      Analyse the mind as follows. What is the feeling? Does this feeling want to associate?
      “Yes” I release feeling and the desire to associate. And chant CHANGE (3 times)
      Sometimes the mind forms a trap. When you decide “I will not talk to him. Even if he comes back, I will reject.” This is another way of desiring to Associate.
      Therefore, even when this thought comes, say “I release my desire to associate” or say “CHANGE” -3 times.
      Release all your emotions, thoughts that want you to associate.
      “ I release my desire to associate with him/her” (to find ways to love him)
      Whether he is going to be there in your life or not love him. Give love….Thank him. Forgive him. [Forgiving is letting go all your anger against him]
      Be watchful. When you thank or forgive your mind may pull you – trap you- towards the desire to Associate . At that time, when the desire arises say “I release my desire to associate with him” or say “CHANGE” – 3 times or as many times as possible.
      Change is the switch word that can help you, to change the reactive mind. Adjust is its pair which can help you.
      Beware of the reactive mind! It always acts against your life path or what you want.

      • Ok sir i wl trying to do as u say.then Sir can it chant the SW as b4 with this process or i hv to stop that and use only This.plz clear me once so that i might not do any mistake.

        • I mean sir now i wl chant’i release my desire to associate with him’and ‘i forgive him thank him,love him’……and then is now needed to chant The Sw’scleranthus walnut find love thanks’or i should stop it????and sir plz don’t get anger on me for writing many times,as u know i am in such a situation where am nt able to share my feeling to anyone.

        • madhu,
          do what is given above. read it carefully understand it and do what is required.

  229. Yes sir,i am trying to understand.and from 2day i started chanting ‘i release my desire to associate with him’and when any feeling came i chant ‘change’.i am also doing forgiving exercise that i am sorry plz forgive me i love u i thank i gone through ur sites i also came to know about that we should not beg from divine as i unknowingly i do it severel times.sir can i also chant’thanks divine for giving me love of my choice’or it is not needed.THANKS FOR UR HELP.IF I DO ANYTHING WRONG THEN reply sir.MADHU

    • One more thing sir,though i am doing anything but at back of the mind always it says’it is not possible to get back lost love,he is not talking to u from 2months so nothing can bring change’…..r this type of thoughts also trap of mind to loose trust??how can i help it??and sir r u getting any signal insight that weather i can able to get back it??i am realy following only n only ur suggestion and trust u a lot.

  230. Madhu,
    Release any thought that comes to your mind. Dont analyse any thought. just say, i release this thought. It is the nature of mind to come with chain of thoughts. you should say, i release this thought. Go on releasing as and when any thought appears. By releasing you breaking the chain of thoughts.


    • Madhu,
      just go on doing it,

      • Naranji,i am following ur suggestion and chanting’i release my desire to associate with him’and also doing the forgiving excersice’i am sorry plz forgive me i love u i thank u’……as many time as possible.but sir it almost completing 9days but no littlebit improvement in my relationship.i know i hv to keep patiance and trust but howlong………as days goes on i am loosing hope.why the same incident happen to me?what can i do to win his love again or to convince divine to make it possible as i need it i nt able to wish a desire on divine?believe me sir this was my first durga puja when i prayed nothing to her,no complain,no tears,just say i release my desires on u.when feel that he forget u i instantly chant ‘release’or’change’…r u getting anything sir,do u still c hope for my one.plz reach divine reply from you.MADHU


  233. Respected Naran Sir,
    So lucky to have your special SW magic in our daily life.
    Today I would like to ask one more favour from you.What
    to chant to reduce the time frame for office tour.I was
    unexpectedly told by the boss to be mentally ready to
    go to a tour for next 2 months.Usually my tour period for 1/2 weeks.Is there any thing for me to chant
    or do for not to go for that many weeks.One or two
    weeks I can handle but that many weeks will hamper
    my family life as I have a little one to take care of.
    Pls. Sir do help me with your DIVINE WORDS!!!!!!

  234. Dear Sir,
    I have followed your advice, and am keeping 398 with me.
    I have an 8 hour exam Next monday October 29 8am-6 pm New york time.
    I request you to keep me in your prayers and send me your grace on the day.

    Thank you.

    • Good eve sir,sir is there any Sw that can chant to avoid or cancel bringing of marriage proposals from relatives,neibours etc?its too irritating bt can’t say need someway to stop it automaticaly.once i call worf and somehow it that okay?TIYA

      • Tiya,
        if it is working, it is ok.

        • Yes sir its somehow worked but after coming. i need to stop coming of such proposals bcoz frankly speaking i don’t like this type of negociation marriage.i even talked to my family bt it does’nt work.even if after meeting i dislike someone ,it create a big argue with plz give chant if there is any to stop it from even coming from begining so that neither i hv to refuse nor want to hurt my family.if hv solution plz help.

    • JAY,

  235. Hi Naran!! seems to be something related to mantras and healing site.. i want to learn the mudras and its benefits … can you help me in this… i have practiced it without any knowledge.. and got side effects.. now i m more curious to learn this.. pls help me…

  236. HI
    you havent answered here to my question as i asked you yesterday… i have another question.. hope i will get reply to this one.. my mom is having severe asthma attacks .. she is allergic to dust and change of climate and lot of things .. she is being injected sometimes to control the asthma… pls give some mudras so that she could be cured… she has been suffering this from last 25 years approximately..

  237. hi Naren
    sorry i have found your email.. thanks for my previous reply.. pls suggest something for my mother


  238. Sir,i don’t how to say it…..yesterday i wrote u that there is no change.2day somehow he atleast talk to me very politely after 3months.i know its bcoz of Sw.but sir he still is nt behaving like b4…….i mean where is that love which i need??plz tel me sir do i hv any hope for it??and may continue d same or anything else.plz plz plz seeking for ur answer.MADHU

  239. madhu,
    continue the same method. Additionally,
    Thank him for what did to you. Thank your parents and friends for their love. Be grateful to what happened to you all these years.

  240. Sir I want to meet you in person could you give me your address.

  241. i think i also need to give thanks to everyone to come out of my problems.. as you have not mentioned my name anywhere… but i have been doing the same for last one month … i thanks my family for being with me.. my friends. my overall health my job and everything i have got in my life…
    and thanks to you too Madhu and Naran Sir…

  242. Its amazing sir,from last 4days i was waiting for ur reply.2day i learn in a blog u wrote some1 to chant FIND DIVINE ANSWER when need ur reply.i too start to chant it and realy i got ur answer………I wl do it what you suggested.but sir I thank him for what?i mean for his love or everything he did to me as bcoz in that way am i nt include the hurting things too?plz clear me sir and bless me in ur prayer that as miraclely i got ur ans 2day by Sw i can get love of him soon.Pranam

    • And sir how can it effect on him as bcoz when i thanks him or chanting i am sory i lv u i thank u he is nt hearing it,sir as i say b4 Sw is very useful in my daily life bt somehow it is nt that much working in my lovelife.i want his love but can’t reach.every winter something wrong happen to me and i become sad.scared to loose him this season.i hv started to thanks my parents,friends and him for love.m i going right?bless me

    • Madhu,
      thank him for everything. including the hurt.

  243. Hi Naran Sir!!
    isnt there any mudra which bring back the moisture content in full body and hair without any other side effect.. as winters are approaching so its very tough to cope with the dry skin … and i have got dry skin and dry which looks very bad in winters. as if skin is coming out even after applying the oil and many creams in my body..

    • sunita,
      thumb touching the middle and ring fingers. Do this for 15 minutes followed by pran mudra (thumb touching little and ring fingers)

  244. Respected Naran Sir,
    As per your advice, I am madly chanting ” Adjust Change Divine Order”
    not to have my office tour for 2 months instead of 2 weeks[ usual time limit
    for me always].Still not hearing anything from the head office.Pls, Sir, do
    let me know what else I can do for this.I am already on my 2nd day of my
    first week tour.Looking forward to hear your DIVINE HELP!!!!!!!

  245. lura,

  246. And sir i even want to chant any SW if there is any for my family so that they come out of worry about my marriege and understand what i plz refer me sw to stop such matrimony proposals but to make my family relax.TIYA

  247. Tiya,
    chant beech walnut rockwater

  248. Thanks a that for both to stop such matrimony proposals and my family???i want to know it as problems r two bt chant is 1 thats why.

  249. Sir i am madly following ur suggested words.I THANKS MY PARENT AND FRIENDS FOR THER LOVE,I THANKS HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO ME EVERYDAY DAY AND NIGHT.AND CHANTING ‘I AM SORRY FORGIVE ME LOVE U THANK U’…..’I RELEASE MY DESIRE TO ASSOCIATE WITH HIM(HIS NAME)’……………both atleast 500times a day.its true that i am somehow nt feeling that much restless as i was and also nt feeling anger on him.but sir do u hv any vision that howlong it wl take time to get back his love…..and if i release that desire then how wl i know about any change.i realy love him.u became my divine adviser….a i going right way….i need it as soon as divine can do for me.ur follower Madhu

    • madhu,
      if you fully release your desire to get him back, he will come back. At that time think that you have to understand him. In any situation, dont think you have to be understood.

      • Sir few month ago u told me that ur love wl come back and at that time think u hv to understand him.don’t think u hv to b understood.yes sir m trying to understand him bt as he once broke up so its touph to gain trust on him.should i never expect that much love for me sir?and sir i noticed whenever i hv quirrel with him next day my right leg heel there any relation or just a matter of co-incidance.

  250. can we get rid of our past thoughts??

  251. is our past thoughts related to our past life??

  252. Dear Naran Sir,
    As per your advice I am chanting with full
    My 2nd week will start next Monday,but still no news
    from the Boss yet. Is there any other thing to do,
    so that my usual office need me most than the current
    provincial office I am working now.It is very hard for
    my little one to survive without me.But I do have
    trust that your DIVINE SW will save me from this
    situation!!!!! Many Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lura,
      continue the chanting.
      call wolf and say what you want.
      Everyday, say three times, I thank the management for having reduced the tour time to two weeks

  253. Thank u sir.i wl continue the forgiving and releasing ex.but sir as i know in such relationships both side need to understant and complement each other,compromise according to their needs..Sir so is that means that in my case if i hv any prblm or dislike anything can’t i expres or discus with him?u know sir he himself asked me fr love,bring trust on me and then smhow change.i never lie or hide anything about me bt stil get hurted.I DON’T KNOW HOW SIR I BECAME VERY FAMILIAR TO U THAT’S WHY SAYING THAT 2DAY I FEELING VERY SCARED ABOUT MY FUTURE.GOD KNOW I HV NEVER AN INTENSION TO HURT EITHER MY FAMILY,MY LOVED1 OR EVEN MYSELF.WHEN I AM WRITING TEARS UNWANTEDLY CMS ON MY EYES. PLZ KEEP ME IN UR PRAYER SO THAT I CAN HV A HAPPY FUTURE WITH ALL.

  254. Respected Sir ,
    I am married for one and a half years now.Me and my husband decided to plan and wait for a year to get a baby and now we r planning to get conceive but something or the other comes up and we are not able to plan.I am really worried about the situation.Please do help me with the situation

  255. Divine Lord,
    This is just a reminder that I am still waiting for your reply for my query #479/480
    with due respect & patience.Please Sir, do help me ASAP.So sorry for the trouble.
    Please Sir KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYER AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • madhu,
      The mind is not one. It is a union of various parts; accumulation of all surviving emotions. Each works in a different and opposite ways.
      This thought comes that part of mind which is fearful.
      Don’t get yourself bogged down by this thought. Treat this as a doubt asking by some part of the mind. Think that somebody is asking you. Give a reply to that part as another person like this.”Dont be afraid. Release your fear. you are safe and secured. That part for the time being will keep quite. After sometime it may again raise the doubt. Everytime give the same answer and escape

  257. Thanks a billion Sir,I am doing everything what you HAVE suggested for me.
    Will let u know the updates.Please SIR DO KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYER!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE OUR LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Respected Sir,

    I am working from home as a recruiter for an US Company. I am not able concentrate and perform well .I got this job thru my husband so my boss is one of his close friend.My performance is not upto the mark which is gonna create bad impression about both of us.Please help me to this situation.

  259. Bhuvana Srikarthikeyan
    Take the flower remedies scleranthus gentian sweetchestnut 3 pills of each two times in a day. Both should take

  260. O realy sir??i am very happy to hear that.i trust in you and divine.wl follow whatnever u say.

  261. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your kind help.
    U have advised me to WRITE MUSTARD 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.I am sorry that i didn’t know that i should write “MUSTARD 398” or “MUSTARD” 398 times.Please help me with this.

    And i don’t have the suggested pills with me as of now .So can i chant them till get them?

    Also i need your help for few more problems so that i can buy all the remedies together .

    1.We have pledged all my gold jewelery in the bank and struggling for past one year to take it back.Please help me as to what i should do chant,take pills,mudra or write anything?

    2.My husband invested around a crore in a constructions business but we didnt get the money that we r supposed to get it back and u advised me to draw a circle and write my husbands name and the persons name who has to give the money and draw one more circle and in the gap write SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKWATER CHICORY CHESTNUTBUDAND READ IT EVERY DAY.Still we didnt get money from any side .Please help us with this situation as well we are really facing more financial problems.

    • Bhuvana,
      chant MUSTARD COUNT NOW DONE as many times as possible. Write this in a paper and keep it in your husband’s purse. In the night let him keep it under the pillow

  262. I LIKE TO SHARE JUST A SIMPLE FEELING WITH ALL AND MOREOVER WITH NARANJI.I DON’T KNOW WETHER I WL GET BACK MY LOVE OR NOT,BUT ITS TRUE THAT B4 2MONTH I WAS IN A YERY BAD STATE OF MIND FOR MY BROKEUP.SW AND SIR’S SUGGESTION HELPED ME TO REGAIN CONFIDENCE AND TRUST ON GOD.BY DOING THE FORGIVING EX I REALISE THAT EVERYTIME IT IS NT NECESSARY THAT THE OPPOSITE PERRON IS WRONG,FAULT MAY B MY.I SLOWLY GET OUT OF THE ANGER ON HIM AND TRYING TO UNDERSTAND HIM.SW REALY WORKS TO THINK THAT EVERYTHING SHOULD B OK.I FEEL CHANGE IN MYSELF.I MUST NT COMPARE MY PAST WITH PRESENT WHICH I DONE.I FEEL GOOD WHEN I RELEASE MY DESIRE AND DREAM ON DIVINE FIELD(not only about love,bt also about work,financial,family,health etc)I ONE MORE THING Naranji U r very nice that everytime u give reply to all and do whatever u can do to solve our i am in quite mind and open heart but only 1 ques i can’t release from mind that after a breakup if again some1 here its me regain that relation,is it possible to get back that much love affection and harmony like it was b4??bcause in my1 he feel,cares and understand me a lot that time.thats what i want back bt only by divine help nt any stupic tantra that possible.i request all to trust in Sw.

  263. Hello,There are 2 problems that are affecting my life greatly. In 1988 i got food poisoning. As a result i got severe IBS so severe i can not even have a job.
    And since 1983 i had periostitis and after that a LOT of cases of tendonitis. Sometimes it gets a little better but complete healing never sets in. I would be gratefull for any help. Thanks!

  264. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would again like to seek help for my same issue.
    Even though, I am continuously chanting,” CLEAR RESISTANCE CHANGE
    DIVINE ORDER” ALSO, calling WOLF for what I want, as well as “I THANK YOU
    Nothing seems like doing favour to me. They will allow me to visit home this
    weekend just for one day, but unfortunately I have to go back there to work for
    them.Now I am really upset and do not know when I am coming back to my
    usual office.DIVINE LORD!!!!! I badly do need your help for this issue.Please
    Sir,send me something ASAP,for receiving a good news from the company
    SO that I can breath easily & have a peaceful mind.

  265. Dear sir ,

    i’m second wife to my hubby. initially he promised that we will have our own child too. the 1st wife has a son after they are married for 4 years who is now 6 years old. they had tried for second child but she always had miscarriage.

    now my husband goes back on his word and saying that we should not have any child because the 1st wife cannot conceive. he stay with his 1st wife and son and only comes to my house every one or two weeks once only. (p/s: he also seldom stays in town coz of his nature of work where he travels a lot.)

    i told him that in future , i do not want to be alone since now itself i;m feeling very lonely as he comes to see me once in a blue moon only.

    since the day we are married he only sleeps with me once every month or two months but since the argument we had , my husband has not been sleeping with me at all.

    please help me.. i do not want to be alone during my old age,, is there anything can be done so that i can get conceive with my husband’s child.

    i’m having sleepless & restless day by day thinking of wanting to have a baby badly.

    btw i have been reciting kama deva gayathri manthra since mid of june 2012.


    • sko86,
      chant whitechestnut chicory walnut 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.

      • dear sir,

        i have been doing the chant and taking the water at least 2-3 times per day.

        my husband was back home today. he is very nice to me but as usual when i try to get close or touch him..he ask me to move away..

        i also dont know how to bring up the subject and tell him that i want a baby badly.. please help me.


        • sko86,
          chant waterviolet mimulus

        • Dear sir,

          what is the effect of chanting white chestnut chicory walnut , will my husband agree to have a child with me?

          i’m feeling very stressed and depressed.. every day when the nite approach i feel very lonely at home and crying longing for a child .. its been months me & my husband been together even though 2 weeks ago , i called him and told him directly that i want to sleep with him.. but till todate no reaction from his end.

  266. Dear Naranji,
    Pranams. My friend’s son is 11 months old. He sleeps in daytime for 1.5 – 2 hours and hardly for an hour at night. Initially, he did not sleep soundly at night but managed to sleep in the day. They have a hard time putting him to sleep at night. Otherwise he is very active, eats well, milestones are normal. A while back, He had chest congestion and vomiting due to cold and due to that he wasn’t able to sleep well. Now no cold no congestion, still he is not sleeping at night. My friend is very much concerned and it takes toll on them also as both of them are working. We wonder if a baby can still be active after just an hour’s sleep in 24 hours , the routine being the same for over 2-3 months.

    could u pls suggest any SW or mantra or Bachflower remedies for the baby to sleep well at night .

    Thanks in advance and God Bless u !!!


    • bliss,
      chant whitechestnut walnut mimulus over a glass of water and give that water every 15 minutes after around 8pm.
      touching him chant om lam namaha as many times as possible

  267. Respected sir,happy diwali..i am following ur suggestion how far i can.doing the forgiving ex everyday.and chanting ‘CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE’minimum 500hundred times and even more.praying to divine dove too(SINGLE DOVE PIC OKAY).i don’t know when i can c any change,when i get back that harmony.i am just doing it and it,as when i came to i am already in ur prayer i am feeling good.plz keep me and my love in ur prayer always and plz ask divine to make it soon bcoz sir it becoming difficult to handle this hardle period for me.if u got any idea plz tel me sir.MADHU

    • Madhu,
      understand what healing is. If there is no change within oneself there is no change outside. If there is no harmony within there is no harmony outside. Your mind is not on chanting and getting relieved from the disturbing thoughts. If your mind is always on the result you will never get what you want. Forget about the result. Aim to change your impatience. Your restlessness and does not allow you to move an inch forward.My reply can never satisfy till you change. Thank your father profusely from the heart for what all he did to you or has been doing to you. Any of your ungratefulness or disrespect to him, will not bring harmonious partner outside

      • Yes sir u r right,i don’t hv that much harmonious relation with my father as normaly people hv(due to so many personal reasons).but still i love him a lot and always trying to guide him for good health.thats also a reason to fear of relationship.i wl try to change my thought surely so far i can.sorry to disturb u sir.MADHU

  268. hello Naran ji ,
    that person is troubling me now by calling me.. i want to get rid of him.. i dont want to be in touch of that person.. i chanted Om Yum Namaha with Chin Mudra.. but those pills are not available here.. pls suggest some mantras and mudras to keep that person away from me

  269. sunitha,
    be in adhi mudra and chant rockwater walnut chicory vine

  270. My company is facing some internal problems between partners. Please suggest remedy. We want to run the company professionally in profit with immediate effect

  271. Dear Sir,

    I am following what ever u instructed me.Its working good thank you soo much sir.

    I need one more help from u sir.

    I feel my husband is not transparent with me sometimes yes he hides soo many things from me.But he s not going in any wrong way still its pain full for me.
    If i go ahead and talk to him about this we end up in fight and the day s soo painfull.

    Please help in this Sir.

  272. Bhuvana
    chant AGRIMONY CHESTNUTBUD over a glass of water and drink it daily

  273. Namaskar Naran ji
    i chanted “Om Yum Namaha” for two days and after that stared feeling pain at left side of my body.. and soon after he called me at my phone himself and then left a message that i m praying for shortening of his life.. because of pain and his reaction i have stopped chanting those mantras.. besides that i never wanted to harm anyone and now today i have been experiencing pain at my right side .. pls tell me what is going wrong with me

    • Sunitha,
      i dont understand your posting. previously you have not mentioned about any pain.
      Om yam namha is a mantra for heart chakra. By chanting this mantra, one’s heart is balanced. In other words by driving out unnecessary unwanted unrequired energies around our thoughts, it paves the way for true love. when ones’ heart is purified, it will attract good loving persons. With that intention that mantra is given.
      Do the forgiving exercise for him. your pain also may go. How does he know that you are chanting a mantra? Chanting means you have to repeat the mantra within.
      I want people who visit this site to post any comment with open heart.
      If you are open, Divine is ready to help you.

  274. Dear sir,

    i have a bad situation now sir please help me i am even ready to come and meet u in person .

    My husband helped one of his cousin brother for getting a SI post for him.My husband know a lady who is a widow and she had told him with her influence she can get the work done.So both brothers believed her and gave money (around 18L). But now she gives too many reasons (1). she gave the money to somebody and they ran away.(2) She says she never got money at all etc…..Now my husbands cousin is complaining that my hus…took the money .The cousin and his father know that he didn’t take the money but the lady cheated.For the sake of getting their money they pressurizing us to pay back.We really don’t have that money.My mother law never wants to help but she s taking her side and asking money from my husband.We both really don’t have any problem in giving money to her but we do not have.She has lots but not ready help her own soon.

    The only hope is help from u for this today he went to stage of hurting himself because of both the torture.Please help with this as in what i should chant or eat or any mudra or to meet u.We need to stop his cousin from doing anything.

  275. Dear Naran ji,
    Thank u so much and God bless u !!! My friend’s son’s sleep is improving gradually.


  276. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect,I would like to let you know that
    I am still on my official tour & didn’t hear anything yet
    from my original office .I am still doing whatever u
    have suggested me to do.This week is my 3rd week
    away from home.Please Sir, do help me what else
    I can do to get a good news for back to my original
    office. Looking forward for your DIVINE HELP!!!!!!!

    • Hello Sir..hw u duin?my name is gobinath frm malaysia…initially ive started a group biz wt y fellow friends…i got a loan for 45000…one of the agent lied and betrayed me…i lost my money within few weeks…m paying 450 monthly to d bank…i dun hv enough money…i havemt buy a car and house for my own..m staying wt now i need money to lead a gud life..wat mantra should i recite…pls help me sir

    • lura,
      chant STAR OF BETHLEHEM GENTIAN as many times as possible

  277. Sir, i have a doubt why dont v call a wolf and ask everything in tamil. Beause my grandma is absence of mind. She misplace every thing and searching . I explain about wolf but she doesnt know english. Is there any possibility to ask wolf in tamil too. pls reply.

  278. Thanks Mr.Naran,

    Can I Keep Horse Photo in office where i am sitting? In which direction (Running horse photo)

  279. Naran sir,here is me again bt this time with another quiry.i and some others hv a drama groug and we r planning to do a show on cmin March.plz suggest me a Strong Sw so that everything wl go smoothly,means can convince all,can get hall,hv unity within d group and most imp cn able to arrange finance as per need.FIND DIVINE ANSWER SIR.

  280. Thanks. How many time to chant the Mantra – BEECH WALNUT WILLOW CHANGE DIVINE ORDER? to chant the mantra in Office or House?

  281. Dear Mr.Naran

    Please suggest Mudra for HIgh BP & Diabetes.


  282. One more thing i want to tell u sir.2day was my mother’s deathday and i was very upset about life’s disturbances and missed her a lot.suddenly it strike in my mind to c Sweet mother of pondichary whom i cm to know from ur site.i got a pic.i don’t know it hv any significance or nt as u say don’t think too i just want to know that can i keep her pic and say my desire to me sir after u told me i am chanting Sw and trying to nt focus on result.

    • Madhu,
      tell her everything.
      she is your mother

      • Thats a very sweet ans for me sir.i tell her everything and i also say sorry about if i had done any wrong thing in my past.i want to cm out of my karmic layer.i want to get back my love bt nt by forcing bt by divine will.i keep mother’s pic also.

  283. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to ask you about the same issue
    regarding my office tour time frame.Whatever you have given me
    to say or chant so far I was and still I am doing but still no change.
    Sir,it is past 4 weeks and I will start my 5th week from this Monday.
    Just wondering,what is the best chanting,mudra or anything I can
    do so that the severe work load for the office tour reduces dramatically
    and they happily send me to my regular work place.Please Sir do
    forgive me and help me with your DIVINE WORDS !!!!!!

  284. Dear Sir,
    Please HELP ME regarding my query # 582.

    • Lura,
      chant om lam namaha, with safe mudra.(thumb touching little and ring fingers)
      Daily in the morning, “I accept and thank the Divine for what is happening.”

  285. hello Naran SIR,
    My problem is that i have no job now which i was doing earlier.. now i have to attend my practice at court.. but the chamber i used to work is not congenial… my senior sir used to taunt everyone at different things. which i dont like.. as i dont like to be part of their mockery.. it is their daily routine to make others fun and enjoy.. which i want to avoid.. but at the same time i dont want to join with anyone else with too…is there any remedy that i can concentrate on my work and give better results so that they cant target me…


  286. Dear Sir,

    Me and my husband started to take all the remedies given by you and chanting all the SW.Things are very positive now.The lawyer made things ready to file case against the lady by Friday. My father in law is arranging the money also.

    My husband did’ nt get the salary from the office still.Didn still pay any of the monthly bills.My work also going bad .My boss gave me tasks that i couldn finish it .Please help me to this situation.

  287. Dear Naran ji,

    Pranams. I have facial hairs on my chin and neck since 3 years. All my harmones are normal. It’s partly hereditary in the sense my mother and her sisters have. The hairs are thick and grow faster im the recent months comparitively. I feel bad as it looks black and prominent in my fair skin. I want to get rid of them. Pls suggest a remedy.
    Thanks in advance and God bless u !!!

    • Bliss,
      chant crab apple walnut over a glass of water daily and drink that water.
      Stand before the mirror and say I ACCEPT MYSELF TOTALLY 51 times. you can tap also.

  288. Yes sir i wl surely do it,i even keeping her while sleeping.sir i hv a ques which only u can ans.IS GOD IS ONE?I MEAN I AM VERY FOND OF LORD SHIVA……WHEN SOMEONE WORSHIPING ONE R WE DISRESPECTING OTHERS OR THEY ALL R SAME.SIR IT IS A VERY CONFLICTING ISSUE For people like lord shiva,jesus,allah c our religions?(as bcoz i love a muslim guy so sometime feel that may b i am far away from allah)Naranji i tried a lot to b relax as u said but u know sir as time passes i am feeling far from him.i recorded ‘concede clear centre find divine love(his name)’and’forgiving ex’also and listening it atleast 600times a day regularly.what else sir?trust me sir i trust in Sw bt whenever going to sleep mind say’forget him madhu,he wl never cm back,ur prayer wl do nothing,its impossible etc and i suddenly wake up and can’t sleep anymore night.i hv a big pic of Shiva near my bed,i just looked at it and pray plz do something .thats all i wanted to tell u sir.

    • One thing i also chant when mind says’i release this thought’.sir years ago b4 2004 i was nt like this,i was cheerful and positive as this type of love breakup happen twice in my life and they never came back to me,i became negetive and having the same fear again in present one.

    • madhu,
      You say that you are doing what i said. but in the night, you act in the reverse direction, sabotaging yourself.
      you will not understand what healing is. As a human being, we are incomplete with all our desires and fears.Healing is one way to make us whole and complete.
      When does one become complete?
      When one understands that the his desire will be fulfilled, if only it is good for his life path. Desiring is the nature of mind. You cannot go against it.
      Desire and do everything towards attaining that. But when you find that you have not got what you wanted, you have to accept it gracefully thanking the divine and move forward.
      Your regret your disappointment will not help you in any way. When you bow to the will of divine, you allow the divine to work and give you a better alternative. Your blaming, your pessimism,your constant worry will block the Divine from doing anything for you.
      Your life is not your choice. With the life in hand, try to find ways to be peaceful. Willingness to accept what is offered is the only way to remain peaceful.
      When you submit to the divine will and divine order, you are filling up your heart with the very same love from the divine which you want from the other person.
      The more clinging you are to the one, will drive you away from that person. Submission, surrender Acceptance Gratitude are the only keys in life.
      with these Keys, unlock the life secret by giving love to one even though you are not receivin any love and affection. Giving is the only way to lead a peaceful life.
      You can receive love from the Divine only. But we don’t go closer to him. Talk to divine as if you were talking to a person. Say everything daily. He may not reply you, but will show you the way.

      With regard to your question about jesus, allah or shiva all are one.

      There is no conflict in the Divine. Conflict and Duality are there in the human mind only.

  289. my name is srilatha, my husband name is anjaneyulu. ihave completed my degree.i discontinued my mba. my husband is having financial problems we are having 1000000 debts.we are paying interest. i am not getting proper job from so many years. from six years i am searching for job, i did not got any where. from one year i got small job.a but there i am getting less salary only 6000 pay. i am serching for another job.but i dont no i am failing in interviews in good company. due to financial problems. i am unable to concentrate. three days back i seen about lalitham mantras. so i want to start lalitham sridhram, lalitham baskaram, lalitham sudarshanam. for my husband debts & to get good job. it will be possible to solve my problems, because from ten months we are not paying interest also. my favorite god is lalitha devi. i love very much, when i saw this lalitham mantras i got confidence. but i didnot understood this 520count divine , wolf. please just i can do chant lalitham mantras & i can write but i cant no this all chest nut, wall nut. please give me suggesion age if 25years, i am having thyroid problem, i am getting unwanted hair on upper lip & chin.sometimes i feel to die.please suggest a good mantra for chanting or writing to solve all my problems.i am not happy from 7years, we are facing of financial problems. now i want to chant lalitham mantras.but please suggest for all my problem, please i feel, you are one of my god to solve all my problems. i will be happy in my life, if my debts problem & if i get good job, & my health problem, please sir suggest me good mantra for chanting, how to chant, when to chant, please give me reply sir.
    thanking you sir,

    • srilatha.
      download a picture of blue sapphire and keep it under the pillow.

  290. Namaskar Naran Sir,

    I have decided to move on to High Court with the opinion of my senior.. but to go to High Court i need to travel to 2.30 hours morning and evening …but i want to join the HIgh Courtto continue my practice … i want that such a travel wont affect my work and my health at any cost.. i want to devote to my work 100% and want everyone will like my work there.. besides working i dont want to earn to sustain myself too.. as it is my start at High Court so they rarely pay to their juniors.. i dont want to depend on my family or anyone during my internship… so pls help my to overcome these kind of fear and i want to shine like a star at my workplace.


  291. sorry i want to earn to sustain myself so that i wont depend on anyone for money matters…

  292. Sir,i know u r still angry on me as i am nt following ur suggestion.but i am realy trying to follow my best.u hv told me to thanks mother everyday to come out my past.i am doing.i want it bcoz i know i hv done some wrong things in my past(but i had no bad intension).i ask lord shiva to forgive me.and u r right i had nt that much good relation with my father,bt i love him a lot and need him.these reasons always push me to think that u wl never get love from ur love one or if u get it my fate u wl nt hv a happy life.thats why i want to release myself from my karma.i saw my mother nt having a happy marital life,so m scare.Sir i am not bad but littlebit negetive,i can survive without car,bunglow but i can’t live without love nor i want to hurt anyone.i am sorry sir if i done any mistake.

  293. hello sir,
    finally joined the High Court with your given remedies.. thanks it really worked.. i ws quite nervous but your given mantras worked like wonders on me..
    One more thing i want to share that my friend suddenly got angry at my joining of High Court.. but i chanted the “SW” the whole time from today morning from 5 till 10 .. and amazing, she herself called me..

    big THANkS for your cooperation

  294. Can you give me some remedy for financial hardship i am in now? Though i am in job all my salary is going to pay for interest. Can you suggest an immediate advice for my problem. Thank you.

  295. Respected Naran Sir,
    With due respect I would like to let you know
    that I was told by my boss that I am done my
    work in my foreign office this week.Just for
    your help ,I got a chance to go home earlier
    than what I was supposed to be.
    I had to ask your help for my extreme stress
    level, [for the last few weeks] what can I do or chant to bring my
    stress down.It is really bothering my health.T hank you again
    for all your help so far.

    • Lura,
      it is better you take flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY WHITECHESTNUT AGRIMONY or chant the names over a glass of water and sip it

  296. hi,
    i would like to reduce my weight and clear my loans, can u suggest me with some mudras

    Last year i needed to clear it before my marriage which is in February 19. So is
    that possible and also like to reduce my weight, please help me.

  297. Namaskar Sir
    i am getting confused between these two mantras.. Kindly explain me the difference between the Vallabham Gajaananam ek Thandam and Ek Thantham and also tell me which one is for making the time stand…

  298. SUNItha,
    there is difference in spelling

  299. Namsaskar Sir,

    my 2 years old Nephew is crying all the time.. everyone is wondering why this child is crying so much,, They get his checked at doctor too but doctor saying he is absolutely fit .. so no medical problem he is having.. he eats too less.. and the day he cries rarely eats.. even neighbours saying what is the problem with the child.. my sis in law is worried a lot.. pls give some remedy

  300. Hi Sir,
    Is there is any mantra by which we can reunite two people by calming down their anger?? My sis in law and my father is having a terrible problem.. they dont want to listen about each other.. due to that the whole family is unable to speak to them just for giving respect to my dad.. but i want to solve this problem. on the contrary i dont want to say both of them to leave their ego.. because they dont like to listen to anyone to shed their anger and ego for each of them..

    So pls give me some mantra so that i can chant on behalf of both of them and reunite them miraculously..
    pls waiting for your divine help sir


    • SUNITA,

      • I K.SRILATHA,

        My husband is having lot of debts, he is paying interest for 10,00,000. from one year onwards he is not paying interest also. i have completed bcom degree. but i am not getting good job, with good salary. now ia am doing small job my salary is 6000 per month.please give me any mantra for settle the debts problem and my career job. i want to settle in mnc company or govt job. we are facing lot of problems from we want to sell our house for financial problems.sir i am requesting you to change my life with happiness, iam waiting for your reply, my birthday date is 18/4/1987.

  301. sir.. i feel something wrong at home.. some kind of negative energy which is kinda of separating me & my husband. Nowdays my husband is getting angry with me very often tho i never offend him.. even if it is not my fault i stilll have to say sorry and make him talkim and he has changed recently i’m scared i will lose him . at the same time i have been chanting and drinking the water couple of times.. but still no changes.. please help 😦

    • SKO86
      what is that you are chanting

      • white chestnut chicory walnut

        • SKO86
          what is the negative energy within your mind? have you enquired whether he has got any problem in the office? treat him kindly. probably he might be offended in the office where he cannot express himself fully. All the pent up anger is expressed at the wrong place at the wrong person. be kind and help him, instead of having wild imagination. chant cherryplum 100 times over a glass of water and give him daily. Nothing can replace true love

  302. sunita Nambiar

    i have been looking for an accomodation at Chandigarh. i called Wolf too to find out a house.. and i have found a temporary accomodation of my friend’s house for one week only.. but i want a separate accomodation so that i could dwell there.
    Please help ,me Naran Sir..


    • I want to share something.i came here before 5months for healing my lovelife.the person i love suddenly changed his behaviour towards me.he even stoped talking me.Naranji suggested me to do forgiving ex and to release d desire to associate with him.i do it but nothing change. He said not to became the end of 2012 i totaly give up hope.then i read his new blog and started chanting,I AM SORY PLZ FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE and also chanted BEECH WALNUT WILLOW AGRIMONY CHICHORY CHERYPLUM.But though i expect nothing.after just 2day my loved one talked to me softly,said sorry for hurting me and he still love me.I am amazed,how is it possible?can realy Sw do such miracle.thanks Naranji.

    • Sir thanks a lot,as i am satisfied that the person i love is nt a cheater.I know sir my future is nt with him,becoz he is from Pak and i am from Ind.and i can’t remove this differences.i am loosing my love in front of country,religion distances.i know no one can eccept our love.sir what should b my next step,what should i chant for being happy without hurting others and myself.

  303. My co-sister is bitten by my dog in her right hand palm. My dog has vaccination regularly.

    The doctor put TT and one more injection for my sister. But still she is suffering with severe pain and with swelling in her hand. She is not able to sleep and neither do any work with her hand.

    Give me some SW to reduce her pain and swelling.

  304. I have asked you about my accommodation. For last month I have been searching for a separate accommodation at Chandigarh within my budget. But I am not able to find any yet. Pls help me and show me the right path.

  305. My daughter Sharanya has just turned 5 yesterday, she is very rude and does not listen to one word, is not able to remember math numbers after numeric 5. She dislikes going to school.
    Behaves like an old person (in words and intrudes into our discussions). When we take her out to parties or functions, she is not with us just does opposite to what we say, there, she does not eat well. She speaks embarrassingly I am worried about her behavior outside the house.
    I am ready to do anything to turn my child into humble, disciplined, well-mannered child. Fault is my I have no time. But I need to work to give her good life.

  306. Respected NAranji my husband is not talking with my daughter properly, affectionately he always scolding her. He is calling her hey.. hey like this only. Whatever she do he is scolding her if it is not abig thing. Now she is 16 he did not discuss with her. If she come and ask about anything know he says hey go first concentrate in your studies is his answer. As a mother how can I tolerate these. He will change I thought but no changes. So Maritimes I asked him why are u behave like this? He said I don’t know why I hate her. Sir kindly understand my feelings. This is our only one daughter. She is only one child for us. Kindly give me some sw which will recover my problems immediately. Pls pls pls …..thanks with regards

  307. JI because of this only we have quarrel between us. 99 percentage of conflict due to this. What I am asking is he has to love my daughter. As a father how he will be like that I want my husband tobe.pls help me sir. Pls give me some sw I can do this only He is talking with His brothers daughter and son and all nicely except my daughter they are also asking me why chithapa behave with her like this. He calls his brothers daughter and son like kanna. I beg him to call my daughter chellam. Why I have this much of fate. Kindly change this with ur divine help. While typing I feel to cry. My doesnth feel about these things she is so innocent. Whatever he sold know she ‘ll go and talk to him. Kindly help me .

  308. Good Morning Sir , sir this is sangeetha pls help me sir im 29 years old but not getting matches sir pls telme switch words

  309. Respected Naran Sir,
    I would like to get your help regarding one of
    my known family friend’s son.He always gives
    his Mom hard time before going to school.
    i.e is, he stays in the toilet so long,takes forever
    to get ready to go to school.What is the best
    thing for him to do by his mom so that the poor
    lady gets less hard time from his son.Just to let
    you know he is a grade 7 student & is very
    restless & hyper.
    Thanks A Lot,

  310. Dear Naran Sir,
    I/WE would greatly appreciate if you
    kindly help my friend regarding his
    son which was already mentioned
    to my letter # 681.Thank you in

    • Lura,
      ask her to take the flower remedies Elm cherryplum, impatiens.
      The boy has to take scelranthus clematis wildrose and cat’s eye.
      ask her to chant HALFWAY DIVINE till he goes to school.

  311. Naran, I have been looking all over and asking, I can’t find the answer to this (Ni Shreem) that was in my dream I was definitely guided to it by someone or something. it most likely is a mantra or perhaps something else maybe a meaning… im unsure… if you could help, I will give you my sincere thanks im going to try to ask god about this tonight just got to figure this out…

  312. Naran, I have also something else to say that I have only told some of my family members and they think im crazy…I was doing some sun gazing last summer 2012, and well I did it for maybe more than 10 minutes and well once I was finished, if you have done it and you close your eyes you will know that there is like a glow from looking at the sun and well…with my eyes open I beheld a being that I could only describe as his aura as gold and a crown upon his head and he was looking right at me with a very huge smile for maybe 5 seconds or so. I thought maybe I could share this with you because everyone else laughs at me and thinks im nuts.

  313. Sir there is a big lizard in my kitchen. Is there any swt for this.
    Pls tell me sir.

  314. Sir whenever u hv given me Sw for healing my present relationship,i felt some hope n feel that i must cross this hardle and then everythig wl b u never say to leave him i feel positive plz tel me can i stil expect to get back him.then what to do?if u say to chant anything any number in any mudra i wl follow t same.sir in my past same thing happen at that time i failed to do don’t want to repeat same and loose love.i don’t hv that much time so plz help asap sir.till then i am just chanting Release Resistance Together Divine love ,thinking about him.plz when u pray ask divine to give my desired wish by any miracle Sir.THANKS

    • Madhu,
      do not hang on to anything. chanting is the only thing that you should do. If your mind is on what you get, you will be disappointed.
      Getting what you want may give you happiness. But after sometime, it may give you dissatisfaction. When you are ready to accept what is offered by the Divine, you will be happy. This is the only way escape karma – i mean its effect.

  315. Hi Naran,
    I have my own business which is not running well, so I am thinking of selling my business if you can suggest a sw for it so i get a buyer with my asking price, and the other thing is that i have a lot of debt which is not clearing can you help me with that also.


  316. Respected Sir,
    What is the best remedy to keep a person
    away from us, who is making trouble in our
    personal life.Is there any SW I can chant that
    the person himself stay away from us.I would
    appreciate if u kindly help me ASAP.

  317. LURA,
    write centaury walnut rockwater in a paper and keep it with you always.
    Daily thank the person for keeping away form you

  318. Dear Naranji,

    Pranams. My husband has recently been diagnosed having cholestrol and very high triglycerides.He is taking tablets for cholestrol now. He is also pre-diabetic (risk category). Could u please suggest some sw / mudras / bf / mantras for bringing cholestrol / triglycerides to normal and for the sugar levels to come down so that he does’nt get diabetes ?

    Thanks in advance and God Bless u !!!


    • Bliss,
      you can manage only. who is to do mudras and switch words?
      cholesterol means liver is not properly functioning. what is the diet he is taking?
      if one eats impatiently, cholesterol will be high. Mail me separately

  319. namaskaram sir
    how can i find clients for my profession?


  320. I am desperately looking for a suitable job.being a mother, i can’t prepare myself properly.plz help

  321. sir,
    my husband has smoking habit and he doesn’t want to can i take him out of it?

  322. mithi,
    daily take the flower remedies Red chestnut and Vine and tell him. He will be convinced that you are telling out of positive concern for him.

  323. Hi Naran,

    I have been doing the SW you told me to do,but there is no change and i think that has slowed down my business,can you please suggest a SW so that my business improves and i find a buyer soon for my business.



  324. SDM
    what did i suggest? what is your business? how long you have been doing this chanting?

    • You suggested “Find divine buyer count now”.The business that I have is a convenience store which has not been doings well for the last two year.The SW i have been saying it for the past 3 weeks and there is no change.

  325. My son is 12 years old, he has started talking back a lot to me, he does not respect me. He is always playing video games or be on the computer all the time and when I tell him to stop and go do some studying or play outside, he gets frustrated and yells at me. I don’t know how to get him on the track. Please help.

  326. Sandhya,
    contact and get the remedies for your son and yourself.
    It may cost you around Rs.400/-

  327. hello sir,

    while giving charity wat mantras could we recite?


  328. sunita,
    waterviolet chicory

  329. Dear Naran Sir,
    What is the best SW to get rid of tingling sensation for hands specially at
    night while sleeping?

  330. Respected Sir,
    i am in my mid forties,

  331. lura,
    do you have any physical problem -diabetis or bp?

    • Respected Sir,
      Yes I have high bp & recently I am missing
      my period for last 4 months,might be menopause.

      • lura,
        i suggest you to treat your high bp with pranayama and yoga.
        Take calciphos mag phos kaliphos -each 6x – buy these tablets from homeopathy shop and take three each for three times a day.
        concult a doctor for menopause. Take the flower remedy walnut.
        chant VAJRESWARI VAAMADEVI VAYOVASTHAA VIVARJITHA as many times as possible.

  332. Respected sir,
    My lover left me one month back without a reason..i love him a was a three years of love..i didn’t do any wrong to him..i love him and i can’t live without him..i need him back in my life..he should come back to me..we both were true to each other but now he is saying that he doesn’t want me and hates me..i don’t know what made him hate me all of a sudden..i can’t live without him..please give me a solution..please help me sir..

  333. Hi naran,
    I have been doing the SW FIND DIVINE BUYER RELEASE RESISTANCE, for two weeks but things are getting worst.We had a burglary at home 2 months a go,and this week I had aburglery at my shop.Naran could you help me please so I can sell my business and get the money I am asking for.Ref 708

  334. Respected Naran Sir,
    What is the best SW for the person who thinks,whatever his friend’s say is right
    but not the parents.Also,how to keep him away from his friend’s influence,interaction.
    I/we want him to stay at home more, than he stays with his friend.He has a big tendency
    of copying hid friend’s,i,e.whatever they do is good!!!!! Please Naran, could you please
    help me to chant something for my son so that I can spent more time with my son and

  335. lura
    chant cerato agrimony hold divine over a glass of water and give him that water.
    you listen to the Mp3 Rule your mind – release fear

  336. Vishnudutt NUNKOO

    Dear Naran Sir,
    I am borned and live in Mauritius. At present I am facing lots of financial difficulties in my life.
    First I don’t have any project I am a Building & Civil works Contractor so I don’t have money and living through a sum I borrowed from my mum.
    My only child my son is 16 years old and even he attended a low level at primarily school he scored good marks and was awarded a seat at the third rank secondary school at national level.
    But since he is at this secondary school he is not doing well. Last year he failed at the end of the year exams so he is repeating the fourth year again. Accordingly this year first term he scored very well ut he failed the second term again. Now he has only third term left and if he don’t pass it then he will be expelled from school and he won’t be allowed to any state school.
    He says that he is very nervous in classes at all the time and he can’t remember anything he studies . Infact he is shows no interests in his studies. He even sometimes don’t enter classroom to attend lectures. He has since last year, just with friends with bad habits and have started smoking and even drinking alcohol we caught.
    Please Mr. Naran give me a solution . We don’t have any Homeopathy or Nathuropathy shop I know in Maurtius. Please give me an URGENT SOLUTION so that my son can pass his exams and stop his bad habits.

    Vishnudutt NUNKOO
    Email :
    1st September 2013

  337. Dear Sir,
    I’m not been able to conceive; facing issue from last couple of years. Please let me know what to chant for conceiving?

  338. Sir this is bj, I have gone through ur blog its amazing god bless u and ur team members
    Actually we r in a very critical financial possition we are very much need of money so kindly help me
    My husband is 60 yrs old my husband is the 1st son to his family 3 younger brothers I have only one girl baby 8 yrs after 15 yrs only I got a baby thats y my husbands brothers r having male children they are doing final year of graduation and also good in there financial possition
    They have three quater acres of cultivating land now they planned to sell orally they divided like 2 acers to my husband and rest to others 8 yrs back but they are asking for equal share kindly help me to get back my 2 acers of share at the same time I want buyer also in a profitable bases
    Sir my financoal possition is very very bad kindly help me to get my husband share without an problem
    Sir realy I m telling u I am not able to explain my financial possition plz help me give me some sw plz plz plz

  339. Sir namaskar. This is AVN. I came to know through my friend M. She always tell about u and ur seevices ro my family members. U peoples are really great and doing great things. God bless u all.
    Sir, my husband also going to start a business like car buying and selling. Pls give me the sw to do this business properly with sufficient money and buyers also.
    Now my financial position also dull. So pls give me the sw to improve my financial position too.
    My another request is if I get down from my house if anybody watches me while I m going alone I m not able to walk freely. My limbs are started shaking. Kindly give some sw f for this also.
    I am expecting ur reply.
    Pls sir. Pls.

  340. Sir v two AVN and myself r egarly waiting for ur sw remedy. Y u r taking this much of time to give solution. Pls sir.

  341. Hi,i am facing lot of difficulties more than 3 years i don’t know what to do plz help me thanks a lot in advance.

  342. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please suggest switchwords/mantra for my husband’s earnings to increase. He’s in partnership with his family and a friend, running small hotels and guest houses, payments from customers are always delayed and thus in debts always. Once payments are received, all earning goes in clearing debts. Same situation at home too. Plus they’re trying expand business. Can we do anything so that we receive payments on time, i.e, at check-in and also anything to increase income.

  343. Dear Sir,
    One of my husbands sister’s daughter always curse my family , we are suffering a lot in terms of business lost, financial debts and children not in good terms and we are not sure whether she has done anything black magic.kindly suggest some mantra. Thank you

  344. Dear Naran Sir, I have high cholesterol. How can I combat this? I am a vegetarian since birth. From Overseas, Sir. Thank You

  345. Respected Naran sir,
    my husband is working with a real estate company. He is trying for a new job, one round of the interview is over awaiting for the second call. Its been almost a month. He really needs this job and with a good package. Even if he gets the call he never gets the job please help


  346. Sir. . . .I am loving a boy. Even he was loving me . . . .afrom past 1 month he s nt al caring me but he says he love me but am nt feeling it and he is contact with many girls sir bec of him am daily crying pls suggest me any mantra so that he should be attracted to me only and and he shld love me more without contact. Ith any girl

  347. Sirji,
    I trusted my father and sent him all my savings, today he denies everything. What can I do in such a situation.

  348. Dear Sir Naranji NAmashkar
    I like to Thank you for giving such valuable advices.Yesterday I was going through my emails and saw Message for doing Akash Mudra .as I was having throat Pain I did this Mudra and within few minutes Pain Vanished .
    In GRATITUDE To You .

  349. Dear Sir ,

    I have been suffering from severe spine,neck and shoulder pain for so long .I have been to doctors after doctors and have tried exercising constantly ,yet the pain persists and it goes to my head and I suffer from migraine because of the spine and nec problems.I came across your site and wanted to seek your advice.Can you kindly tell me what mudra or anything else I must do to get well.Please help

    Thank you

  350. Hi,
    Money has become a problem to me. I am working as a teacher and my salary is so small. I left the job and started a small business but things couldn’t work out for. No financial breakthroughs no financial good luck and i am behind all my peers. Please can you suggest a chant for me to get out this mess and become a rich man?


  351. kwabena

    Pls do this as mentioned in Naran sir’s blog:-

    Write daily 51 times:
    “I release the part which is resisting the flow of money”
    “I ALIGN with the part of me which opens to the flow of money”

    Chant “BRING PRAISE DIVINE” daily as many times as possible.

  352. Thanks Sir,
    I will practice them as instructed. I will give you the feed back later.

  353. Is there any remedy for dizziness and sudden weakness and fatigue/

  354. what is “find count” chant. What words have to chant? where I can find it?

  355. hi sir .
    my hus gone abroad after marriage.its been eight mnths.i thnk he has no interest in me.i am ready to go but he is not .plse

  356. Hi naren,
    Im in serious relationship with a guy who was working with me. We are of different cast and language therefore once my parents came to know about us they have house arrested me now and are strictly opposing to get us married. What can be done to make them to marry us together soon because at home they are threatening to even kill him and me if i don’t forget him. Moreover they are not giving me proper food due to anger and anytime may snatch my sim and mobile. Please help me with a solution as soon as possible. . Plz . .

  357. respected Naran ji,
    I would like to ask for the guidance in order to heal the eyes of mine as well as other person and in order to manifest a very great amount of wealth in a suitable way..

  358. Naran j, please help us to buy a house and my daughter is in eigth classs and make her to study well and to concentrate on her studies. My husband insurance business has become low. Pl help us with ur remedies.thank u sir

  359. Hi,
    One of my friend is suffering from wheezing from the past 2 weeks. He consulted doctor, he gave some medication still, he is not able to understand whether it is reducing or increasing. Could you please let me know any mudra to heal from that and how long we have to practice it.
    I would be happy if you reply soon naran.

  360. Hi,my throat chakra is weak n lack of confidence.plz advice me sw or mudra.plz tell me about weight reducing

  361. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets
    I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.
    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this.
    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

  362. My son is working in a multinational company.his timings are 5.30p.m to 4.30 a.m.he has a problem of stomach upset.plz tell me sw n mudra for his health problem

  363. Hi Naran,

    I am jobless now, Searching for a amazing job with excellent salary. I was in Abu Dhabi for Long time. What chant I need to say to get a good position and good salary.

  364. Hi Naran You can perform kubera mudra and mantra for wealth.kubera mudra

  365. hi Sir,
    My daughter is 5.3 years. Her appetite is very bad. She doesn’t like to eat anything. We tried all the medicines but of no use. Could you please tell me any affirmations or mantra that I can do to her? She also complains daily leg pain which doctor said it is growing pain. pls help for this too.

  366. Hi Sir,
    my daughter is 5.3 years. She is smart. But she is very shy and doesn’t talk to anyone. She always wants to play alone at home. Does not make friends. She is hiding all her talents within herself. I want to make her strong, confident, talk to everyone and get success in studies and everything. Please let me know any chant, affirmations or mantra and how to do it.
    thanks – shilpa



  368. mu son got married 4 years back. plkease give ma a mantra to become grand motrher. sushma bedi

  369. my son got married 4 yrs back . pleasew give me a mantra to become grand mother.
    sushma bedi

  370. Hello sir, my question about height 5ft.i want to increase my height.which mudra increase my height can u tell me……..

  371. i am ambika my hirs is loss full loss pesce giv me tips

  372. Naran Sir,

    I am residing in a rented house in the first floor and another tent is residing in ground floor. In the initial days itself we got a big fight with him in that his daughter had slapped my wife at that time we have done nothing but complaining to the owner and even owner have done nothing in this regard. Every now and then he is giving trouble to us. Can you please let me know what to chant and give some mudra to get rid of him as soon as possible. Its almost two years we are facing this issue. Thanks a ton for the help.


  373. Please tell me about how to find out blackmagic in some things red chilli and some things

  374. hello sir,

    1 I get lot if thoughts for one female. It makes me feel very heavy. I look to know what she is doing. Sometime it become too much.I am married.

    2 Also i feel she is taking from behind and responding my thoughts.

    please give me remedy.

  375. Hi Gurudev,

    After looking at the above I feel that I will get a remedy form you for my inner thoughts. I was searching for some since 30 years and couldn’t find atleast can’t imagine as well. Please help me to get the idea of it. And I would like to chant Balatripura sundari bija mantras. Please help me mudra, bija mantras and its rules.

    Thank you

  376. Hi Gurudev,

    Please hepl me in solveing my financial problem & i don’t have any bodies support OR job so please kindly help me with mantras.

    Thank you

  377. Hi Gurudev,

    I am looking for work from home job kindly help me to fulfill my wish with the help of Mudra & mantra & its rules.

    Thank You

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