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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Elamathi Saravanan

    I have started a homemade business recently. I would like to know the chant to develop my business.

  2. I am Lakshmi from Bangalore . I was in a relationship with a person who was my collegemate from past 1 yr. He was liking me from the first day of college, he proposed me only after 3 years and i later accepted his proposal. after few months our relationship did not last. but i still love him. I want to get married to him only. He doesnt like talikng to me only.
    Please give me solution, how will i change him? I want him to love me like how he was loving me earlier. I am very serious about this, and i cant lead my life without him.

  3. lakshmi K.
    take the flower remedies chicory gentian walnut hornbeam each 2 pills three times a day

  4. Sir,Naran. Am having difficulty even in the little business am doing. no matter how hard i tried, i could not make out money or valuable things to show. Now am seriously in need of money to pay my store-rent within the next three weeks and to solve other problems. Sir, please what will i do now?.

    • SUNNY,

      • Sir Naran,whichremedies for abilities in foreign speech and for singers?I have also a serious myopia and I was born in amavasya day (surya and chandra in my aquarius lagna)and planets in 12th(with lord of lagna saturn):do you have remedies please? prana mudra or other mudras? Regards…

        • PP,
          FOR Myopia, buy eye tones vision improvement cd from the center

  5. dear Sir,
    I have separated from my husband but we are now friends with benefits now and it hurt me. what can i do ? shall i go on? he says we can have a good relationship in the future but i am not sure. i think i am making things easier for him . i dont know how to proceed. I admire a lot!

  6. karinapach
    what do you want?

  7. I wanna be loved and respected

    • karnapach
      give love and love and respect all

      • dear Naran,
        Please help me cover all of my syllabus for my exams arriving in some 40 days.I have started thw preperation 1 week ago but want to stay concentrated and avoid forgetting things .Also I want to improve my grasping power.It d be so good of you to help me as I m a 12 grade stu.and want to clea my exams satisfactorily.

  8. Sir- I have been divorced and am single for the last 6 years. I want a good life partner. Please suggest a chant for me to bring someone who I will love, respect admire .

  9. sir
    I am wishing to do start a new profitable bussiness, plz. help me with s.w phrase.

  10. vivek
    Thanks divine order

  11. hello Naran,

    first of all thank you so much for these useful mudra lessons.

    well, my friend is underweight and he’s epileptic, can he practice prithvi mudra to gain weight? and will you please specify when and how long he can do it?

    and im overweight, i want to practice agni mudra, can i do it after bath while my hair is wet? and can any mudras be practiced for few mintues before starting cardio-vascular exercise or aerobics? and does shunya mudra help in losing weight?

    I’m very sorry to ask you so many questions at once but I found this is the only reliable blog on net to clarify my doubts on mudras.

    thank you in advance.

    • TD
      underweight – both hands thumb touching little and ring fingers.
      dont practise agni mudra after bath.
      yes, mudras be practiced for few mintues before starting cardio-vascular exercise or aerobics?
      any mudra can be practised for a maximum 30 minutes

  12. Dear Narain Sir,
    I am practicing all you tell, bach, animal spirits , switch words, all very helpful, like magic , but my son is a problem I cannot handle.

    My son now 17 years is behaving so badly with me . It was like this before also, but from the past 15 days it’s become unbearable. He gets up shouting, cussing and using the choicest words. He says stand ,I have to, come means come leaving everything. Do this do that, I cannot say no else he gets so abusive. I have been hit time and again.he is strong and it hurts a lot. As he is taller than me, time and again he hits my head hard from top. Now he is abusing my parents saying what a S*** they gave birth to. He calls them and hangs up. Last time my mother almost fell trying to take the call. They are old. He says when will you die, hope your parents die soon. I am fed up sir as my husband says why I am provoking him.I do not tell him anything , its no use. I am in the safe & secure mudra, it is helpful, but the whole day being in that mudra is difficult.
    I am getting insane as I cannot talk or say anything fearing that I will be abused and hit. Please help.

  13. preeti
    there will be posting on using chinese kanjis. in the meantime contact for getting symbols that can be used for your son.

    • Sir,
      Still not received symbols.
      Waking my son (17 years) everyday is a big task, misses bus, have to drop him, ( 25 km, full way at times) angry , angry and more angry. Does not eat break fast refuses to take short break food , so he gets
      hungry and gets more angry. Cannot concentrate on studies , always counting pages gets stressed and gets more upset , again will not eat, throws & breaks things. I am sad, stressed and just cannot understand why he is so angry and upset and abusive all the time with me. Please help.!

      • Sir, still waiting for your response.

        • Preeti,
          Are you still waiting for symbols,?If yes,then
          go through this link..
          Naran sir has replied you there..

          Below reply there are 2 can take colored printouts of both symbols and do as directed..
          There are total 114 symbols,you can buy those from center.

          In my free time I just go through blog and read all the reply given my Naran I found your question there.
          I was feeling like someone(divine) is guiding me to reply you.

          gratitude and love,

          • Sorry for the typing mistake..I have Written “my” instead of “by”…It’s “all the replies given by Naran sir”

            • Thank you Naran Sir and Mohan sir.
              I will get the two printouts for now and get the 114 symbols from the center. I want my son to be happy, be grateful to God for all he has, be less angry( as that is eating him) with everything esp me. Be calm , study & get on in life. Being abused by him everyday has become a way of life for me , wishing me dead is the only wishes I get from him. The moment he is before me I get so scared. Hope these symbols will help address these issues. Thank you.

  14. Vikas Mahendru

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Vikas and am a Pilot. I have to keep my eyes near to the LCD screens in the cockpit and cannot change my eye distance from them also. This, therefore, makes them heavy and my vision has also got blurry. My eyes cannot focus properly. What I mean to say is when I look at near objects and THEN far away objects, the far away objects look blurry to me for sometime. Sir, I read about prana Mudra. Can you please guide me how to go about it with regards to the method and the duration. Or is there any other thing including the mudra that I can do to save my eyes? I am completely new to this Sir. Thank you for your kind help.

  15. vikas mahendru
    pran mudra you can daily for 30 minutes at a stretch.
    Get the EYE TONE pills from the centre. Take 3 pills 3 times a day. it will set right your problem.
    contact and get the pills. pills are couriered within india

  16. Luciana Marins

    I´m having lot of financial problems, too much debts, sales had decreased a lot. Which switchwords to use. Getting desesperate. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards. Luciana

  17. Vikas Mahendru

    Dear Sir,
    Vikas Mahendru here. I sincerely thank you for your immediate reply. I have started the Pran Mudra for 30 minutes daily keeping the spine straight and I hope Ill benefit from it in the coming weeks / months. Sir I had one question with regards to Mudras. I do one more Mudra for 21 minutes daily. I wanted to ask you that should there be a time gap between that Mudra and Pran Mudra so that there is no energy conflict or some other irregularity..? Sorry this question just cropped up in me , you are the best to answer that. That mudra that I do involves Gyan Mudra, some Om chanting and is basically done to unlock the powers of Kundalini.

    Thanking you again.

    Vikas Mahendru.

  18. vikas mahendru,
    you can do. but dont think it will unlock your kundalini.

  19. Vikas Mahendru.

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for guiding me. Sir, I sit up, keeping my spine straight, touch my thumb with my little and ring finger on BOTH my hands. Is this the correct way of doing the Prana Mudra? Do I have to take care of the way I inhale and exhale? Is there anything else I have to do so that I am in a perfect posture and doing the Mudra correctly? Kindly guide.

    Thank you.

  20. naranji,
    my husbang is trying for a foreign job for past 3 years,he is getting any onsite opportunity and als no promotion. he is in IT field. please suggest any mantra for foreign job and promotion

  21. UNtNI
    it is better to stay here at least for one year

  22. naranji,
    my husband is still waiting for a job abroad .how many times should i chant to get a project.can u suggest a SW to get the project immediately

  23. meera
    chant together be bring divine job count now

  24. Hi Naran, Having very difficult time in family. Husband always gets angry for every little thing and teen daughter does not obey at all. Me too not keeping well. Left the job. Many tensions. Pls. Suggest something. Thanks

    • sameera
      chant DIVINE HELP CHANGE SWEETCHESTNUT WITH CRYSTAL EASE as many times as possible
      “If you are not satisfied with what you are take divine help and change yourself.” -RAYS OF LIGHT- THE MOTHER

  25. Soumya Sharma

    Hi Naran, I’m very skinny and I want to gain some weight and fat. I’ve heard of Prithvi Mudra But the problem is prithvi mudra also increases height and I’m already very tall. Please suggest a suitable mudra which can help me gain weight without increasing my height. Waiting for your reply desperately, sir.

  26. I recently got married and we both husband and wife have no issues or fight. But my in-laws are now trying to separate us without any reason. They seems to be under some pressure but are not willing to talk.My wife is currently with her parents and we are not communicating. The matter is already in court. I already dropped you a email on 18th may with details..

    I tired Agrimony, Beech, Chestnut Bud but didnt see any positive effect.

    Can you please suggest a remedy. I want the marriage to continue.

  27. Naran sir, myself, my mother and my brother has invested huge money in money marketing fund and couldn’t recover it.plz help us.



  29. Dr Nilesh Jaiswal

    Hello Naran, I am pediatrician i have lot of questions needs to be asked to you for many of my patients but at present i will like to ask for me first.
    I am settled Pediatrician in my town and well known also. My wife is also renowned gynecologist.
    But for my only childs education we need to shift my wife and kid to a new big city. Now its like we both got seperated i.e. my wife and my son got seperated from me. so we plan at least to start a new hospital in that city only. but the problem is as you know that my family ( mother father uncles) they are saying why you want to shift to a new city and start a new struggle. its better to remain here

    so now i am in a mess. what to do? I wanted to shift and they dont want me to do just because of fear of failure. Can u show me a way out of it thanks in advance

    there are many problems in small kids which i think is psychological and needs no medical treatment. for them is there any mudra that i can do (for my patients). Please help me

    • Dr.Nilesh jaiswal
      you will be successful as a professional, wherever you go.
      Take the flower remedies scleranthus gentian walnut – each two pills three times a day.
      When you want to shift and your family members object, think that your one part of the mind is raising the objection through your family members.
      list out their objections. mentally form a plan to handle these objections.
      In other words, one part of the mind is resisting. It needs the answer or explanation from the other part.
      Convince that part and your parents will change.
      Best of luck.
      When any child comes, be in acceptance mudra.

  30. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have a severe neck & shoulder pain, Doctor says it is cervical spondylitis and prescribed me some medicines and neck belt which seems to be in vain. I didn’t get any benefit and the pain continues as usual. i am also practising vayu mudra regularly for last 20 days 30min/day. But not benefited till now. Kindly suggest something to me.

    Thanks & Regards

  31. pls tell me what is switch word for joy and happiness.

  32. Hello Naranji,

    I have been working as a Dentist for a company in USA. I am dependent on my employer for my immigration status. He has been taking advantage of it and is giving me lot of troubles at work. I intend to change jobs please let me know if any mantra will do the favor.

    Thank you

  33. hi guruji,
    hare krishna, guruji i am suffering from vericocele pls guide me how to cure them from manthras or mudrs or yoga.i waiting ur reply.

  34. ram
    What is your age?
    vericocele is similar to varicose veins; but the site of problem is scrotum.
    There is a block of blood flow; bult-up or accumulation venous blood. There is no space to go and there is back flow.
    Take the flower remedies chicroy (for holding on to what all is not needed) The person’s stingy – calculating every paisa that is being spent – is one of the causes. Giving or spending with a wry face, is the nature of the family. pessimistic attitude is another reason. Gentian is the remedy for that. for removing the built up, Crab apple is also needed.
    For the back flow, which is against the natural flow, Scleranthus is the remedy. Always having confusion, between two choices, fear of taking a decision, not doing anything in Time, calls for scleranthus.
    A combination of chicory gentian scleranthus crab apple is to be taken for 4 months.

  35. The BEST Darshan!
    Dear Naran sir,
    I went to a Dharmasthala last week. We have been going there for the past 25 years , many times in a year, but this time it was awesome ! Before we started I gave my husband and I took gorse and clematis. Half hour before we reached we had another dose. I kept chanting also. It was amazing how things fell in place and so effortlessly. Thank you.

  36. Dear Sir,
    I’m not been able to conceive; facing issue from last couple of years. Please let me know what to chant for conceiving?

      • Dear Sir,
        With full faith in divine powers I’ve already tried all the techniques (pic of rabbit, Chant the mantra, circle technique, etc.) in last 1 year, though I’m still continuing with chanting, also i’ve have consulted doctors however i’m not able to get success. Please help me… I’m desperate to have a child.

        • neelu,
          continue with faith. Despearation cannot be there when there is faith.
          faith will disintegrate desperation.
          Take the flower remedies SWEETCHESTNUT GORSE WILLOW PINE regularly

          • Thank you naran sir, I do as you have directed..

            • Namaste naran Ji,
              I’m taking flower remedies as directed by you. Sir next month I’ll be undergoing IUI procedure for pregnancy. Please guide me which mantra or switch word I should chant for achieving success. Also sir pls. tel me is reki will help in achieving success in IUI, my family member know.

              • Dear Sir,
                Please help me with mantra & switchword

                • Neelu,
                  perhaps you can chant gentian Mimulus together divine


                  • Thanks a ton for you assistance. I’ll start chanting it from today till the my IUI procedure is done.
                    I’m grateful to you. Will definitely update Naran Sir about the outcome.

                    • Dear sir…. I’m immensely happy to share this new with you, you are first one know that my iui procedure has generated result…. I’m expecting my first baby… With your blessings and remedies I’m pregnant after 4 years of my marriage
                      Sir but as per doctor fetus is not growing at desired speed…. Please help me with mantra or switch word which will help fetus grow and I’ll compete the full term… Next 15 days are crucial for the pregnancy ….Waiting for revert

                    • Neelu,
                      So happy for you…..(got these things related to pregnancy from blog)
                      1)chant redchestnut and mimulus

                      2)If the child has to grow well, give Diamond, Yellow Sapphire and Pearl, which will make the development of the foetus well. This combination can be given throughout the pregnancy.(you can chant the name of remedies)
                      Contact and ask centre for this…

                      3)Listen bach flower medtitation cd daily throughout the pregnancy.(listen through speaker)
                      Get this CD from centre.

                      4) All pregnant women can chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”.
                      They can write in a paper the Bach Flower Remedies – “ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, HORNBEAM, WALNUT, RED CHESTNUT” and keep it under the pillow.

                      The names of Bach flower remedies can be written in a notebook daily for 21 times.
                      By keeping the hands on the Hara Chakra (situated below the belly button), one can chant TOGETHER DIVINE.

                      5)And read this ..

  37. Dear Naran,
    Thank you for your time. I am a Buddhist who has dealt with physical aliments most of my life and had tried to over come it with Buddhist philosophy. I am a woman who feels ugly and unattractive to the point I cannot look at myself in the mirror. Is there a mudra and or chant that will help me over come my fear and disgust of myself and body?
    Thank you

    • Be in Hara Mudra. Chant “Pine Rock Water”

      Pine for self-dislike and Hara Mudra will improve self-acceptance. Rock water for self-denial – trying to discipline oneself and hurting oneself in the process.

      Check with centre to buy the I love myself CD:

      What fear you have?

      Just read now a quote from Buddha before reading your comment, “Water win over rock not due to strength but through persistence”. I see a coincidence here as Hara Mudra represents water element in the body and I wanted to suggest Rock Water based on your comment.

      I feel sad to read your comment. Don’t be hard on yourself. May your commitment to healing lead you to the right way.

      Good luck.

  38. Dear Sir,

    Loved your blog, you are solving so many problems and helping people. I have a small problem, please be kind enough to solve the same.

    I doing Sat Kriya, Ling Mudra and Kundalini Mudra, but after doing this, I feel exhausted, Please tell me if, which mudra i need to practice to restore energy.


    Virat Deshmukh

  39. Sir, we are looking for a bride for my brother from a long time. Nothing is fruitful.Kindly suggest a remedy for this. There s another overhead also b’coz I ( sister) am at the verge of divorce.I would sincerely pray for his marriage with a good and understanding partner.

  40. Dear naran sir, when. An I expect answer to my question? Where to see the answer, please excuse me if am wrong to ask ask, as a new commer to your blog I am eager.
    Thank you

  41. Namaste’ Naran,

    Am posting to find remedies/cures for my two grandchildren. Sophia (February 4, 2005) has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and grandson, Zakkery (December 20, 2006) has been diagnosed with autism. Many thanks for any direction and clues to greater wholeness for them both.

    Elizabeth Erwin

  42. Dear sir ,

    i want a very good job in abroad so i can pay my debt pls guide me for the mantra and how many times i should chant this pls guide

  43. Dear Naran Sir,

    When can I expect a solution from you Sir.

    I am doing prana mudra and chanting “Find Count Divine ‘ but am not able to find a buyer with a good price for a plot of land I want to sell and my financial situation is I mentioned in my message on 2nd Sept 2013.

    Please guide me accordingly.

    Hari Om


  44. Sir,still awaiting your reply.Kindly help with remedy

  45. Dear naran sir i waiting for your reply and also i want to ask you that i am not self confidant i got nervess whenevr i have meeting in myoffice .pls guide me

  46. Sir dis is ssilent, my problem is my husbands short temper. Unnecessarily he gets anger. After that he himself asking why I m getting this much of anger. Pls tell me some manthras to chant to reduce his anger. This will be done by me only. He wont be. Kindly give me the solution.

  47. Hi Sir,

    I was in relationship with a girl for 2.5 years. She gave silly reasons and left me. I love her lot. I want her back in my life, i need her love. Please suggest me some remedy to get her back.


  48. Chandramouleswarappa

    I wish to go middle east and earn money to clear homeloan and make some financial strength. I am trying for jobs which are not fetched so far. Suggest me a way

  49. Please,Sir,advice : I often have “fire” in chest,back and head nose …I ‘ m not ill – without fever . .I have tried varuna mudra : but the sense of inflammation still remain . .Thanks . .

  50. Hello Sir,

    My ultimate and childhood goal is to do TV commercials(Adds for big brands) and print adds and want to try in films as well, Please suggest me what should i chant in order to achieve my goals soon.

  51. Vazhga Vazhamudan

    Dear Naran Sir,
    Am staying in Bangalore. Can you please conduct workshops in Bangalore.So that it will be useful to us.

    Thanks Divine order
    Vazhga Vazhamudan!

  52. Dear Naran Sir.

    I have cholesterol 5.8. Would like to know what I must chant. I am a vegetarian since birth. From Overseas Sir.

  53. Dear Sir,
    One of my husbands sister’s daughter always curse my family , we are suffering a lot in terms of business lost, financial debts and children not in good terms and we are not sure whether she has done anything black magic.kindly suggest some mantra. Thank you

  54. s.prasanna vijaykumar

    sir namasthe, my name is prasanna vijaykumar, from bangalore iam an advocate by profession, i have by chnce bllogged and seen several mantras and chant it every day. i find it very helpfull. sir, i also go to music classes because i love singing. carntic misic. i also give programmes solo and group. but my problem is though everybody says and praises my voice, i do not have the confidence and start to shiver when i give programmes and tend to forget the lyrics and not able to byheart the song, even while in class i have to see the book, and sing please help me so that i can sing confidently and memorise all the lyrics of song which i perform, since my ultimate plan is to down the line i wnt to selltle as a classical singer please help me. regards Ms.prasanna vijaykumar

    • s.prasanna vijaykumar,

      Take larch ,mimulus and rescue remedy.
      When you tend to forget lyrics?
      Can you recall lyrics after performance?


  55. Sir namasthe,
    I have a problem with my sister, she is in love with a guy who has no good character, very suspicious and he charmed my sister. Even he beats her. We want her to leave this guy please help me. Thank you.

    • puni,
      from Naran sir’s blog..
      1)Infatuation: call Magam star and affirm, “Activate the energy field of so and so person; let his eyes be opened and he decides correctly”. We don’t know whether this is real love or infatuation.

      2)Chant the mantra “PASUPADHIM MAHAADEVAM” to come out of temptation, craving, addictions, and infatuation.

      3)give her walnut– If you give the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut, it will break the relationship, if it is unwanted. It is a link breaker.

      4) Also, add the gem remedy Coral to Walnut. If it is infatuation, both of them will come out of the relationship. They would have been thinking it is true love. If it’s not required, they will break out of it. If they are destined to marry, then it will happen as one has to undergo certain experiences. We can’t do anything about it.


  56. Sir,
    Thank you for your feed back Sir I would like to clear the 1), 3) and 4) which I do not understand. Please explain . Thank you.

    • puni,
      1)say as it is —first call magum star.
      then say–Activate the energy field of (your sisrer name); let her eyes be opened and he decides correctly”

      2)Walnut is bach flower remedy–you can get it from any homeopathy shop.give her 3-4 pills 4 times day.

      4)chant “coral” on behalf of her..or get it from shobana

  57. DEAR SIR,

  58. DEAR SIR ,


  59. Dear Sir,
    I posted my problems on Oct 24th,still i have not got any response????waiting for your reply.Please reply

    • L.Hema
      what’s your question?

      • Hello Sir,
        I want an improvement in our financial status as we belong to a lower middle class.My family also has debts too that has to be repaid soon.Currently i am working in a private concern and i am interested in doing a business of my own which gives a handful of money,so that i can repay all my debts and make my family leave happily.But the problem is I don”t have money to do business.Please can u Plz suggest me a mudra and also switch words to earn more more money.
        Thank you in advance

        • L.hema
          1)for debt–read this

          chant ““Lalitham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshnam”

          2)also read this..

          • Hello sir,
            Thank U so much for ur kind reply sir,one more question i have, can u please suggest me either a switch word or mudra/mantra, or both to avoid a person in our life…such that they should not disturb in any way?My friend is in such a need ,,,it will be grateful if u suggest,thank you

            • L.Hema,
              May be your friend can do forgiveness exercise for them..

              your friend expressions are important..

              • Hello sir,
                Thank u again for ur kind rply…i have been reading ur blogs for sometimes,from that i have picked 3 switch words and one mantra tat is
                1)For money flow “MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON”
                2)For miracles “BRING PRAISE DIVINE”
                3)To release the block “RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND COUNT(THE AMOUNT I NEED)DIVINE
                3)Again for money the mantra “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM SRIDHARAM”
                I am chanting the switch words and the mantra when ever i am getting time that is one switch word for 15 minutes and the other for 15 minutes.What i am doing is that right ??? please suggest me,thank u

  60. by llstening all chkra cleaning and balance every day or once in a week how long we have to listen when we get any development pls give details eager to know
    prabakaran chennai

  61. DEAR SIR,


  62. I have been suffering from sinus infection and I wheeze daily. Tried taking antibiotics inhalers etc,but the phlegm doesnt seem to go away. It completely blocks my nose and fills my chest which is causing great difficulty in sleeping. Also i’ve gastritis and esophagitis stage-1 due to improper sleep and stress. I request u to kindly help me to get relieved from all this.. I am mother on 1.5years old son, so its really difficult to manage him with such health. Thanks in advance.

  63. respected sir,
    what can i and mom do to heal
    our relationship with my sister and father and
    gain acceptance in our social circle, i don’t know
    what we will do if things don’t change soon, loneliness
    and their constant shunning of us is making us both sad
    and quite frankly if the people we sacrificed so much for don’t
    want us can you at least give us a mantra or switch word
    that allows us to move on
    hopeful of your reply

  64. one more thing sir my mother has been suffering from high bp, has a slight blocage in artery and has lost most of her teeth, and every time we try to get good dentures made they don’t turn right and mostly make her look old, should i try getting her to chant kunjita padam sharanam? she used to be vital happy and joyous and despite my father’s constant harshness was very positive, but since few years when he stopped me from working and going out, she has become depressed and blames herself for my state too, i love her a lot and want to see her happy once again, please advice sir

  65. thank you so much sir for replying
    feels like we have someone who cares
    we have started chanting
    grateful for your help

  66. I am in extreme bad condition, my family is in 15 Lakhs Rupees Loan, Personally i am having 5 lakhs. i started new business i cant run the business need intial amount to be invested, but no body ready to help me, Please GIve me Quick suggestion

    • santose kumar,
      1)for debt …your family can chant …… many time as possible

      Move freely above the pressure of debts(WINGS) and put an end to the debt(LIMIT), stop being critical of yourself and others(who gave the loan)(PRAISE) close it now, finding a right direction by being focused(POINT),and stop thinking about it(END),thank the divine for finding a solution to the problem(REACH) of debt, by getting money(COUNT now.(NOW).
      Any one who has debt can chant this.

      2)you can chant “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP NOW” as many time as possible

  67. i am new to switchword, Mudra, and everythhing, tell everything step by step Sir, I beg on your Feet

    M is asking you to chant “WINGS LIMIT PRAISE POINT END THANKS REACH COUNT NOW” & “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP NOW” as many time as possible
    These are for release from ur debts

  69. I Read your blog and quite impressed .i tried to contact mobile no of sobhana but she is getting disconnected as soon as she is lifting. iam staying at delhi and want to meet you please advise. regards, v.k.agarwal

  70. Dear sir,

    I would require your help immediately, i have written to you before as well but not in detail. I would like to mention my problem in detail. Actually i work for a small company, and from that company i have been deputed to an MNC outside india (bahrain), its been 2 years that i have been working on deputation, now i want to join this MNC in india ( bangalore) but the problem is i cant join this MNC until i m in my old company, the conditions to join the MNC in india are 1.) i will have move back to bangalore by terminating my overseas assignment 2.) I will have to resign from my old company, then i would be able to apply to the MNC in india ( bangalore) which is also not sure if they will take me, but i want to very badly get into this job in that particular MNC (bangalore), can you please help me with this? which switch word mantra will be helpful for this issue? Kindly help me.


  71. Sir,is there any switchwords or such that can be used to increase charisma and beauty in oneself and also,how many repititons must be done in one day.
    A very important public event is coming up soon in my life and i want people to appreciate me .

  72. Dear m, thanks for assistance nd. Wishes, but I had a miscarriage on 23rd nov, …. M feeling sad, we have waited for 4 years for this nd it dint survived. Sir please help me…. What I should do now for conceiving ?

  73. Dear sir,
    I have been chanting gorse and asking yhe wolf, but im scared that my cv might get rejected, so can you please tell me a switchword which will prevent rejection.i mean that my cv gets accepted for sure.


  74. Hello Naran,

    Well, I just randomly came across your website a few days ago. Today I am just stopping by again. Curiosity has placed a seed in my mind, so I thought I might as well ask you something.

    I have been trying to sleep early and wake up early – sleep by 11 pm and wake up by 4:45 am – I tried and tried – with positive attitude and if one day I failed, I would persist and try again. I am frustrated because it is not working, my mind gets distracted. I removed distractions from my room, I meditate before sleep (sometimes I successfully go into slumber sleep, sometimes I am very restless), I even eat dinner early – by 7 pm. I keep disappointing my parents and keep taking away precious time by waking up late – which really gets me no-where in life. Can you guide me?

  75. Sir , u had added a new word in the chant, but i dont know where to include it.
    i had mailed you regarding this, but i dint get any reply.
    Sir i request you to tell me where to include that word.
    Please sir, i need help.

  76. Sir I am always tensed as i am working in private sector and economically not kind enough to full fill family requirement my relation due to this with wife day by day getting very weeker. i am feared due to my job may it with me or i may loose it. not getting other one

  77. Dear Sir ,
    Kindy help me with my son’s problem .He is 17 and is actually a bright boy but now he is mixing with wrong company and not serious about studies and always coming home late and even going to school late till he has gotten a warning letter from his polytechnic. Please give me some advice
    thank you sir

  78. Thank you M for your help.

  79. Naran ji,
    Im trying for job overseas but its not happening,can u please suggest a switch word for change of job or some movement from one place to another.
    can i chant “find divine job count now done” ? please clarify

  80. Naran ji pls help me iam waiting for u r reply , i am chanting ” FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” pls… explain me this is right or not. I am waiting from long time to get my money back. I posted my problem on mudrahealing site . Pls pls pls … reply .
    Thank you sir very much

      • Naran Sir so thankful for reply i want to buy Abundance CD and i am in Canada . How can i do that?
        Pls exlpain me i can write names each of them on papper or alltogether. Can i write insurance company name or my case adviser’s name.

        • draw a cirle that circle write your name and his name.then make 5 more circle around it..write first remedy name in first gap,one name per gap

          • Dear Sir thanks for divine heip i wrote my name & her name in middle circle in 2 circle sweet chestnut and one by one each circle outword i hope idid it right.
            Sir i need to rent my house one portion how can find good tanants . Pls help me for that any montra or swichwords ican do i really need rent it, for house payment.
            I can’t explain thanks in words to u.

          • bal,

            • Sir thanks for reply

              • Naran sir i just got big isues at my work problem is my coworker are pointing me things which is not done by me they dont me to work here but i dont want to leave . They complaint in the head office and supervisor was shouting at me lps help me to come out from this problem. Pls reply me as soon as u can i know that u r busy but pls ……..

                • Naran Sir thanks for quick reply i went to head office today and told my manager he said ok in my office but where i am working in that office my image get damiged so what i should do to respect back . This is bothering me dont feel good. Pls help me Divine thanks .

                  • Naran Sir million of thanks for helping us to solving our problems. I am to tell u i got phone call from lawyer i have my appointment with my case adjuster from insurancecompany. Pls help me now i can get my loss from company. I am massage theraist but five years ago in car accident hurt my back ,ok now but when doing massage my lower verterbre giving me problem so i can not perform my service anymore so they have to pay me all of my loss . Pls help mre any mantrs or switch words or mudras. I have no words to say thank you sir again divine thanks.

                    • Sir i can’t explain u my happiness for u r reply .sir every day i read u r blog looking that u r kindness to helping people” God bless u”. Sir i can chant same for my case settlement with my insurance company too pls help me for that too . No words for thanks .

                    • Remider …..1 sir i just close my eyes and belive on u give me chant for renting my place i did 5day and rented that ,solve my work problem too pls sir tell me about anything i can get my loss from my insurance company. Sir i realy appriciate for u r help . Thsnks


                  • Remider…1 Divine &million thanks

                    • Bal,
                      Chant as many time as possible..
                      I release the part of me that damaged my image in office.
                      I open and allign to part of me that makes my seniors/office to appreciate/respect me'”

                      Also chant “TOGETHER DIVINE PRAISE WITH”

                    • Dear sir namaskar,
                      I’m chanting waterviolet larch gentian chicory wildrose as ur advise. I have appointment to examine for discovery with insurance company’s lawyer in the court so when i’m going for that can chant Ambica mantra or any mudra can do that time pls sir i have little fear i do reiki too my self to clear that i need ur help and i belive on u million times . I don’t think u mad at me i ask u so many questions . Thanks …


                    • Bal..
                      on that day,write on a piece of paper “water voilet, rock water chestnutbud ,mimulus ” on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket…

                      Before going to the court, he visualized the court and affirmed “CHESTNUT BUD be in the court hall and sustain there for next 8 hrs”

                      You can directly talk to Dharma and Satyam and ask them, “Please be with me for next eight hrs”. They will be with you and will get the verdict in favor of you. When Satyam and Dharma accompanies a person nothing can go against the person. Call Dharma and Satyam and affirm, “As it prevailed with Lord Rama, please be with us”.


                    • Naran Sir, Mohan Sir
                      Namaste, charnvandna
                      First of all thank you so much, i followed u r advise for my examination for discovery in court it is good 3hours long. Now hv few problems and really need u r help.
                      1- Insurance company lowyer wants the information about my current job from my head office( security company). Pls help me any mantra or switch word for that my company provide good report of my record to the lowyer.
                      2- I done my esthetician diploma in 2008 and in two weeks i hv to pay fee for my certificate but i couldn’t make it cause accident happen in 10days . So now is school shut down due to financial problems and i can’t get it . Pls help me for this , lowyer wont make this big issue for that . Sir i hv full confident on you pls sir help me .
                      Sir i down load u r CD’s- Forgivness, The optimist, Together Change Divine,welcome Change, Abundance, sir pls explain me how often we can listen ? I also doing forgivness exercise too,chanting water violet,larch , Gentian,chicory, wild Rose. Sir thanks no words to explain u for u r help to everyone.
                      God bless you

                    • Naran Sir ,Mohan Sir
                      Sir i was trying to put reminder under my posting on february14,2014 at 5:12 am but it did not work out . Pls can u tell me what should i do ? I really need ur help. Pls……thank u so much.

                    • Reminder…..1
                      Sir pls reply i am waiting eagrly pls .
                      Thanks god bless you

  81. Sir I got married 1 year back i have 1 kid due to some cirumstances my family relation are in trouble.other part is i am having very less salary so that i can not fullfill both side family requirement so all are very diappoint and i am also not getting immidiate high salary job in home town.pls. help urgently

  82. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have developed a vitiligo white patches on my body few months ago and recently I started having eye issues with blurred vision due to Uveitis (inflammation in the eye). The reason is not known, however the doctor says it could be an auto-immune issue. Would you please help me what do I need to do, please…. Thanks in Advance.

  83. Reminder…………1
    Thanks Sir

  84. Dear Sir,

    My daughters are shrewd & intelligent. But, they do not score marks. While they help their friends in studies, they care very less when it comes to their exams. Most of the time are they are playful and when tired, they sleep well. This causes lot of friction in the family. Please suggest a treatment for all of us, in the family. Regards Padmanabhan S

  85. dear naren sir, i am facing a lot of problems to sell my house for the last 6 months. can you please suggest me a good powerful mantra to chant. forb which i will be very thankful & greatful to you sir.
    from sai sreedhara.

  86. Pls. help most urgently

    Dear Sir, I have been intervied at one reputed compony at my home town but yet not recived confirmation for selection while asking them they said yet they have not recived approval for this vaancy pls. help and suggest strong switch mudra word to get this job immidiatelty pls. pls. pls. help urgently most most required

  87. Pls. help most urgently

    Dear sir My child is 3 month old having water in his brain doctor suggest to do shunt surgery how to solved this problem without doing this surgery by god blesses suggest strong solution.

  88. Pls. help most urgently
    pls contact Naran sir directly

  89. reminder – Dear sir, I am trying very hard but even though I am very well qualified, I am not getting senior executive jobs. What can I do to land that perfect job? So far I have tried – together divine find count

  90. Dear Naan Sir
    I am running my own tuition programme at a rented place. However my enrolment hasn’t been satisfactory. I am a single parent whout any support from my ex husband. He has neglected me for 13 years and hasn’t provided me with any financial help. Now we are divorcin. I need help to increase the number ofestudents in my classes and make this man realised for what he had done to me. I

  91. Naran Sir – I am a government employee and posted in Mumbai. I have applied for a transfer to Delhi as my husband is already there. Although my case is very straightforward, there is some obstruction or the other and the transfer is getting delayed. Please help me get the transfer from Mumbai to Delhi as soon as possible.

  92. reminder – Dear sir, I am trying very hard but even though I am very well qualified, I am not getting senior executive jobs. What can I do to land that perfect job? So far I have tried – together divine find count

  93. naranji,pl.suggest mudra for proper blood circulation in the body by which one can normalise hypertension.

  94. Sir the last two days I have been walking up around 5.30am with a terrible headache and its right at the centre of my head. I’m not sure what is the cause as I’m also suffering from spine and neck problems.I have tried saying Pahang Hippieng so many times , is there anything else more I can do to get rid of this pain.I’m taking too many painkillers yet the pain is also eased for a moment and it comes back again.
    Please help me .

  95. Dear Sir,

    sir my marriage is in this month.I just want that my marriage should occur within the budget of my father and it should happen that all should love the arrangements and should appreciate it ..Please sir help me….please tell me to chant something so that everything happens good

    • 1)chant “MIMULUS ,CHICORY ,HEATHER” as many time as possible

      2)and in a half bucket of water add 10 pills of walnut ,sweet chestnut, rescue remedy.And you can sprinkle/splash in area/hall(for marriage).Do this on the day of event.

      3)In addition to this call wolf and request for happy and smooth function

      4) Invoke Arch Angels like St. Germain for happy and smooth flow of the event.
      How do you invoke angels? Merely request the angels to come & be present in the place/event of your choice and request the Angels to do their duty.

      5)If you know reiki ,you can give reiki also.

  96. Sir I have been given admission to do postgraduation in NZ .I have to deposit payment by May and I’m having difficulties to get that amount of money as I have responsibilities here. Can you please help me with switchwords or flower remedy or animal guide to assist me in getting that about of 28K NZ dollars.
    I’m in dire straits and have postponed this course once because of lack of funds. Please help Sir , I would be grateful indeed.

  97. Rupesh ----------pls. help----most most most urgent

    my wife was gone to her mother house for delivery she given 1 cute baby boy but having water in barin.
    Due to this baby issue she is bleming so many nonsense to me and my parents.
    even i try to make her understand this is not in humans hand its in god hand
    She and her parents always abuses me and thretning to me and my parents. now they want me to live seprate from my parents.
    They given me deadline for decision till comming sunday.else they will go to police and court for divorce
    i can not left my very old parents and my wife & child too what should i do .
    pls save me.

  98. Dear Sir ,

    A good friend of mine is suffering from myasthenia gravis and he is not getting any better despite medication.In fact his eyelid has started drooping and he is practically confined to his home.He cannot go anywhere and cannot move much.His eyesight is also failing.There are moments he feel so lethargic. I’m not sure what switchwords to pray for him. Please help my friend. He is alone with no parents and living with his brother’s family. Kindly suggest some thing for him so that he get healed.

  99. Dear Sir,

    My son is having skin problem, I would appreciate some switch words to chant. thank you.

  100. Dear Sir
    I know of a lady who is going through so much problems in her life. Her first son was born with disablity.He cannot use one side of the body and has fallen down too many times and fractured himself.He is always in a cast. Her husband has diabetes and had his leg amputated.She has three other children who are all not studying well and are mischievous. The other day she broke down and cried and telling me she was to suicide because she has to face so much problems in her life. She is earning a meagre salary and looking after the entire family. In this situation , how can I advise her? Is there any switchwords for her to say. Please help me to help this lady.

  101. 1) I suffer from chronic pain
    2) My inlaws always seems angry of me and my parents
    3) My job pays very less and I cant move jobs because in this job I can work from home thus being able to work with pain and manage home/kids.
    4) My brother is not getting settled in life. He is 30 and still struggling in a new country.
    5) My husband comes across as selfish and does not believe in helping others and being their for others. It makes me sad and angry.
    6) I want to work and play hard and take risks and he my husband has high inertia and fear of trying anything new.
    7) My daughter is anxious with more than 4-5 people and hardly eats and showing signs of weekness.
    8) My father/mother are in India and cash strapped.
    can you please help.

  102. i have lot of doubts wt to do sir

  103. Dear sir,

    I am trying for change in job, since i have got stuck in same company for almost ten years it has very minimal growth and always night shift and bad management. I request for a mantra to change job and progress in my career.


  104. Sir, I n my cousin started distribution of namkeen & food products 8 months ago we r not getting any profit & more than 3 lakh rs is stuck in market & our bad luck continues yesterday our bill book bag, battery n stepny wheel was robbed from our delivery vehicle. so we r in huge loss now. Please tel me which mantra to chant so we get our stuck money and we start making profit

  105. sir its a gentle remainder , kindly tel me which switch words to chant to come out of this situation and make profit from my business . Thank U With regards Sandeep

  106. Dear Naran sir,

    After going through the various post above, my self confidence has increased bcos I had completely lost faith. I have been sending my resume to various companies but no reply east all. What is that I should do for the same to get a well paying job. I’m qualified but still no success. From 1 year I have had severe financial losses which I need to recover to pay off debts. Kindly give me solutions to the above problems for me to live a peaceful life. Thanks in advance.


  107. Hi Naran Sir,

    Please suggest some switch words so that i get a short term onsite oppurtunity.


  108. Dear sir,
    Please suggest mudras to combat nausea, motion sickness and sinking feeling in first trimester of pregnancy. I have been told to avoid apana mudra for first 2 trimesters as this can lead to early labour hence was worried to do pushan mudra too where one hand is in apana mudra.
    Also please suggest mudras and chanting for financial stability.
    Thank you in advance

  109. hello naran sir,
    whenever i do prana mudra i feel energetic ,all my laziness quit from my body so feels great.but my problem is whenever i do prana mudra it feels great but at night i feel little little itching in my body and thats why i cant able to sleep.its like blood is running fast in tiny veins.and i am a vipassana meditator so i can recognise what is happening in the body…so can you help me with this…can prana mudra makes blood pressure high??

  110. Dear Mr Naran,
    My son is a 22 years old university student. He is not interested and did not attend college for the whole of last year. University has started this year but he is still not going. He has low self esteem, low self confidence and not motivated. He is very reclusive and does not mingle with anyone. Please suggest if I can do anything on his behalf as he will not do anything or seek help from anyone. We would like him to continue his studies and not lose his university place.

  111. Hi there,
    Can you tell me any mudra that help me in increasing my height? I am 23 now

  112. Hi Mr Naran

    i am having numbness in one foot sometimes so can you you suggest any mudra for this.

  113. Dear Sir,
    What can I chant to dissolve Breast cysts? thank you ..U are amazing!!

  114. i am suffering for money pls advise what to do to get incoem

  115. Selvi Chellaswamy

    Hi Naran,

    I am working in IT-Software for more than 18 years but yet not settled in career. At present also I do not find any growth prospects in my current organization. Kindly suggest me a mudra to find a job soon with better future prospects.


  116. Hi Naran,

    I would like to understand the related mudras for keeping the balance of all chakras. Kindly suggest the sequence and duration for doing the same. Thanks!


  117. Hi everyone, I do hope my post gets read and hopefully helps somebody along the line.i will never forget the help priest okpobo temple render to me in my marital life. i have been married for 4 years now and my husband and i love each other very dearly . after 3 years of our marriage my husband suddenly change he was having an affair with a lady outside,i notice it then i was praying for divine intervention the thing became more serious i told my pastor about it we prayed but nothing happen. my husband just came home one day he pick up his things and left me and the kids to his mistress outside at this time i was confuse not knowing what to do again because i have lost my husband and my marriage too. i was just checking my mails in the office when i saw someone sharing her testimony on how priest okpobo temple help her out with her marital problems so i contacted the email of priest okpobo i told him my problem and i was told to be calm that i have come to the right place that i should fill some information concerning my self i did after 30 minus he called me again congratulating me that my problems will be solve within 5days. he told me what went wrong with my husband and how it happen.that they will restored my marriage but i will make a free donation to their Priest home anything my heart told me. to my greatest surprise my husband came to my office begging me on his knees that i should find a place in my heart to forgive him i quickly ask him up that i have forgiven him.friends your case is not too hard why don’t you give priest okpobo a try they work surprises because i know they will also bring back your husband. contact him via

  118. sir how are you , my name is sangeetha i have completed & m.b.a (hr) working as a accountant they are paying 8000/- only , sir pls guide me so that i should get good job very soon and good salary sir plssss . my financial weak . im 32 years old yet not married and not even getting matches plsssssssss help you .

  119. Dear Naran,

    My mom has rheumatoid arthritis over 15 years, is bedridden also very bitter and full of self pity. She doesn’t cooperate with the nurses I get to help her. My grown children are abroad and I too have to go back. She’s not willing to have someone take care of her at home, the last resort is putting her in a home for the elderly, where at least someone will always be there to take care of her. Please help.

    Thank you

  120. sir, my mother has ear infection problem. her ear make noices and due to which she is facing a problem of low hearing. we went to many doctors but she dint get any improvement. with her problem sometime she felt shy to go in front of others as she hesitate due to her low hearing. i can see her depressing face. plz help by suggesting switch word or back flower.

  121. sir i completed my be in 2013 but still i did not getting any job please help me sir

  122. I have excess fat on hips. Tell me Sw.Thanks

  123. Dear Naran Ji,

    Our business is getting bad to worse, there is no improvement and we are facing lots of financial stern please advice a good remedy. Thank you.

  124. sir I want get job Canada please give me SW

  125. Need help with liver problem fatigue feverishness acid reglux constipation nausea lack of enrergy raised lft ese what mantra,mudra will be good

  126. I’m 23 yrs old female. My height is 148 cm. my father’s is 5’6 & my mother’s is 5’2 . I want to increase my height any how. I ‘ll do hard work for that. Please guide me how I can increase my height ?

  127. Dear Naran ji

    Not sure if your still taking questions, I would be very happy if you can kindly answer my queries on these mudras

    Vayu – I read this help arthritis problems a lot, specially leg pain, hip pain, back pain,joint pain.Stiffness of thighs etc. I also read some caution that it should be stopped when problem is stopped. Can you tell me the whether this is correct ? Can we use this mudra for these problems ? If yes when and how much time in a day ?

    Akaash – I read this one helps with BP and problems with ear and tooth. This also cure negative thoughts. Do we have restrictions like Vayu mudra for this one ? When is the ideal time to perform n how much in a day ?

    Gyan – Please let me know about the benefits of this as well.

    Varun – Is this related to skin problems like acne, acne marks, wrinkles, dark spots etc

    In a day if I want to take benefits of all how do I use them ? Can we use it one after another ? Is there any order ?


  128. sir I am facing health problem from since a year.I went to many doctors but all say it’s psychological. I have severe acidity problem. and I feel uneasy in throat and easophagus. I am very much disturbed about this and all my near and dear ones are also tensed. please help me out.

  129. sir i am having pain in both my elbows. two yrs back i had tennis elbow in my rt arm . i feel it might be recurring. please help. also experiencing severe hairfall.

  130. Sir i really need your help eagerly…….
    I really love a boy and even he loved me…. we were going to marry in next 4-5yrs…… our parents also agreed and were happy with our relationship…… i ws a bit possesive for him as i never wanted to lose him…… i respect him and ws protective for him….. i m committed to him for my life…
    2 months ago he broke off with me due to some misunderstangs……
    Sir i really love him and need him for my entire life….. i jst need a last chance so that we can start our relation again with same love and happinness….. i m feeling very sry….. i jst need a last chance to start from a new happy beginning…… plz help me…. i love him and want to marry him….. i cant think of anyone else….. i promise that i wont repeat the same mistakes again……. i need him back and his love back in my life……
    Waiting very eagerly for your reply….. please help……


    Hi sir
    I am rajeshwari 35 yrs and my husband nandagopal 37 yrs trying to conceive for past 2yrs. I had a single fibroid no other issues in hubby had low count. Pls help us to conceive a baby.

  132. Sir – With your guidance, I was able to get a divorce from my husband and got remarried last year. Things are good between us. However, there is a big problem. My son from first marriage does not accept this and has stopped talking to me totally. He stays with his father. It is now three months since he has spoken to me. Does not take my calls or meet me. Secondly, my step daughter, i.e. my husbands daughter from his first marriage is not finding it easy to accept me. I need your help so that I can form a bond with her. Please help sir. Switch words, mudras or animal spirit guide. What you have advised has always worked for me.

  133. Respected Sri, Naran,

    Have been practising your 5 mudra combination and getting good results.
    Please guide to get and be in a state of stillness (without any thoughts)

  134. hello sir,i’m searching for a job but not getting any,i’m graduate with 2 yrs computer diploma,i have 2 yrs work experience,i’m trying my best to get a job ,i become hopeless and frustrated ,i’m 32 yrs,pls suggest me,guide me,i really need a job.

  135. Sir pls tell me can i do pran mudra after doing apan vayu mudra?during pran mudra should i keep my rest fingers(index and middle finger in touch of each other) together or only streched out upward ,not together?

  136. Hello sir,i want to attract my ex boyfriend back..please advice me what switchwors should i chant..

  137. Hello, I was told that when trying to attract money and prosperity to use the Kubera Mudra while using Switchwords FIND-COUNT. However you recommend the Pran Mudra with the same Switchwords.
    I’m confused as to which mudra would be best.


  138. Renuka deshpande

    My daughter had left ear operation as there was mass grown in her ear and her ear bone was infected. Doctor has removed the infected part. Now we have to wait for a year to see if that bone grows. Can any mudra help in healing and preserving her hearing power.

  139. My husband is very short tempered and anger always..tell me some mantra me

  140. Dear Naran Sir, Iam from Tamilnadu. I saw your blogs recently and the solutions that you are giving is very useful to all .I also have some problems .

    My husband is very short tempered and gets angry frequently and sometimes due to over anger he bites me For simple things he is getting angry.. Please tell me some remedy and mantra ( in tamil ) . help me.

    Thanking you sir..



  141. Ashwin Kumar Vishwakarma

    Atma Namaste
    I would like to know the animal spirit connected with each month and the switch words for each month for happiness joy enthusiastic prosperous and spiritual life
    Thank you
    May you be blessed

  142. Sir i want to gain weight as I am underweight. Will prithvi mudra help? Or any other mudra and technique required?

  143. Namaste Naranji,
    I came to India about 18 months ago to work from USA and I’m not liking it here in India. I want to go back either to USA or to Europe. I’m getting interview calls but nothing is materializing into a job offer. Could you please help me in providing a solution for my problem. Thank you. Namaste..

  144. respected sir,from many days iam suffering from low back pain and it radiates into right hip and leg.i tried many things.but still having pain due to nerve compression at low back.please help me with ur blesses and suggestions for mantra chanting and mudra.please help me guruji.

  145. Hello Sir,
    Iam 24 years old. I am having severe stomach bloating issues and lot of gray hairs. Does mudra help me to recover from these issues?

  146. Sarala Jagannathan

    Which mudra should one practise to cure diabetic neuropathy and for good blood circulation in diabetics?

  147. respected sir
    i am suffering for hypothyroidism from last 8 years after delivery of my son. i am remain very stressful and always face panic attacks please help me . i am married and having loving husband but i am always remain thankless to him . i dont know why i behave like this .

  148. sir namaste
    iam facing problems for many years i gained weight and became obese and all health problem are cured but unable to reduce weight because of it iam not getting married my parents make to leave job and joined in zim yoga with strict diet still cant able to reduce more than3kgs sir pls suggest me to reduce weight and get married iam new to the blog

  149. sir
    iam waiting for your reply

  150. Hi…is there any hand mudra to increase height in adults….about 21-25 yr old.

  151. Greetings to you sir,
    I’m mca student. I don’t know what is happening to me. I was a bright student, but now I don’t have any interest in my studies. I couldn’t study or concentrate for even ten minutes. My exams will be commenced from first week of june and i ve to clear 10 more papers. The other problem I’m facing now is my marriage is fixed and will be on this December. Im very tensed. If i go like this my life will be spoiled. Sir I humbly request you to provide me a mantra or switch word so that through chanting I can overcome the obstacles in my studies and finish the subjects within the time ,pass the exam with good marks and get a good job before my marriage …

  152. Sir please tell me mantra n mudra,my lower teeth are bending inward n gums are weak.

  153. helo sir, i have a continuous wind sound in my right ear, it will be more when i wake up from sleep, i have migraine complaint too.. please suggest some mudra to practice to get rid of this wind sound in the ear.

  154. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am going through lot of financial hardship and also I don’t have a permanent job. Please help. Please let me know what to chant, and if anything else need to be done.

    Thanks & Regards,

  155. few weeks back I applied for the role of music teacher at a good school. I felt as if i was going to bag the job as I had finished the final round of interview also. Now they havent called me again. I feel depressed.I want a good job .Please help me.


  156. namaste sir,
    i need 2 help from u..
    i am so skinny i need to gain my wait fast please sir give me any symbol or anything remidy to increase waight ..
    and another one i want to get white skin get fair skin give me any remidy sir….
    thank u….

  157. Sir i am unable to buy the CD’s as every link is diverted to another link. kindly share the link through which i can buy your cds for weight loss, abundance of money and soulmate.

  158. my husband has sitting work, making bills, internet has affected his neck..he has pain in his neck and shoulder sometimes pain increases to hands says he has cervical pain…please suggest me something

  159. Respected Sir

    My husband is having a skin tag under his thighs. While sitting it is a disturbance to him Kindly give us a switch word /remedy for getting relief from this skin tag.

  160. Subhiraj karat

    Respected Sir,

    I am unable to find a new job and my loan application is not yet being approved. I have lost my piece of mind and sleep.

  161. hello sir i am lakshmi i dont have job please tell me any chant r else

  162. Namaste sir,
    One of my friend’s mother has LUNG CANCER @ 3rd OR 4th STAGE. When hospitalised Dr. says “FOUND WATER IN LUNGs”. Please share any benefit by LINGMUDRA or any mantra or there is side effect of lingmudra. PLEASE HELP on this ASAP. Please.

  163. Namaste sir ,
    request for a reply through divine

    I am nimitha from Bangalore . I was in a relationship with a person who was my business partner from past 8 yr. He was liking me from the first day of work, he proposed me only after 1 years and i later accepted his proposal. after few months our relationship did not last. but i still love him and we are together . I want to get married to him only. he dont tell me any answer for marriage issue.
    Please give me solution, how will i change him? I want him to love me like how he was loving me earlier. I am very serious about this, and i cant lead my life without him but now he has no idea of marriage life he tell both our parents shall not agree for marriage let lead life just staying in relationship ,now we both are 34yrs .
    even in work business life i left office a year past i work frm home but at end send all email through him .
    All tell he is cheating me but i dnt knw who is correct and make a right discesion.

    • Namaste sir ,
      request for a reply through divine

      I am nimitha from Bangalore . I was in a relationship with a person who was my business partner from past 8 yr. He was liking me from the first day of work, he proposed me only after 1 years and i later accepted his proposal. after few months our relationship did not last. but i still love him and we are together . I want to get married to him only. he dont tell me any answer for marriage issue.
      Please give me solution, how will i change him? I want him to love me like how he was loving me earlier. I am very serious about this, and i cant lead my life without him but now he has no idea of marriage life he tell both our parents shall not agree for marriage let lead life just staying in relationship ,now we both are 34yrs .
      even in work business life i left office a year past i work frm home but at end send all email through him .
      All tell he is cheating me but i dnt knw who is correct and make a right discesion.

  164. Sir ji.,This is Keshwini..I’m doing my final year Bba…but I’m really much interested to study about space…So will I get seat in any of space studies colleges..

  165. pranam sir,
    this is abhilash staying in dubai , i am suffering from cold since many years what mudra should i do to cure this
    my num is 00971522736878

  166. Hi Naran Sir,
    My mother has been suffering from a chronic cervical neck pain since past a year and none of the medicines could heal her.Please suggest a remedy for the same.

  167. As I have problem of cronick insomnia.(sleeplesnes).
    Please advice me good mudra and chanting mantra for resolve my problem for life time.I am waiting for your kind replay.

  168. Dear Sir–I have been facing financial failure in all my Business Ventures and financially unstable position Please advise


  169. sir,
    when i open/close my mouth i get pain in jaws joint ,for pain relief which mudra is better

  170. Sir
    Please tell me mudra and Beej mantra to increase my patient flow in my clinic.

  171. Sir, my son studying in 2nd class now, is always complaining that his class mates always tease him, snatch his things, hurt him orally and sometimes physically and also that his teacher does not listen to his complaints. All these complaints I think are very valid ones as many times we see some scratch marks on his body, or his stationary snatched away.
    Please give us some remedy so that the environment in his class become extremely friendly and he is more and more motivated to go to school. Please suggest some pills as he may not be able to chant any switch words.

  172. Sir, I am working for a MNC, my problem is whenever I am in a meeting with my management or my onsite counterparts, I feel very tense and scared. Many times I feel like skipping the meetings which most of the times I do.How do I keep my self composed and attend those meetings confidently and deal with them confidently ?

  173. sir, due to some illness my right ear nerve has problem and i can/t hear in my right ear, past 3 months i have ear itching and pain-went to 3 allopathy docs one states mucus hardened, hence surgery req, other says its mid-ear infection, the last one says it could be due to allergy. itching & pain is still there. I tried sunya mudra for last 3 days, could not feel the difference, sometimes the pain & itching is coming while doing this mudra. Any suggestions of what is wrong?

  174. Preet Panjwani

    Hello Naran,

    Sir, While working In office my mind is not silent. I get lot of thoughts about one of my female colleague. I am married. Lot of times thoughts keep coming to me when I communicate with other people. I get attracted towards and female colleague and then I am not able to take it further. In home also I get frustrated and irritated many times. Even my focus and attention is less i think. I do not feel like going to office many times.

    In my career also I am not able to make much.

    Best Regards,
    Prem Tolani

  175. Hi naran sir
    Plz suggest sw for success in studies

  176. Hello, I have just come across your website and request your help. I am 33 and single. I would like to fall in love and marry. Couple of years ago I was in love with someone and we were dating. But he suddenly left. I still think of him everyday. In the meanwhile I have also met other men. 1-2 I thought were ok for me but things have not worked out yet. I need help for following
    1. Clarity for who I want to love and marry.
    2. Love and happy marriage.
    I would like this to happen soon as parents are very worried and falling sick and fights happening at home because of all this.
    Please can you suggest mudras, Switch Words and Life Symbols for the same.
    Many Many Thanks.

  177. Hi, I had to leave my job 6 months ago and am unable to find another one which can provide growth and prosperity. My age is being considered a bar for most of the opportunities due to which my resume is not even being considered for referrals. Need a job very urgently, else my financial burden will increase. Also, I am sole bread earner.

  178. Namasthe, I am 33 years unmarried guy. i have Vitiligo for the past 20 years. tried many medicines but no use. Due to this my stress level is high, low libido and sometimes i feel like erectile dysfunction may be because of long term usage of various medicines. Please tell me a solution in mudra, pranayama and yoga. Thanks.

  179. pranams to naran ji, sir i am trying to get a loan to secure my future.. kindly help me to get my desired loan as early.thank u sir…maruthi -cochin.

  180. I am a lady having money issues. I am unable to get abundance in life. I loose money. I used to have money. But now I am not having wealth. Please help me.

  181. how can i release from depression?

  182. Hello Naran sir,

    For the past two and a half years i have been suffering from problems of constipation , anal fissure and piles. Previously I had never faced these problems in my life ever but once they have started they dont seem to leave inspite of trying several treatments . Also with these problems pain in my right testicles have also started. I have been to doctors but no relief. Kindly suggest me a mantra to cure myself.

  183. Chandrashekar R

    Dear Sir,

    My mother had suffered from tuberculosis in the lungs about 10 years ago. After that, she was found to have bronchiectasis and pulmonary nodules in both the lungs in the chest x-ray. She was tested multiple times in these past 10 years for tuberculosis, which were all found to be negative through AFB, sputum culture and sensitivity tests. However, every 15 days, she will have severe fever, thick and rusty sputum, cough and chest pain. She has been struggling very badly. She is on nebulizers 4 times a day along with other multiple medications and inhalers. Every time, she is given antibiotic. It will help only 15 to 20 days, maximum a month. She has been admitted multiple times to hospital. Doctor tells her lungs have become dilated and any collection of sputum will result in infection. I have become very sad and depressed with this. I request you to kindly provide a remedy for this and kindly help.

    Thanks and regards,

  184. Can you suggest mudras and switchwords for Urticaria? I’ve been having anti-histamines but as soon as I stop taking them, it returns. I don’t know the cause of it but I don’t want to continue taking antiallergic medicines for so long.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

  185. Dear Sir,

    Please help me. I am struggling to get a high paying job since 2015. I have completed my masters in 2015 with flying colors. but i am struggling to get a high paying job. Please help sir.

  186. Dear Sir,
    My husband has started multiple business. Catering and logistics. With help of a cousin he got 2 or 3 business from one customer for Export logistics. It looks like business will swarm in and suddenly it’s all silent. He has started business 2 yrs back and no profit till now. Please give us a mantra or switch word or batch flowers or mudra to increase business and Be prosperous .

  187. Hello,

    I want to work and settle in Canada.

    Please help me with switch words to chant.

    Thank you!

  188. Sir….I have OCD, Hypothyroid, left knee pain, weight gain(bloated stomach, double chin)….can u please suggest the switch words for my issues and also procedure of chanting swich words ….thank u very much.

  189. Respected Sir….I have OCD, Hypothyroid, left knee pain, weight gain(bloated stomach, double chin)….can u please suggest the switch words for my issues and also procedure of chanting swich words ….thank u very much.

  190. subbalakshmi ayyagari

    Sir, I want my son to be with us.

  191. Naran sir,
    I am Surbhi from Delhi. My sister is in job, she got transferred from here and got relieved from office too. She has 10 days before joining there. Please suggest switch word to stop the transfer. Thank you so much sir

  192. Namaskar Sir,
    I am Vikas, I was undergone acute pancreatitis 4 years ago, and now i am suffering with a acidity (it feels like hot lava running near liver region in day or in sleep many times). please suggest remedy. Thank you.

  193. Desi Endo Warrior

    Hi please I need your help. I have endometriosis and I want to heal that. Please give me chants to heal it !!

  194. Namste sir,
    Mai rent Se reheti hu mera khud ka ghar nhi hai. Sapna ghar ke liye Kya karu.

  195. Madhura Adisheshan

    Hello sir,
    I lost my job at this Covid time and i am single mother, job and money is my basic source.
    please help me

  196. Hello sir,

    I happened to visit your website today and overwhelmed to see people are happy or found a solution for their problem. With same expectation im writing this to you. please help me with a mantra.

    1. I face job insecurity every 3 years. i have been working in IT for the last 13 years. but every 3 years, my boss’s either leave the job or take voluntary retirements. becoz of this, my job is at stake. now again in 2020, i was working for a major group of 1300 employees, all of sudden the entire team got split and my boss too resigned recently and before he leave i have to get a job. Im not getting any opportunity within the company, now im 50, i can not get job outside the company. Please help me with a chant so that i can get good opportunity within the company.

    2. I want pay off my loans, but recently i applied for loan and it got rejected due to CIBIL score low, Pls help me with mantra, to get approved loans so that i can pay off my debt.

    Thank you in advance for this wonderful site and for supporting and guiding people in trouble.



  197. shylajabc2172

    Sir, I have puffiness under my eyes. This most probably happened when i got thyroid before some 22 yrs. Can u pls help me with switchwords. Thank s a lot

  198. shylajabc2172

    Sir, I have white patches on my right leg (doctor said it’s segmental vitiligo). Have this from almost 32 yrs. Way bak then didn’t hv time to sit in sun for treatment, nw I am willing 2 get complete cure, if you pls bless me wd switch words. Thank you

  199. shylajabc2172

    Hi Sir, I had sent 2 questions seeking switch words from Shylajabc2172, I still haven’t received reply. Await ur reply. Thank u

  200. Pallavi Ingawale

    Respected Sir,

    I am Pallavi, diagnosed breast cancer with 2 lumps in the right breast asked for surgery. i am in tremendous stress. My financial condition is very bad. please guide urgently.

  201. Hello sir I am having cervical spondylitis severe neck and shoulder pain please give me some solution for this and I am not able to sleep in the night. Something is running behind my mind, my eyes are closed but no sleep feeling chest pain like. I am 50 years old women lot of worries about our future because past 3 year no income my husband is trying but not able to and my daughter spending lot of time in front of television and mobile she is having the fire to study but she is not sitting and finishing exams are a head she is in 11th standard having her first half of her annual exams now. I wanted to sleep and with no pain I wanted to work at home.

  202. hello sir,

    i am staying in dubai in sharing accomodation. everything is good but only one flatmate is there, she has some misunderstanding with me. she make mistakes and than she will talk to others about me whereas all other are very good with me. other than this whenever we will meet in evening after coming from office in kitchen while cooking, she will talk to me but still not that good. please guide me sir. i want her to be good with me and we all should stay happily till we are together. she will talk behind me and make fun but i did not say anything. i am doing forgiveness healing everyday. please help. i am very much upset with all this. please guide me.

    nisha raheja

  203. 🙏 I got married in 2014 and left my marital house in 6 months as my husband used to exploit me physically and financially. Being a a doctor himself, he is suffering from a medical condition which i am not able to prove. It’s been 8 years and i am not yet getting divorce. Everytime judge changes. The new judge is favouring my husband telling me take divorce without demand for any alimony. My husband has agreed to divorce if I don’t ask for any alimony. I have borne heavy legal expenses, all marriage expenses were borne by my parents and they haven’t returned the stridhan yet. They ensured to prolong the proceedings so that i can’t settle anywhere else. Please help settle my case in my favor with suitable alimony amount 🙏

  204. Namaskaram sir I am having cervical spondylitis problem I have left side neck and shoulder pain and having pain in the left side of the head from front to back. I am always thinking something or other having worries about my husband and my daughter and worries for little little things. I am not able to sleep. I am afraid and worry about my health also day by day I am not able to do my daily routine works feeling tired and front head is paining always what I have to do sir I have heard lot about you. I think of many work to do but I am not able to do atleast one work just cooking and idle. That too having back pain and neck pain feeling bad. Please advise me a medicine switchword or anything I wanted to do my work properly and have to look after my house nicely I am 50 years old woman. Thank you sir please help me.

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