Safe and Secure


This Mudra called as Pran or Prana Mudra. Do the Mudra, by touching the Thumb with the tips of Ring and Little fingers, on both hands. Do it for at least 10 minutes a day. For better results do it for 30-45 minutes. Ideal position is to sit erect. However, you could do it, lying down, before going to sleep; while walking; or may be when your manager bores you with his lectures!


The mental state worry links with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry. Enough money on hand creates a mental state of Relaxation and Calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn, brings money into your life.

A student of Naran S. Balakumar was about to be fired. He did this Mudra for few days. Within a week, his job contract was renewed and got a good hike too. His feedback is, “I didn’t know when I went to sleep. Therefore, I can’t say, whether this Mudra works or not!”

The additional benefit of this Mudra is that you will sleep like a child. A child feels safe and secure under the protection of his parents. Therefore, you would feel safe and secure too.

While you are Relaxed and Sleeping, the Universal Mind is Awake and it works very hard to get not only what you want, but also more than what you want!

The above material is an extract from Mudra Class conducted by Naran S. Balakumar on Feb 14th, 2009. Please click the link to see the class material:


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Safe and secure mudra is very beneficial . All our worries are gone by doing this mudra before sleeping.

  2. Sir,
    Actually, our own house is lying vacant for the last some years which is situated in the interior area where my husband and children do not want to shift. By selling that house we can take three bedrooms floor in our choicest area. Since that house is in my father- in -law ‘s name, it is very difficult to convince him.


  3. Anita

    1. Write your father in law name in a piece of paper. draw a circle around it. around the first circle draw one more concentric circle. write in the gap, Rockwater Chicory Vine Beech Walnut. Daily read this.

    2. In addition, you chant Centaury Gentian Wildrose.

  4. Patrick O'Donovan

    could give me a switch word to get money back, I gave 165,000 euro to a company in Spain, and they will not give it back. regards Pat.

  5. Patrick O’Donovan,
    be in safe and secure mudra, chant GORSE FIND COUNT DIVINE…(MENTION THE NAME OF THE PERSON.
    write the name of the person. draw a circle around. Draw one more circle. In the gap write ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD CHICORY GORSE. keep the paper somewhere and daily read this once.

  6. Respected sir,
    I am chanting find count devine along with pran mudra
    will this work to over come finanacial worries and could give me a switch word to get money back

  7. do this for one month and then come back

  8. Respected Sir,
    Already one month is over i am unable to do find count devine and pran mudra .plz…help me my financial worries going worst day by day me instant remedy to overcome my problems sir.

  9. shreenivas rao

  10. Mainak Kr Ball

    Also Sir, I am doing Kubera mudra jusdt after doing Surya mudra. It feels awesome. It has become an addiction for me. But is it healthwise good ?

  11. Mainak Kr Ball
    Do these two one after the other.

  12. srinivas purimitla

    Respected sir,
    Still my fianancial problems are not solving day by day i am facing financial problems payments are not getting in time and
    what switch words is good for me .I am paying interest for lend amount and whatever amount i have got i have given to others long back they are not returning back.plzz…… me overcome financial problems.

  13. srinivas purimitla
    Write CERATO WHITECHESTNUT in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow, while sleeping

  14. Respected sir ,

    i have a shop where i done internet based works , and also do mobile memory downloading …but i don’t get enough money …can u suggest any method by which i can get money in unexpected source as well as my shop income will grown . I am your great fan sir, please don’t disappoint me.

    Please suggest me some quick and effective method ..which can solve my financial worries . Thank you sir .

  15. goraiasish1234,
    Say, “I am a golden magnet to find count now from everywhere”

  16. srinivas purimitla

    srinivas purimitla
    Write CERATO WHITECHESTNUT in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow, while sleeping

    above switch words for over come my finanacial problems and somebody suggessed to chant MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON which switch word is best for me to overcome finacial problem.
    I am facing desperate problems in financially this is do or die suituation sir plz…suggest me overcome my problems

  17. srinivas purimitta,
    if you go on asking one by one you will head nowhere. Any chanting is aimed not at solution. Its main aim is to clear the mental debris. Unless the mental debris is cleared solution cannot be seen.

  18. Respected Sir, I want to increase my salary in my current job as early as possible, pls give me the right path.

  19. Mainak Kr Ball

    Sir, I knew that Kubera mudra (reffered as movement mudra by you) is aimed at helping in financial stability but you have reffered Pran Mudra as money mudra ?

  20. rajkumar manchiraju

    Naran S. Balakumar ji
    thanks for the advice we are both following it. please advise me
    one person took Rs.5000 from me as hand loan and not repaying.when ever i am asking him to pay, he is not responding properly and saying something irrelated.that amount i need for some emergency.please advice switch words to recover from him. i am already doing safe and secure mudra with vallabham gajaananam ekadantham for settlement in job and finance betterment.we are following your blog regularly and we have uptmost faith on you sir.
    another situation is my father is cheated by a bank employee in depositing huge amount of money as fixed deposits. the bank employee is misappropriated rs.80,000 and bank manager expressed his inability in recovering money. please advise use to recover the money too.
    we have maximum hopes and faith on your solutions guruji

    • rajkumar
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKROSE ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD FIND COUNT NOW 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
      chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 1000 times

  21. i am not getting money from a person pls advice me aremady

    • still now ididt get money i have chant find count divine maney also

      • radha,
        Thank the person for giving the money. your anger or resentment against him works against receiving the money.your thinking that he has cheated you will further attract persons who will cheat you.
        Forgive that person. By being obsessed of getting money from him, you are blocking your own receiving of money from other source.

  22. Naran ji,
    earlier i did cyber cafe business and got heavy loss i closed my business and got into job which is away from my family. i am staying alone here and visiting family in the week ends. in job one north indian fellow whom i have to report is harassing me and using abusive language also. i couldn’t bear it . but job is must for me and my family members survival. please tell me a solution that to get another job in my home town where i can stay with my family members. i am chanting holy mimulus elm 100 times and drinking water and in safe and secure mudra chanting vallabham gajaananam ekadantam. tell me one right solution to settle financially and stay with family members in my hometown. i respect and obey your sujjestion.

  23. rkmanchiraju
    1. Be in (as mentioned in the picture) safe and secure Mudra (and in addition) by keeping your index finger at the base of the thumb.

    2. For the first five minutes “i release…….. (Your emotions and thoughts one by one)”

    3. After releasing all your worries concern fear sadness or anger, chant “quiet mind Open heart to the divine grace and rays of abundance of money and happiness – yoga Kshaymam”

  24. my father mother are 75 years old they are fighting with each other for small thinks my father is sugar patient give me a solution to make be happy in their life also my mother got swelling in the naval part of the stomach pls advice me

  25. sir one boy is disturbing my daughter. she is working in an it companeny work load also heavy she is doing her work but some one is getting benifit scolding in bad words help me to save my daughter from that boy & get tension free work

  26. radha,

  27. sir i &my husband lost job two years back my husband going for a small jab we are in financial need i want to get some job or my husband get increase in salary pls advice me & thank you for giving for my daughter. it is for that boy or both pls tell iam in so confused stage

  28. radha,
    you chant what is given.
    for you and your husband: chant TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE

  29. thank you.sir my daughter is staying abroad with friends at the begining they are all adjusting after that they had misunderstanding each other and yesterday she shifted the house. everywhere she is doing all the help but i dont know why it happens like that when she is studying also her thick friends separated her at last. sir she shifted to new room there she shouldnt get any problem . also i am afraid of her future.she is feeling why it happens for me alone& lonely and not getting friends. sir pls give me a solution for her iife time thankyou

  30. sir my cusine 44 years old he didnt yet got married wherever they give the harascope no body is replying if any one reply relations comments stoping it. sir can i chant for him give me a solution to get marry.

  31. RADHA,
    Write his name. circle it. around that circle draw one more circle. in the gap write SWEETCHESTNUT HOLLY WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM. chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKADHANTHAM

  32. dear sir my daughter came out of the room in q46 i told you and chnin as you said but now the laddy from the old room who is working in the same office is saying unwanted things about my daughter (she is numarried) in the office and they didnt give the rent balance .my daughter sent other person also to that room sir pls give me a solution to stop talking and give the money back

  33. radha,
    chant mimulus and seek the help of wolf.

  34. sir i thank you very much for your advice.after a long time my daughter was obeying to my words. this is because of your divine help.also yesterday i went passport office we got appointment at 12o clock first level thre was a big q i called wolf for help as soon as my address verification is done we have called for payment after that lunch break we so hungry it was 2 o clock i chant halfway divine when i am chanting only108 is gone mine is 158 but got appointment with in 15 min i felt very happy thanyou once again

  35. sir already i told you my daughter got heavy work load she has to send report at mid night and morning 5 &7 o clock DAILY SO SHE IS NOT ABLE TO SLEEP WELL and their co workers underestimating & NOT HELPING she asked me last month shall i resign my job we told her to wait for some time. now for last three day she is workig in the office up to 3 or 4 in the morning.if we aks it is a support workitwill be like that that why asked your permission leave the job also for three months i didnt sleep she is saying or she is asking i search a new job there in australya. sir i dont know what to say finding job also difficult. after chanting work load little bit less but she is talking rough it made to feel sad sir i request your divine give a solution to my daughter.

  36. sir my daughter now 24years shall we plan for marriage. she is say ing if we she a boy from our community working there it is easy to get job to her.i wish you divine we must get a good boy for that what we have to do tell me

  37. radha,
    draw a circle around her name. place your hand on that, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW DONE

  38. sir we are planning to go to australia to see my daughter. we have to get the visa quickly and low fare tickets to our convient date and go safely ,good health.please give some remady thankyou

  39. radha,

  40. Hello sir ,I was just browsing for different mudras ways and effects of them, and luckily I got to read your blogs amazing facts of mudra healing.
    Sir My daughter is 8 yrs old she is overweight since her birth but she is not very fat…but weight is too much….also her tummy is very very bulged she has to wear the pants of 12 year old measurement …only her tummy & waist is too much big…rest her whole body is normal. She eats normal…but have problems in passing toilet it’s very painful when she goes for potty…some times it even bleeds….may be she has got some cut or sore in the passage which hurts & some times bleed too.
    Plz kindly let me know any remedy because it has become unbearable to her and to me as well.
    She is very fair & beautiful girl…but everyone asks about her bloated tummy…because it looks very very odd on her.

    Also she has allergic kind cough since her birth…which starts by itself and after 2-3 months goes by itself …non of the medicines works on her cough…I have got her the best cough medicines in India and in Australia as well…but nothing works…on her.

    Plz sir ….kindly let me know what should I do for her… At the moment we are living in Australia …she is suffering a lot …of pain in her excretion passage…don’t know the reason.
    She is normally going to school playing, studying….and very intelligent child, loving & very caring for her youger sis 2 yr old & loving her parents as well.

    • she has to take some remedies which can be bought from the centre.
      chant BUM 100 times over a glass of water and give that water daily to her.

  41. sir my got operated herniya she got pain for that i gave mumulus chanted over a glass of water her weight is also excess so advice me how to reduce her wt and to get back normal health

  42. sir insurance company gave only half the amount i am thinking of going to ask for the rest ofthe amount so please give e a solution to get the money from them thanking you sir

  43. sir my daughter is hard worker but some understanding problem in the office now they are giving increment in the office please give her a solution to correct increament

  44. radha
    chant beech walnut chicory

  45. sir i am going to search groom for my daughter so what i have to chant before starting we must get a good boy & family my daughter also must accept. my husbands family is not in good relation with us so they should n’ interfere in this because they don;t like our uplift i request your divine pls sir give me a solution .thank you

  46. radha,
    chant sweetchestnut beech willow walnut hornbeam

  47. Dear Sir,

    Since the age of 18, I have had acne problem. Though medication seem to work for sometime, it comes back worse than before. The problem has recurred and this time its worse than ever. The doctor says its due to PCOD. I work as a HR and I feel very conscious to speak to people and every day is a challenge to face people. I have random people coming up to me and mentioning my skin condition, which has made me even more insecure to face people. It has started to affect my personal relationship with my family and friends as well. Request you to help me .


  49. can i use any mudra for hair fall or hair growth.or any chant.plz sir my hair is very thin.

  50. sharmin
    get the remedy from the centre

  51. Guru ji
    One of my parents has to clear medical exam to get permanent residence in Canada.give me chanting remedy so that medical exam can be cleared and can move to Canada as permanent immigrant.

    write waterviolet larch gentian wildrsoe mimulus in a paper and ask them to keep it.
    you can chant for them

  53. Can this mudra help to bring back my boyfriend. I realy love him and we suppose to get married. how do ths mudra works, do i have to do both hands sit and think about her . any chant for ths.
    I m also going thru financial there any chance mudra works..pls advise me tq

  54. Dear Sir,

    My father was admitted in hospital two months back. I have filed a insurance claim to insurance company. But due to my mistakes in selecting correct insurance I think my insurance claim will get rejected. Please give me some mantra to chant so my claim gets accepted and I don’t have to pay huge medical bill ($14,000).
    Sir Please I need your help really urgent. Please help me sir.

  55. Respected Naran Sir, i following u r blog regularly and have fully faith on u. I started pran mudhra before go to sleep and slept like a baby. Sir i want to increase my salary &more hours in current job pls help me.
    second is my friend borrow money 6000 dollars for her divorce case 7years before now she change her phone# not giving money back don’t know what to do lps help me to get money back.
    Third my insurance company not paid my business & injury loss in car accident . It happened in2008 .
    Money invested in business with sister-in-laws in india 15 lakhs in2005 and now they stop talking blaiming for something which i did not do it . I want to keep my relationship with them pls ….. help me so thankful.

  56. Reminder ………1
    Thanks Sir

    • Hello Naran sir,

      Me and my beloved we want to succeed in life and build our own house. Please give us a chant sir. We really want to overcome our financial problem to build our house. Thanks sir.

  57. Hi please help!

    I have some loans I would likt to repay as quick as I can. But I am struggling with financial problems. Wich switchword could I use to attract mony into my life. I need it rahter fast so I do need your help. Please, please help me!

  58. Sir,

    Humbly, I need a huge amount to clear off my debts. I am unable to sleep, rest or be at peace till its paid off. Please share what switchwords will help me quickly.
    Blessed BE

  59. Vani

    pls read the below article by Naran Sir & do it-

    Repay debts faster
    by Naran S. Balakumar

    Recently we brought a new house for which we had to take a huge loan. We have already shifted and now trying to clear the loans as early as possible.
    What should I chant for attracting new sources of income for repayment and clearing the debts faster?
    Listen regularly to “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” cds.
    The word “huge loan” indicates the Bach Flower Remedy MUSTARD
    The gem remedy “PINK TOURMALINE” to activate the root chakra
    Listening to the CDs “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” will keep you in positive outlook

  60. Naran sir, Mohan sir
    Namaskar , my sister told me about ur kindness for helping every one i hv big hope with ur guidance my married life happy again. Sir i live in canada and married in 2000. First 6 years life was so smooth first year god gift hv beautiful daughter. My in-laws came in 2006 and my worse days started in a month we were aparts . My husband start drinkig , he was non drinker before, coming home late at and extra frills , black magic etc. name it he start abuseing me. He sold the house kicked me out with two kids. He bought the hose for them & living with them. I’m living (daughter12y& son6y) in a rented hoouse he come to see kids doing same shouting at me . He made some major mistakes that cost him he lost his , even i forgiv him i am religious person & have god fear but my mother-in-law,sister-in-law and his brother won’t let him to stay with us . He is not that bad i still love him don’t want divorce , did not harm always thinking he is father of my kids.
    pls sir help me i want my happy family back together. My in-laws playing dirty politics say i am wrong to all our ralitivis , i don’mind i want him back. Pls sir help me-1 -he is heavy drinker (when he is drunk becme violent)
    2-he lie too much,opposite me never lied.
    3-my in-laws playing dirty politics in my relationship want to stop that. Pls…… help

  61. Naran Sir
    More than 16 years ago I heard someone talking that there is mantra for every disease in our Indian ancient books though I know Mhamritunjay cousin got back pain recently and was very worried as it was going to affect her career.out of curiosity I googled back pain mantra and I landed on your divine blog.really I thank my cousin ,her back pain and mantra on your site resulting in her absolute recovery. Now I have started understanding that if In our point of view something bad has happened,it has some reason,some new openings.
    I read lots and lots in blog.people come with Money issue,property,health,relationship.i am also aware of the fact that Naran ji is not answering because HELP EACH OTHER page is open.Then also I request Naran Ji to guide us.
    Every mother including me wants to chant for her child health,carrer,exam.when we advice our kids to connect with meditation or chanting or listening Cd they never do because sitting on computer and playing game seems beneficial to them.
    Tell me some chanting so they can willingly give some time to themselves and see what God has gifted them.i just want them believe in these natural therapies also.I am chanting for my kids but also want to pass to next generation.
    To conclude I want my 8th grade daughter to start yoga and chanting OM mantra because of health problem.tell me what to chant for her so she can start yoga and Om mantra.
    Can every person listen chakra balancing cd irrespective of age.if yes then how many times.
    I believe I am going to blessed by Naran Ji Reply.

  62. Tarun khajuria

    Sir how to recover money from a friend who had taken it for doing my work but did nothing and even asking for more money to get back previous amount.please help me as it is almost a year now..

  63. Hello colleagues, how is everything, and what you desire to say regarding this post,
    in my view its actually amazing in favor of me.

  64. Hello sir… Am in deep financial crisis… I have been cheated… How to get back my money and improve my new business… Thanks in advance

  65. Raji Veeraraghavan

    Dear Mr Naran sir
    I am Raji Veeraraghavan from dubai. i require lot of money and financial position is very bad. Business also NIL stage. Son studying here Mech. engg and he taking tuitions and managing his college fees. But giving house rent and daily a big tension everyday. India house also could sell. pls suggest some remedy to sell the house and business to improve , money flow to manage the expenses. He is in india only and no job also now. i am trying for job also . pls reply sir. Namaskaram !

  66. buddingartist1977

    Hello Naran Sir.
    Can you please suggest any remedies for severe tailbone pain , feet pain , pain in fingers?
    Switch words or Bach flower remedies. Please help.

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