I am not able to get another job

When you have the same thoughts and emotions, you will continue to be in the same situation. First of all, before you get a job and move to a new office, you need to move out of your mental pattern that keeps you in the current jobless situation. “MOVE ON” helps you do that.

  1. Chant the switch words, “MOVE ON” and be in the MOVEMENT MUDRA (index and middle fingers touching the tip of the thumb, on both the hands). Do this for 15 minutes.
  2. Chant the switch words, “FIND COUNT DIVINE Job”, while you are in the SAFE and SECURE MUDRA (ring and little fingers touching the tip of the thumb, on both the hands). Do this for 15 minutes.
  3. Whenever you are working, or driving and when you can’t be in a Mudra, chant, “MOVE ON FIND COUNT DIVINE Job”

Mudras can be done anytime, and anywhere.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Naran,

    How can i get the desired job that i am looking for ? I have already given the interview and now i want to be selected for that job.

  2. mynah,

  3. Sir, I have wheezing problem. not much more slightly. my daughter also suffering with this. Pls give some solution for us.
    My right hand gets numbness in the morning hours till 10 o clock. kindly help me sir.

  4. sony,
    contact yogashobana@yahoo.com. get the remedies from the centre at chennai

  5. iam looking for a job in a specific city. What do i chant to get a better job (than my current one) in that specific city where i want to re-locate

  6. Hello Sir, I have been chanting 520 Gorse in multiples of 9 whenever i am in a problem. I am scared that i wont get confirmed in my job and would be put on extension. I won’t be able to face my family and myself. My 1st 2-3 months went really bad, i had an altercation between the person i was indirectly supposed to report to and myself. I really want to get confirmed with a good score and want to do good work for which i receive recognition and appreciation. Please Help Sir.
    Awaiting your guidance.

  7. Respected Sir,

    Need your guidance…..Akanksha

  8. sir ,
    MY jiju lost his job due to recession few days back now he is back in india and is not able to get a new job…his all interviews gets cleared but at the end things are getting postposned….and due to this my sister in in really tension …please tell me what can my sister chant so that my jiju gets a job of his choice as soon as possible ….

  9. sir i would like to get get govt job in my town.i had done m.p.t(ortho) but not able to get the required amount and also govt job plz give solution which words i want to chant.plz sir reply me

  10. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

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