Move ON and Have a Life for Yourself


My husband and I have been in the States for about 8 years, living in the same small town and doing the same job. We feel like stuck.

We would like to move out to another city to get more opportunities but it has been difficult to get a job. We just want a fresh start as well as job opportunities so that we can move out.


Be in the following Mudra for 30 minutes: Thumb touching the index finger (both hands) and the rest of the fingers at the base of the thumb.



Thanks, Change, Divine Order, Count, Now and Done are switch words.

Thanks: be grateful for what we have will enable us to get what we want

Change Divine Order: to change the current life situation and find divine order

Count: earn money

Done: it will be done

Now: now


The index finger induces new thoughts. It will be from a higher perspective, which was created by placing the other three fingers at the base of thumb.

Now, your decisions will be de-avoid of internal resistance and they will not be based on past karma as well as previous karma vasanas.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Good information. But how many days Mudra to be done. and chanting how many times a day. means 27 time,64 times or 108 times.

  2. Dear Mr.Naran, Which Mudra you are fefering here? My son is looking for a job now. He is fresh. Suggest remedy to get the job fast in U.A.E.

    • omshanthi7
      Ask your son to do the following: each mudra for 12 minutes

      1. Be in Chin Mudra and release all your present emotions and thoughts
      2. Be in the Heart Mudra and say, “I release the unknown past memories that prevent me from getting a good job”
      3. Be in the Vital Essence (Hara) Mudra and chant “I release my desire to be in a hood job and I love myself totally”
      4. Be in the vitality Mudra and chant” TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW”
      5. Be in the Pushan Mudra and chant “I release resistance to accept good job offers”

  3. Dear Mr Naran,

    I am currently working.I plan to apply for Masters in th UK to start in September 2013.Can you suggest what mudras and switch words I can do so as to get accepted for masters and move from my current job


  4. akruthi,
    chant together move on

  5. Dear Sir,

    I need you help, My friends daughter has fallen in love through online chat and calls , she never met him physically till date. my friends family tried contacting the guy and asked him , “Does he really love the girl will he marry her” but the guy informed bluntly that he will not marry my friends daughter. and he did not love her either.Her father is badly hitting the girl alot request her to forget the boy and go ahead with life. but she is not listening.

    I request you to support my friends family and help with switch words or bach flower remedies to change the girls mind. sir i am sreelatha attended your mudra class class at hyd.

    Sir, kindly suggest ASAP. Its a humble request.

  6. naranji
    my husbands got release in the current project on 8 feb .he is searching for another proj with in company .what is the sw for getting a project and he is looking for onsite opportunity plz suggest a sw for this

  7. Respected sir,
    I am presently working in a private company and i am really fed up of going office daily ..the same job same work but no improvement in our financial condition.I wud like to do a bussiness of my own tat makes me go higher level in my life financially so that i can look after my children very well and fulfill their requirements and give them a good education…..can U please suggest me a mudra for this?

  8. Hema
    chnt wildoat walnut together divine

  9. naranji
    i chanted gentain honeysuckle and he is trying for a job abroad and he got an interview call .it will be scheduled in this week .can u suggest a SW for getting this job and overallprogression of his career and our life

    thank for all ur support

  10. meera,

  11. naranji,
    i chanted WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE daily.he hasnt get the call and any other projects.pls suggest a sw to get ajob oppurtunity abroad

  12. Sir I am chanting I release my resistance to get him as per your instructions and to my utter surprise it worked within few Chanting and he contacted me back ….and everythin was fine he started takin my cals replyin my messaes but just few days and his beahiviour is back ….infact i started chanting it with more believe and faith ….i keep it chanting day and is the only chant i do everytime ….and now started doin it with acceptance mudra too…..
    what should i do more to see better results …
    sir plz help me …

  13. atewhs,
    add scleranthus

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