Find Stability in Family and Job


I have a problem. I have been married since a year and was pregnant as soon I got married but had to abort as my husband didn’t wanted the child so soon.

And he doesn’t want kids. He says he is just happy with me, and his parents, as kids are a burden. Please help me change his mind-set about kids.

My parents are very eager for the kids. They are disappointed. Due to this, there are clashes between my parents and my husband. Now he is not speaking to them.

And my Sister in law stays nearby. She keeps coming daily to our house with her kids due to which there are problems, and I get irritated.

Please help me to make my husband change his mind about kids and be in love with my parents.

And moreover my job is also in danger. I don’t have project since 6 months and searching outside. That is also not helping.


Be in the following Mudra: index and middle fingers at the base of the thumb, while thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers, on both the hands and chant “FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW”.

Write “HOLLY WILLOW” in a paper and keep it under the pillow.


Mudra: worry and constant fear makes one unstable because the air element is more and it has to be reduced to regain the balance and stability. So you bend the index and middle fingers. The little and ring fingers form the Safe and Secure Mudra. When Safe and Secure Mudra doesn’t work, then the variation in Mudra position mentioned above will work.

FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW: these switch words is to find the job

Holly and Willow: the Bach flower remedies to forget and forgive.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Mr.Naran,
    My son is watching the English movie whole night and sleeping in the morning till afternoon. He is looking for a job but no interview till now. How to stop watching movies the whole night and to concentrate in job searching and continue the study of his last exam which is in May 2013.
    Please suggest dome urgent remedy

  2. omshanthi7,
    give him the gem remedy cats eye and flower remedies scelranthus wildrose walnut vervain

  3. Dear Naran Sir,

    Can you suggest some SWs that I can chant so that my confirmation would be done on time without any issues.
    My senior have extended the timeline for my confirmation and I am worried that there should not be any issues with it. Feeling a bit insecure here in the current market where there are no good job opportunities as of now. Pls suggest.


  4. kishor,
    chant waterviolet larch mimulus gentian wildrose

  5. Sir I have a job but getting very less salary even i am graduate Engg. surching for high salary job from last 3 years but not getting due to so many not known reasons.

  6. Sir I am always tensed as i am working in private sector and economically not kind enough to full fill family requirement my relation due to this with wife day by day getting very weeker. i am feared due to my job may it with me or i may loose it. not getting other one

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