Instructions for Solutions @ your fingertips

How to do the Mudras mentioned in the solution?

Please refer the links against each Mudra.

Chin Mudra

Heart Mudra

Vital Essence or Hara Mudra

Vitality Mudra

Pushan Mudra or Acceptance Mudra

Order of doing the Mudras

Do them in the same order mentioned.

12 minutes each – you can increase the time, but not for lesser time.

Continuously without break – you can’t do them in different times; they had to be done together.

Do them at least once a day and for better results, twice a day.


Chant the relevant switch words while doing the Mudras, as mentioned in the blog. The chanting can be louder or silent, as per your preference.


They can be done during any part of the day, though morning is preferable, while you are sitting, standing, or walking. Of course, closing the eyes, in sitting position, focused, will get better results. Don’t be too hard on yourself and do it as per convenience.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks a lot Mr.Naran. My son left to Mumbai yesterday as he could not get the job. Now he will give his final exam in May and will return to Dubai.

  2. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am a regular reader of your blog. It is my pleasure that I have found your blog. After reading some experiences from your blog, I felt that I could seek some help from you. I will be thankful, if you could give me some direction to resolve my personal problems.
    I am facing two major problems in my life:
    I am having masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from highly reputed university in US. I was working there as well. But in 2009 recession, I lost my job and came back to India. Since then I am facing huge financial problem. There is no stability as such. I am always worried on the financial front.
    Second problem is about the job change. I am currently working in Bangalore and would like to go back to my native place Pune. But I am not finding any suitable job in my native place (Pune) after having such a solid education and experience.
    I will be really thankful, if you could give me some divine solution to end these critical problems.

    TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDY WALNUT GENTIAN LARCH two pills each four times a day.
    chant OM LAM NAMAHA as many times as possible

  4. Hi Sir,

    My boyfriends parents are not accepting for our marriage. we are trying to convince them for past three years but not successful. We want the marriage to happen very soon. Please help us.

  5. Priya,

  6. I am jobless for past 8 month please suggest me what to do…. My DOB 17th July 1972 Time 6.45 am

  7. Dnyanesh Mhatre

  8. Guruji Namaste,
    Please help me with my relationship with my daughters. My husband had an extra-marital affair with a woman whose kids go to the same school as my daughter. They used to be friend in primary school. They now met again at high school & want to befriend my daughter again. I’m very insecure about this because I don’t want any problems with my husband and I & that woman. I went through my daughters phone and saw that they are friends on bbm (blackberry mesenger) . My daughter & husband fought with me because I deleted those friends. please could I have switchword for my daughter to keep away from those girls as they are mocking her at school also switchword for my daughter to listen to me & respect & love me.

  9. shobha,
    whenever you want to change or control your daughter, say, I accept my anger can i release all my anger? say, yes i release this anger. Similarly welcome your fear and say i release my fear.
    After doing this say also i release my desire to control or change my daughter. I accept everything as it is. Then say to your daughter whatever you have to say.
    Take the flower remedies Redchestnut rescue remedy daily.
    write in a paper bow concede together praise and keep it under the pillow

  10. I am searching for a good bridegroom for my daughter since one year but I am not able to find good one please help

    • vanajaramesh

      • Respected sir,
        After chanting SWEET CHESTNUT, WATER VIOLET, GORSE, OAK, HORNBEAM God has shown a wonderful good bridegroom for my daughter but she is not accepting by giving silly reasons. I will be very very greatful to you if you please suggest me any remedy urgently.

  11. Prasanna Kumar

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking for a good remedy from you.

    My issue is : My parents are not accepting for love marriage. i have told about this to my parents three years ago. But still they are not convinced about this. My girlfriend’s parent who dint accept in the past has now come forward and accepted for marriage. Since my parents has not accepted its been dragging for a long time.

    My parents think if I do a love marriage, something will go wrong. But i want to make them understand that all will be fine and they themselves accept for my marriage and do it in a couple of months.

    Please let me know a good remedy/chant for this issue Sir

    Prasanna Kumar

  12. I am really depressed with my life. I always face failure in life whether it’s personal or professional. However much I try till now I have got failure in both spheres.

    I have studied from the best colleges and have good degrees. But in spite of lots of efforts I am unable to find a good job. Now I even don’t have hope that will get a good job.

    Secondly the things that bother me hurt me and keep me low is my relationship with the guy. I really love him and want to marry him only. He says he loves me but he is very stubborn and calls me when he wants to talk. He does things according to his will.

    Tell me some mantras to chant so that he also understands me, his behavior improves towards me and we can be together for lifetime.

  13. neha,
    Take the flower remedies CHICORY, GORSE and HORNBEAM – each two pills, three times a day.


  14. Naran Sir
    my husband suddenly lost the job due layoff by the company.
    we dont know when they will recall him
    pls help with mantra to chant.
    thank you verymuch

  15. chandra
    chant gorse clematis larch find divine order count now

  16. Guruji Namaste,
    my mother is suffering from Liver cyrosis please help me by suggesting any WONDERFULremeady , mudra and switch words.Lot of Heart felt thanks in advance.

  17. vanajaramesh

  18. Dear Sir,

    I came across your blog and got amazed of the Techniques followed.
    I have done my Reiki Level 1 and 2.
    I have lost my job ,bcos of Cost cutting by the current Company. Right from my earlier stage my career path is not good.
    So i am in stagnant state ,as in which direction my life will move forward .

    Pls guide me

    S.Guru Prasadh

  19. I would like clarity and centeredness in life. I want to listen to divine guidance and trust myself. Any advice please?

  20. My humble respects! I was moved to find your website and all the guidance you provide. There are periods when I can meditate and exercise everyday and then I completely lose focus and discipline. I would like some guidance in having the discipline to wake up early and do my physical and spiritual practices every morning for the rest of my life. Any guidance you can provide would be deeply appreciated.

  21. Thanks for the post!

    Can we perform this set even if we have particular doshas, for example vatta+kapha?

  22. Hi, I was searching for mudras for marriage and came across your website. You advised a 28 year old lady to do some mudras for delay In marriage. I wanted to know if I could do the same mudras too.

  23. Yogananda Raj Urs KH

    Hello Respected,
    I completed my post graduation and now I am facing financial problems and also I am looking for job in Teaching profession. Please help me in getting job and to be with stable financial condition, by mudras.
    Thanking yours
    Yogananda KH.

  24. naran sir
    i m 29 yr female .can i also do this mudra and mantras as i m also facing many problem .my parents searching soulmate for me for past 4 year but still we didnot find match .i want to get married as soon as possible.i m very depressed please help me

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