Safe and Secure Mudra

Thumb touches the ring and little fingers, on both the hands.

  • You will sleep like a child.
  • If there are a lot of worries, you will be able to release it.
  • When you think you have a financial problem, not able to meet your financial issues or whenever you need money, then do this Mudra.
  • When you want money, chant the switch words, “FIND COUNT DIVINE”, while doing this Mudra. Even if you don’t have a source to get money, you will still get it.

FIND – find by chance or by luck.

It is a command to the subconscious mind, directing it to find the money somewhere, because I want to COUNT.

DIVINE means find it miraculously.

Other benefits of this Mudra are:

  • This Mudra also can erase any bad name. You don’t know how to mend your status in life.
  • This Mudra activates moon energy in you. You will become popular when moon is activated.
  • Moon is also required for harmony.
  • When a person is angry we always have a tendency to resist and react with anger. This is our natural tendency.
  • When somebody criticizes you, then be in this Mudra. He will go away or his anger will come down. When you change your energy, the opposite person’s energy has to change too.
  • Whenever you are angry or feel irritated then do this Mudra. It is a relationship Mudra.
  • This is also a stress buster.
  • You can chant flower remedies while doing the Mudra.

For some more information about this Mudra, please refer the link:

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    I am supplier to wipro limited my company name is RR plastics. company has developed two moulds which is costing 2lakhs
    but i am not invested for the mould .

    other vendor name sri-sai-merchant lady is the priprietor for this company.
    I have told to her invest for the mould and she told if my company will register in wipro then she told she will invest.I told i will try my level best to happen but it coundnt register the company.
    I have told let it be in my name once the mould cost will clear I will take the profit from the component.

    but almost 1 half year completed almost her mould cost has been cleared .

    1 component cost profit is 25 rupees per pieace.almost 9000 nos gone till date she received the profit 2,15,000/ recently some due 20000 rupees i told iwill give two days later she started fight with me.

    some four months back she told to give the mould cost i some how conviced and told let few days to go.

    i am frequently interacting with her i already taken 3 years back 1lakh 50 thousand credit with her for 5% till now i have paid more than 2lakhs. per month 7500 interest still she did not have any symathy on me.
    my final intention is clear her mould cost and clear the interest amount and come out her life .

    plz…help me over come this problem i m desperately need your helpsir.

  2. shreenivas rao
    chant CENTAURY CHICORY VINE ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD daily as frequently as possible

  3. Respected sir,
    I have cleared the interset amount 1 lakh 50 thousand and then my father asked any due amount available with her and i have told i have to clear die charges of amount 2 lakhs and my father started to scould me from 2 years you are giving all the profit to her and now you are saying to clear die charges my father is totally is varied but i will clear die charges on next month will this is ok tell me what to do and plz..suggest me to teach her big lesson never forget me in her life and i did not do any bad for her but i want to teach her lesson i have lost so much things in my life .plz….suggest me help me come out from her life

  4. shreenivas rao

    Respected sir,
    Plz….replay to the above comment

  5. Is it necessary to chant mantra along with this mudra to improve financial situation?

    And the second question):

    Can I change English chants, that go with mudras to my native language? It seems to that it will ease the process for me, but as I don’t know in detail the process how it works I am not sure.

  6. My wife has filed a divorce case against me with lots of false allegations. I am ready to give divorce but I cannot pay big alimony as I am myself unemployed for over 2 yrs. I am not able to get a honest lawyer in her place till now. So I have to fight for myself. Kindly advise a remedy / mudra with which I can handle the situation smoothly. So that she is released from my life smoothly. Will Safe and Secure mudra be enough or can I do anything else for this?

  7. Hi Naran,

    If you can show some pictures, videos or drawings with your articles, will be a great help..


  8. feels fear/ uncomfortable to talk in English in office meetings

  9. This is a wonder remedy. I do it the first thing in the morning as I am staying with my aged father who sometimes gets angry quickly. By doing this mudra I not only ensured that I am in a peaceful and controlled state of mind, also he behaves in a more patient way nowadays.

  10. megharaja kuruni

    I am in love with a lady but she loves or not is problem ineed her as a life partner.Please give solution

  11. Isn’t this Mudra the same as the Pran Mudra?

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