Uses of Chin Mudra

If you are angry you can do this Mudra. It activates and balances Apana Vaayu. When you have a back pain or any pain for that matter, do this Mudra.  Unwanted Apana Vaayu will be released in 15 minutes.

This Mudra activates air and air means movement. Whenever you are in a traffic jam, it will create movement in you and thus movement outside you.

It reduces infatuation.

It also helps us to avoid misconduct between male and female.

Refer this blog to know more details about Chin Mudra:


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Naran,
    I am impressed with the non conventional solutions that you have been offering and wonder if you can help me too!

    I am an IT professional and one of the best performers in my team, yet I have not been able to get a promotion in last 3 years. Also, my career ambition is to become a successful entrepreneur and attract good business and money. Please advice me a solution which will help me gain strength throughout my career and fulfill my dreams.
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Take the flower remedy Hornbeam and walnut. Each 5 pills three times a day. These remedies are available in Homeopathy shops, if you are outside chennai. if you are in chennai, come and meet me in person, by fixing up an appointment

  3. p lease advice some mantras for headache the cause is not known

    • you have to strengthen your liver. keep your bowels without constipation.Dont take any fat.
      chant ee jo by doing chin mudra

  4. Sir my daughter is studying in 11th standard. still she is not showing interest in studies. In half yearly she got 17 out of 150. you asked me to write slow care and 398 both i m chanting and wrte it in a paper and kept it under her pillow. no change. SCLERANTHUS WILDROSE CLEMATIS u suggested these tablets for studies. i gave (August)6 in each only in the night, because she will come back at 6.00 in the evening. she took it for 10 days only. she is feeling boar to take these she said. my husband scolding me that i have wasted his money. what can i do. pls tell me some sw to change my dauhter. i beg u sir. This month end revision exam is going to start. with ur divine help she must get ateast pass mark in all subjects. kindly help me. pls sir pls. give me some sw. i m ready to chant . pls sir pls.I m eagerly waiting for ur reply.

    sir, +1 exam date also announced that is on March 5th. kindly help me sir. i am waiting for ur reply pls pls pls sir.

    • M
      chant hold divine over a glass of water and give that water to drink

      • sir, . i told u already that my daughter is studying in 11th std. My problem is her class teacher and one of her subject teacher are always scolding her. They are complaining that “her thinking is not good. try to control otherwise u cannot change her” like that so many things. Her teacher asking her what i told these things are correct only know i didnt tell lie arent i she asked to my daughter.. my daughter said yes miss. because she doesnt want to argue with her. If i said no again she will tell something thats why she said.
        I know very well about my daugher. She is talkative. But charectorwise she is good. If any one made a mistake her teacher is scolding my daughter only. Yesterday also my daughter came and told me that her subject teacher went and told to her class teacher that my daughter is copying. She never do that. She came and crying. Already she is weak in studies at the same time her teachers are doing like this means what can i do.
        Thats why i m begging u to give me a sw to change her teachers to lovable charactor. That both of her teachers too love my daughter. Her class teacher used to scold all her students in this way only. But in my daughters case she used to scold more. Kindly understand my daughters feelings. Pls give me a sw to
        get both of her teachers affection.
        (my language is very bad really sorry for that)
        i m expecting ur reply as soon as possible. pls sir.

  5. Sir, my husband doing used car buying selling business. At present he has no money so no business for 10 months. His big amount are struckup with his friends. He gave them for interest. They are not paying the interest amount also. So he asked to return back the money. They are asking extra timing 2 months 4 months like that. Now he is paying interest because our financial condition is very poor.

    So I m asking u to give me the sw to do his business nicely.
    Sw to get back these amount as soon as possible.
    I am waiting for ur reply. Kindly give me the sw for his business. We don’t know how he is going to solve his financial problems. Really I m telling u that u r my god u solved so many problems through sw.

    Pls give me the sw to get business and also to get back my money. He pledged my jewels and gave it to them. I m waiting for ur divine help.
    With regards.

  6. Sir pls give me the sw for business too. I don’t know how to explain my critical situation. Kindly help me sir . Thanks a lot for ur reply.

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