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Uses of Fire Mudra

Also called as Agni Mudra or Surya Mudra.

Place the ring finger in the base of the thumb, strengthens eyes.

It reduces weight too. Whenever somebody comes to me, the first request would be, whether there is any remedy to reduce their weight. People who are over weight or look obese, their fat level is high and it is not burnt properly. If the fire element is activated, the weight can be brought down. Though, don’t see the weighing machine after doing the Mudra for 1 hr. Do it daily and check it after 20-30 days.

If you want to break away from somebody or not to talk to someone, when you want to assert yourself, and not able to say no to anybody then do this Mudra. You will automatically be able to say no, whenever you want to. You will not behave like a door mat.

This Mudra is good for anaemia – where there is less of iron.

When there is physical exhaustion do this Mudra.

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