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Chronic Health and Financial Issues


Is there a Mudra for cleansing the basic chakra?


Keep the index finger at the base of the thumb on both the hands.

This is the LETTING GO Mudra.

Keep for 10 minutes. It increases oxygen level.

Then be in SAFE and SECURE Mudra (ring and little fingers touching the tip of the thumb on both the hands) for 10 minutes. This Mudra is also called as Prana Mudra.


If there are chronic health and financial problems will it be beneficial to do both the Mudras and chant the Bija mantras (OM LUM NAMAHA, OM VUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM HUM NAMAHA)? If so, what should the duration for the Mudras be?


You can chant the mantras while doing the Mudras) so.

15 minutes per Mudra will be ok.


When you fall sick, one or more of the chakras will get affected. Chanting of Bija Mantras cleanses, energizes and balances all chakras – which are the energy centers for our physical, mental and Pranic bodies:

We will get a good mood, by chanting the Bija mantras. When we chant Bija mantras, we will feel energized and uplifted. It also drives away cancer:

Decrease in oxygen level is the reason for all health-related issues. Letting Go Mudra fixes this problem.

Safe and Secure Mudra will bring in financial stability in your life:



Are there any Mudras, Yoga exercise, or Reiki for curing the snoring problem?

Naran S. Balakumar

Snoring means less oxygen to the throat and head area. How one can increase oxygen to these areas through Mudras?

  • Adi Mudra can help. The thumb should touch the bottom of the little finger and closed by other fingers. Do it on both hands for 15 to 30 minutes a day. You can do it while walking or lying down or while watching TV.



  • Increasing the space element is important too. The space in the tongue area is less. Thumb touching the middle finger can help.  Do this space Mudra after Adi Mudra. Instructions are the same.



  • While doing the Mudras, on Inhalation, chant PAHANG and on exhalation, chant HIPPIENG, within the mind. These two words increase the space in the neck area.
  • One has to check for Cervical Spondylosis. There may be a problem in the cervical area of the spine, for which doing Yogasanas can help. Please check with your local yoga expert.
  • Alternatively, visit a chiropractor and make the necessary correction.
  • Affirm, “I am at ease with all. I understand the value of relationship.” This affirmation will help.
  • Body care companies of Japan manufacture pillows that take care of snoring. There are good testimonials. Search for them on the web. Please come back with the company selected, I will direct whether that product is reliable or not.

Good luck to your partner and your neighbors to Sleep Well J

To know more about Mudras, please click the link:

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