Find your Soulmate


What can I chant to find my truly love, my Soulmate?


Listen to the “I love myself” CD over headphone.

Find Mr. Right


Please suggest a mantra to find Mr. Right and get married to him soon. I really miss a good relation in my life.



Love and Accept Yourself

(Discussed in Hyderabad Mudra Class)

First love yourself and accept yourself. For loving and accepting oneself deeply and totally VITAL ESSENCE MUDRA (Hara Mudra) is necessary.

If anybody remains single, the energy of this Mudra or the energy produced by the Mudra is lacking in that person. That means that childlike innocence is absent and this Mudra gives the childlike innocence.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir is there any bach flower essence to love and accept oneself deeply?
    Thank you

    • Pine: to accept oneself totally, we don’t need other’s approval
      Heather: Need not seek love outside, it is in plenty inside
      Chicory: love others selflessly to love oneself completely

  2. sir , i have purchased power symbol cards but i don’t know how to use them . I badly required to use power symbol 64 to know loyalty of person.
    i have two proposals , as per suggestion , i was using sweetchestnut too and selected one person.But we come to know from some source that , he was suffering from some mental disorder, despite our efforts we are not able confirm this. I’m on same platform .
    I have done silver triangle exercise to heal my relationship with my ex-husband and his family for three days but somehow i can still relate situation of my ex-husband and this person whom we have chosen. Do I need to practice more.

  3. LAKSH, Continue the silver triangle. have you put your mother’s grand parent’s issue also in the silver triangle.first heal the mental state of yourself and your mother(at your age) in the silver tirangle. What did you do with silver triangle. That is not clear.
    Sweetchestnut has really helped you. can’t you notice that?
    There are two circles. in the first circle, the symbol is there. In the second circle, which is united with the arrow, write the name of the person to be healed.
    ii method: within the circle which contains the symbol, write your name.
    III method: you can keep the symbol under the pillow. in the day time,you can keep the symbol in the pocket or in the hand bag which you carry.
    Once or twice, see the symbol follow the strokes of the symbol visually for 5 minutes.
    If you think you need 5 symbols for healing, take a copy of each symbol, paste it on a single sheet, and do as above.
    Chakra healing with symbols
    If you know the positions of chakras,keep the symbol on each chakra, breathing deeply and slowly for 1 or 2 minutes on each chakra. if the switch words are available repeat the switch words while keeping the symbol on the chakras.
    if you want to keep the symbol on others’ chakras, take a copy of chakra pictures. place the symbol on each chakra for two minutes. By placing your hand on the symbol, chant the relevant switch words.
    You may think you want to heal five or six issues at the same time. The healing spectrum of healing symbols is so vast, that you may have confusion, in selecting the issue to be healed.
    method to select the issue for healing:
    list out the issues – 5or 4 – select the symbols.
    write the issues one by one. Tell yourself that you out of five you can heal only four.
    then think and delete the one which can wait. Write the issue separately in another column give it the last number.
    then repeat the same question. Out of four you can heal only 3. eliminate it and send it to the next column as 4. Repeat the process, till you arrive to the last one.
    read the second column, select the two which is numbered as 1 and 2.This is how you should prioritize.

  4. thank you sir . I am obliged with your kind and timely help. thanks a lot.

  5. Dear sir Naranji what are the products whci are very healful for person who needs spiritual advancement of himself/herself? CD,bachflower ,cards of different subjects? switchwords,Numbers,Power Symbol cards …..would you guide me Sir.What will be best .Thanks with gratitude.

  6. sir
    my mother aged 52 lost her vision after eye surgery we are contacted all the splt but no use pls help us any remedie or mudra or mantra for my mothers vision pls pls pls

  7. I want to find the love of my life the one of my desires and have a beautiful home on same side of town I want to be at and wanting to always be lucky what should I chant in switch words

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