Can’t keep extra money ever


I noticed that I cannot keep excess money ever.

All of them gone by the 5th day of getting paid.

I feel as though I must spend it as soon as I have it. Or some unexpected ill comes to take the remaining amount.

My goal is to pay off all of my debts and have healthy savings so that I can travel, pay for classes and start a small biz.

I know my parents also have issues with money – they never had any savings and are very wasteful.

What method of healing do you suggest to accomplish my goal?


  1. Download a picture of WILD ROSE and keep it under the pillow, for cutting the expenses.
  2. Be in Pushan Mudra daily for at least 20 minutes.
  3. For savings be in the Vitality Mudra (Pran Mudra) while in the bed and chant TOGETHER COUNT.


WILD ROSE: the Bach flower remedy when you had given up and watching things lamely

PUSHAN MUDRA: the Acceptance Mudra to balance your income and expenditure.

VITALITY MUDRA: the safe and secure Mudra for money and stability.

TOGETHER: the switch word will take care of your internal resistance to save money

COUNT: to find money

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can I follow the same method? I have the same problem. I find that even though i am earning well, I am unable to save it. Expenses come up and i find my wasting money at other times.

    Can I follow this same method to save money? I need to save enough to buy a house.

  2. I am always short of money and in debts. I had written to earlier about debts…but I am scared to chant to eliminate debts as I am afriad that would mean paying them off in lump sum from whatever money I get….this would make things even more difficult for me. How can I get more money without creating new debts, so that I can meet my expenses easily and clear off debts without being stressed out? I am so tired of thinking and worrying about money and meeting expenses

    • jeena,
      you are not running your life. Come out of stress. The divine is the distributor of money. He always balances the receiving and giving of money for every human being. Thank the divine when you get the money,and when you spend money.Thank the money when you get the loan. Then only you can repay your debts.
      Your fear about taking any corrective step is keeping you in the same state. Have you ever analysed your mind. You have been in a state of fear and worry. Had these mental states helped you or not?
      If not, why fear and worry. Your fear and worry have made you tired mentally and physically. Not to be stressed is in your hands.
      take the flower remedy Rescue Remedy and Mimulus to overcome your fear.
      Whitechestnut Chicory and hornbeam to move off from the present mental rut. Take these remedies for a period of minimum two months.

      • THank you so much, Sir. I will do as you have advised. Yes I constantly worry about money. I will take these remedies and hope to overcome this way of thinking

  3. Hello Sir,

    As I am constructing a house, my money is going out and I need more money. What can I do for that? I am running short of money. I do not want to pull out of my little savings. I wud like to borrow an then payoff the loan asap.

    Please help me.


  4. Good afternoon Mr.Naran.

    My Salary is stuck with the company for about 11 months due to financial problems of the Company. How can i get this stuck money as early as possible??? (Within next 30 days). Also 3 months salary is stuck for the whole factory.

  5. Aatma
    take the flower remedies chicory gentian hornbeam 2 pills each three times a day.
    chant together count divine now

    • Sir as per ur given Sw i got some new clients for cn u plz sugest Sw so that i can b able to satisfy my clients fr their purpose and keep healthy relation with them.also i want to increase my fee for my old clients n want that they might nt hv any prblm with that.

  6. Namaste sir,
    I recently I went through with your blogs. Must be frm one month & frm then till now I every day check your new blogs. I mentioned my 3-4 problems several times but I never got any response frm you sir. I m staying in overseas & I can’t get batch flowers here. I want to write my problems, pl. help me sir.
    1. I am a kidney transplant patient & becoz of medication & all my weight increased, my hair is falling so much that scalp can see, my face & neck become puffy. I feel myself very bad & ugly. Whenever I see myself in the mirror ,I think why I am living with this kind of ugly changes. So pl. sir help me to look myself in my original beauty, &wanto be very slim.
    2. I am 50+ & my husband is 59. We don’t have any savings , investments & I am scared how to survive after retirement. Pl. help me with some switch words to win TOTO & 4D jackpot lucky draws in my country. i want to buy 1800 Sq ft. 4bedroom private house in the gated community with all facilities in the centre of my city.I have two sons, one is marriage aged son & other one is studying his engineering. Both are good by heart but we don’t want ask anything to them, as long as we want to lead our own life with out anyone’s help.we want love & affection frm them even after their marriages.
    3. My husband is very hard working person & very content person, but he is not getting that much appreciation & salary and position. He want to be chief engineer & $10,000/per month. He is tired of hectic job, so he want some relaxed job in comfortable manner. Money whatever comes all flows & always in tension when extra expenditure comes. Pl. help me to chant some switch words. I want him to be healthy & active in life.
    4. We are looking good matches for my son but its very hard to get proper girl.we want good looking, well mannered & cultured, who can take good care of my son & can maintain good relation with inlaws. We want him to marry in early 2014. We want him to stay with us after marriage also . My sons very fast irritate for every small things, even if talk normally. Pl. help me for above all problems by giving some switch words.
    I wii be very thankful if u can help me in this regards.

  7. PJK
    buy flower remedies crab apple and Aspen regularly for a month.


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