Receive Unconditional Love


Could you please say if there is any Mudra for love so as to show my unconditional love to husband?


Touch your thumb with little and ring fingers (Safe and Secure Mudra) on both the hands and see the picture of the Mother’s Flower Red Balsam (the picture is available at the centre).

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir,
    My girlfriend broke off with me as she thinks that i have hurt her a lot. She has build up a big misunderstanding in her mind and broken the relationship with me. i went through an extreme pain. i tried a lot to convince her but nothing worked. now we are not together. still we talk with each other very rarely. when i try to talk to her, she seems not much interested in me. she says that if we have to meet then we will meet by GOD’s wish.but i don’t know if she will come back to me or not as we hardly talk. without any conversation she would soon forget me. i have also tried to forget her as sometimes i feel that if she don’t realize my importance for her then why should i hurt myself by going again and again to her and get refused.
    But somehow i remember those sweet memories that we spent together for the last 2 years and hence i am not able to forget her and i feel the pain from inside of missing her a lot. i love her a lot, thats the reason i m going through a lot of pain…
    pls suggest some SWs that will help me to come out of this state. rest i leave upto GOD whether we will meet or not keeping in mind that everything happens for good.


  2. kishor,
    chant CHICORY GENTIAN HONEYSUCKLE HORNBEAM as many times as possible

  3. hello sir. sir i wish to receive love from someone i like i dont know he might not be with me in future. but me love him very wish that he only loves me.just receive his love true love. wish nothning more from him. love and care true. can u plz tel m mantra. or number plz.

  4. i wish to give him my love too. but we wont be toghethr for long i know the reason. i just want him to love me forver i did many mistkes so i wish he loves. i love him very much. i wish he is for whtvr with m jst never misuse me mean leav m forlike any othr guy. we might nver b tghthr but he keeps loving me. jst tht

  5. sorry sir. dnt reply me for this wuestion. m dnt want him to love m in his life bcoz im chanting this. i just wish we remain happy with eachothr no matter what happns. n if he wants he wil love m. m extremely sorry sir for posting like this.

  6. but jsut wish to receive love from people around me. plz tel me what should i do for receiving love. thank u very much sir

  7. I have never ever get any credit or appreciation of my deeds in my whole life,if I work with my husband he takes all the credits from everybody , if I am wOrking with my friends then all the credits they recieve. I don’t know why, so many times I can see easily that people are getting jealous of me and without any reason pulling me down or back biting me. I just don’t feel like to make any close friends now, and dont feel like to open up with any body . I love to be social and like to get credits of my honest work . Please help me.

    • VANDANA,
      WRITE in a piece of small paper, WATERVIOLET HOLLY ROCKROSE. keep it in your left hand close the paper with the right hand and chant this daily 100 times.

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