Movement happens without fail


I am so amazed at how quickly it works. While, working my way through very serious construction related traffic and with only a few minutes to catch a bus, I did the movement Mudra. The traffic which had been at a complete standstill, started to move in less than a min!

Shobana Gopi

One of my relatives is a driver. He was driving a VIP, who is a director from one of the top software companies in India. The latter had to attend a meeting in Mumbai, without fail.

They were caught in a traffic, which wasn’t moving even an inch. The VIP told my relative to somehow beat the traffic and help him catch his flight.

My relative did the Movement Mudra while they were stuck in the traffic. He suddenly found a way, went through a long route not generally used by the public and reached the airport on time.

The director was so happy that he gave my relative a good tip.


The Movement Mudra is done by touching both index and middle fingers with the tip of our thumb on both the hands.

Whenever you are stuck up in life, say there is no progress in a project or work, or as in the above cases in a traffic jam, movement Mudra helps.

While driving or doing some work, you can also chant the switch words “HALF-WAY DIVINE” to reduce the time taken to complete the task on hand. You can chant the switch words, while doing the Mudra too.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. This work like miracle.

  2. namaste naranji, i dont know what i m asking is right r wrong ,my parents saw a girl fa me fa marriage n both families agreed but opinion of girl is still 50/50 n she is not ready to agree whole heartedly so please tel me switch words so she n her family will agree n we marry each other n live happily.. thank u

  3. sandeep,

  4. Hi sir, my friend works as a school teacher and most of the time uses Halfway divine to reach the school on time. Even though sometimes if its too late also she used to escape from the principal just by chanting :-)Thanks to ur divine methods.

  5. Hi Sir,
    I have recently moved to US after getting married and resigning my present job .Could you please let me know the remedy(switch words) for getting job here

    Thank you.

  6. sree,
    find divine job count now done

  7. naranji,namaste. your switch words ‘half way divine’ with’ movement mudra’ have a tremendous power to clear traffic jam as i have get benefited while face any traffic jam on way. b.dash

  8. I want to let go unwanted relatives from my house.. They disturb my privacy n also they r here continually one after other.. Plz help

  9. Help me to get rid of unwanted guest in my house from last 9 months.. N they r still coming…. Again n again

  10. swati,
    I remeber Naran sir had suggested writing Ruby in a piece of paper and keeping it for a similar problem in one of the pages in this site

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