Simple Life Solutions

Mudras are so simple that anybody can do it – irrespective of age, sex or creed. You don’t need to have any worries, whatsoever.

Anita Vij: Safe and secure Mudra is very beneficial. All our worries are gone by doing this Mudra before going to sleep.

Mudras can be combined with Mantras, which doubles the effect of Mudras.

Sam: If I do the Chin Mudra before eating for 10 minutes, and by chanting Vallabam Gajaananam Eka Thantham then I am able to pick the right food, the right quantity of food – not less or more and the food I like to eat (as I eat food from different hotels and thus eating the food I like becomes very important).

Why Mantras, even switch words can be combined with Mudras.

Raj: I chanted the switch words, “MOVE ON” with the Movement Mudra for 15 minutes and “FIND COUNT DIVINE Job” for 15 minutes, twice a day for the last 20 days. Now, I have got two small projects on hand, which will keep me busy for the next 3-4 months.

You can combine color healing with Mudras.

Weight reduction: Blue helps in weight reduction. Visualize blue color filling your body or see a blue candle while doing Fire Mudra.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. saraswathi manchiraju

    sir my name is saraswathi we did busines for a period of 6 years and we closed the business with heavy loss and now my husband got a job which is the only source to us i pray you that he should settle in job and we should come up in life and settle. we have i kid of 5 years old studying first class. help us by sujjesting a solution what i have to do

  2. Hello Sir, I have lost my job 8 months back since then had problem with my health, suffering from digestive problem. Appreciate your help.

  3. Thank you sir, there is definitely progress in my health but I still need to recovered, may be it will take some more days. Is same mantra will get me a new job as I am jobless and sitting idle at home?(That was the main reason for my health getting upset). Thanks again for your wonderful work.

  4. Mahesh,
    chant TOGETHER FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE as many times as possible

    • Hello sir,
      Although I am slowly recovering from digestion problem but still not fully fit. Right now I am chanting beech walnut emerald. Is there any thing extra I can do to regain my full fitness?

      As I have already mentioned that I am looking for a job, and for that I am chanting TOGETHER FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE. So far no luck. Because of health problem I am not able to search job properly. In one of the company every thing is thro and even offer letter is also ready. But practice manager is not giving green signal to HR to release it. I wanted to attend your course last week but because health problem only dropped last minute.

      Please advise me.


  5. Sir,
    i have lady boss irish,very short temper, she want to terminate me, making me insult everyday, menawhile i ansered 3 interview, and i want one job i should get, as i have lots of financial issues to be sorted out.
    pls. tell me which mudra will make me to get new job faster with higher salary

    • prasad,
      when you meet her, be in safe mudra. thumb touching tips of little finger and ring finger. be in this mudra and chant TOGETHER COUNT CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW

      • sir,
        Thanks very much.
        today i got an offer from one company,but salary is same as now.
        how do i make them feel to increase my salary.
        as im looking for big salary.
        pls. tell me what to do.

  6. sir,
    i waiting for your reply as soon as possible

    • PRASAD,
      chant “i thank the divine for giving me increased many times as possible.

      • sir,
        today i resigned from the job, as i have another offer in hand
        but my present boss is very angry and he wants me to work for 2 months,but as per rule its is one months notice.
        he has intention to harass me.
        pls. help me how to tackle this situation,and also not to loose my new offer
        waiting for reply asap, as the situation is critical

  7. sir,
    waiting for your reply,and also i want good release from my present job,and good future in new job


  8. prasad,
    chant CENTAURY,HOLLY, CHICORY, MIMULUS as many times as possible. write this in a paper and keep it in your pocket.

  9. vijendra yadav

    sir .am unemployed persion and not having maney. i cant do anything. plz give me a any powerful mantr for those

  10. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your response. As I am chanting chanting beech walnut emerald for digestion problem, it is working but very slow. Is there any thing extra I can do along with that?

    Also by evening I will have Hyper acidity. Unless I take some allopathic tablet I do not feel comfortable. Please advise some remedy for digestion and Hyper acidity problem.


  11. Mahesh,
    you have to buy remedies from the centre. contact

  12. Naran ji
    My brother wants to study in canada.I want to chant for him so that he can get admission in that subject and settle in good job.please guide me.

  13. Lvaish,

  14. Naranji, . My husband is doing car buying and selling busines. now a days no money so he is simply sitting in a home. Pls kindly give me some sw to get money to do this business. At the same time his money is struckup with some frinds kindly help me to get back these money too. Now our financial condition is very poor. pls help me.

  15. Naran Sir,

    Am DP,One of my friend introduced your blog to me few days really blessed to see your blog and i read some portions which is really interesting and you are rendering good services to mankind.

    I have problem with my husband.He applied for Greencard long back and now when i asked about status he is saying like He cancelled the greencard as he interested in going back to india and lookafter parents.

    He asked me before applying GreenCard whereas now he cancelled without intimating me which is really worrying me much.
    Whenever I ask about this he diverts this topic.I have aim to settle well in future both in career and also financially but he is not sharing with anything

    Am not sure whether he is lying or what makes him to change his mind to cancel without intimating me…really confusing for me…

    Please help me to make him to share everything with me and help me in getting greencard.


    • dp,

      • Naran Sir,

        Thank You Sir…Will do accordingly and let you know the results.

        I wanted to share couple of things with you which was happened last week.
        1.My brother was procrastinating in work last friday .I told him to see EMU pic.He immediately taken print as he was in office when he was calling and hung at his desk and shown now and then.
        He completed his work promptly
        2.My cousin was trying to take MBA Exam correspondence as it was his dream but universtiy not sending him proper response and exam date was nearing.
        I told him to say whole heartedly “I thank divine grace for enrolling me into MBA Exam” 3 times as like it happened.
        He received mail couple of days before the exam date.He felt happy.

        Again thanks for your wonderful service to mankind.

        Onemore help which I need is my freind is staying in rent house and they have been trying to purchase property but its not clicking for them.
        Recently their house owner got expired and house owner’s wife is trying to sale house.My friend is interested in buying the same as house has sentimentally worked well for them and many good things happend for them.But she is hesitating to ask Owner.

        Please tell me switch word to make my friend to go and ask owner’s wife about house sale and purchase the same living house as per wish of my friend.

  16. Naran Sir,

    I am having obesity problem, my body weight I am not able to reduce
    and feeling always lethargic. My blood count is very low and not
    feel like doing any work nowadays. I am not a person who want to sit idle and do nothing., Because of overweight I am more depressed.

    Please advise.

  17. bhuvan
    chant coral emerald hornbeam in the morning times

  18. Dear Sir,

    I went for my checkup and the blood result found that my bad cholestrol is very high and need to reduce immediately. For my blodd count to increase I am eating well, how to hold my urge for eating junk foods. Please help me and advise.



  19. Sir
    My husband has same problem as mentioned above in question no 35 and doctor has prescribed tablet for cholesterol.instaed of taking medicine we have did major change in diet which is recommended in this type of problem.but his head becomes heavy.
    Can I chant cherry plum hold for my husband?
    We also have a fear in mind about happening something bad as horoscope indicates heart problem and as per suggestion my husband does not give water to God Sun.your article suggests change your horoscope.
    Please guide me so that I can chant for him. I can also give him a remedy energized water. One more thing to tell he is already on hypothyroid medicine for last five year.

  20. Naran sir
    I went through your blog.i am periods are delayed almost for 22 days.there should not be any chance of pregnancy due to precautions seems menopause symptoms as 6 month back also I went throug pregnancy test it w negative.but I donot want to take any risk.Also it is long process in foreign country for doctors appointment.please tell me chanting so that I can get periods.
    Please reply soon

  21. URMILA.

  22. Naran Sir
    Only one day chanting and my problem is solved.

  23. Dear Sir,
    Since last 3 years i am struggling for stability in my personal life as well as professional life but have been failing miserably my mind is all very restless and fear of unknown stays in my heart, m looking for a job nowadays but after initial process either the position goes on hold or i get rejected i am all depressed and blank, after going through your blog i have started chanting “Vallabam Gajanan mantra” i chant it through out the day for some days now, kindly suggest if i should continue chanting the mantra also if it will help me in getting married as well as getting a stable career!!

    Please help me sir to come out of this darkness of failure and instability.


  24. meenakshi,
    continue chanting.
    Be in safe mudra (both hands thumbs touching the tips of little and ring fingers) daily for 30 minutes.

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