At last My Son Got a Job


My son, Siddharth has completed M. Tech in Bio-technology. But still not found a job. He is already 24, and I am very worried and tensed. Kindly help us.

Already giving him WALNUT and SWEET CHESTNUT plus started chanting from yesterday, “FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”.

This is just FYI. Pls guide us.


Come out of tension.

  1. You take RESCUE REMEDY.
  2. Tap on yourself, “I accept myself totally”.
  3. Be in Pran Mudra for 20 minutes a day.

He will get a job.


I have started doing Pran Mudra for 20 minutes daily. Also taking Bach flowers, I am feeling much better. Now the anxiety for getting job for my son is slowly decreasing.

Since I do not know tapping, I am just affirming “I accept myself totally” is it ok? Thrice a day. Need your kind advise.


My son has not yet got the job. One of our family friends is trying the job for him in the pharmacy line only, which is his line and preference.

Kindly pray that it should happen urgently and need divine advice. Somebody predicted that he will go on changing the jobs till 2012 and will get best job only in 2013 (i.e., he will settle in the job only in 2013). I am feeling very depressed. But at the same time I feel that GOD can do anything. Pls advice.


  2. Write the statement for 21 times, “I activate that part of mind which believes in surrender”
  3. Write WALNUT around your son’s name. Take a piece of paper. Write the name. Draw a circle around the name. Draw another concentric circle around the first circle. In the gap, write walnut and keep it. Don’t do anything else other than this.
  4. Chant OM LUM NAMAHA. Om Lum Namaha if chanted alone will stabilize him. Chant this mantra alone for 300 times.


At last, my son got job of his liking. Even though the salary is not that great, at least I feel that divine door has opened for him. The job is like meeting top Doctors / Gynecologists and prospective customers and present about their products. What he should chant so that their prospective clients become their permanent customers or which mantra to be chanted.


  1. Write VERVAIN, OAK, HEATHER in a piece of paper and ask your son to keep it with him. Let him see the names and thank these flowers daily before making the calls.
  2. After coming back let him recollect the day’s proceedings and thank each and every incident and persons concerned.
  3. After waking up in the morning, let him affirm, “I submit myself to the divine order now on”

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Monika Pausey

    Dear Mr. Naran,
    I have been unemployed for over 8 years and I am just about to crack, I have tried everything, but nothing seems to be working.
    I have already written to you by my hotmail account, but maybe you never got the message Depression and disolution, isolation and sadness, but also immense anger change within me all day and night.
    I used to work in the Airline Industry as a Flight Attendant, now I am 53 and by the looks of it useless.
    Please, do you think you could help me, I am suicidal really, what else could I do.???

  2. I hav lost my job i want to get back the same what shud i do

  3. Monika Pausey
    you can do for three times a day. for 21 days.
    Add waterviolet to the existing combination of words suggested.

  4. Respected Sir,
    I m still without a job. My parents and social peers are asking me If IT is not happening for you then what. I have no answers for this. Sir, please guide me so that i get a job which is in align with my Divine Desire. I find out what i Like doing. and get a job in that field which is full of abundance.

    Thanks and regards
    Paresh Bhatt

  5. paresh bhatt,
    you want the job for your sake or for others’ sake!

  6. Hi,
    Iam very poor in analytical and creativity can I get those.i have tried so much but no use.please help me.

  7. Sir, One of my close relatives sons marriage is held on end of this month. Right from the beginning his son hate that girl. She looks ok thats why. But his parents and others convinced him like after marriage she ll be ok. u ll be good in life like that. After engagement he has started the same thing again his parents convinced him. After that he is not talking to his parents and others and he look always moody. His face is dull. After that he is sharing any thing to any one. Now again he said she looks not so good. How ll i share my life with her like that. What i am asking is kindly change his mind. He must love her. They must lead a good life. Their should be no quarrel or anything between them. They should be a that much of a couple like his parents. I beg u in this case to tell me some sw words to change his mind. This is one girls life. She is innocent. She loves him very much. Pls help me. Eagerly I am waiting for ur reply . Pls give me the solution immediately. There is no time. He wont take pills and all. Kindly give me some sw words pls sir.
    With regards,

    • THILAK,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT BEECH WALNUT WILLOW GENTIAN for his sake. you can chant this over a glass of water and give this water to him.
      In the morning say, three times, I thank the Divine for changing him to like and marry…..
      In the night, say, three times, I thank…(your borhter’s name) for happily accepting to marry …….

  8. Sir,
    My husband had a telephonic interview a month back and he got selected for face to face interview, and they asked him to forward documents too…. but till now they have not called him for the interview, its an golden opportunity for his career and for our life , if he gets this job our family will be safe we can join our parents too with us…. Its his dream company please advice me so that i can pray and do something for him to achieve his dream, I want his face to face interview to happen and he should get selected

    Our life turning point sir….. please help me…

  9. Sree,
    As your husband to commit that he will give 100% if selected

  10. sir…
    2 day back when we called to know the status of the Telephonic interview they said that the panels all interviews are cancelled 😦
    And he said he will process for an campaign interview which will be held on dec’12 ….we agreed to proceed bcos we dint had any other go…..
    ” MUSTARD GENTIAN CLEMATIS SCLERANTHUS GIVE DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE” should i chant the same for my husband even now… orelse is any changes in the chant …
    pls sir.. advice to proceed bcos we trust u

  11. sree,
    continue the same

  12. My son is looking for a Job in U.A.E. Please suggest remedies to get the job fast as per his choice. Remedies will be done by me on his behalf. Thanks Mr.Naran

  13. omshanti7
    chant together find divine job count now

  14. Sir, my mother has ovarian cancer fourth stage we are giving chemo therapy surgery also done to remove ovaries and uterus but she is suffering a lot kindly help me sir.

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