Heal your kidneys when there is dryness


Nobody likes to scratch their hair, or itch in front of others. Invariably you feel dryness in the hair or in the place where you feel like itching. Dryness means lack of water element. 70% of our body contains water, which is maintained by kidneys. So if there is dryness, then it means the water level is below par or the kidneys are not functioning properly.

How to increase the water element in the body?


Ring finger represents water element. Touch the tip of the thumb with ring finger on both the hands. This activates and normalizes water element within the body.

After 10 or 15 minutes, touch the place of dryness or itching for few minutes. Do it as and when you need.


When the water is less, then it means Kidneys needs more blue color. So fill it up with blue color. Imagine blue color entering your body through your feet, from mother earth and filling up your kidneys, which is situated on the back spine, exactly behind the belly button.

Hands on healing

You can also touch that part (behind belly button) with both the hands, while bringing in blue color. If you find it difficult to keep your hands like this, keep a pillow behind your back, so that your hands feel less discomfort.

It is a good practice to keep the hands this way whether you imagine blue color or not, 10 a minutes a day to tone up your kidneys.

Chinese Mantra

The mantra to activate kidneys is “CHU” (pronounce it as “CHOOOO”). Simply chant the mantra along with a long exhale whenever you can. If you find it difficult to exhale after few times then chant the mantra alone.

You can keep the hands on kidneys while chanting the Chinese mantra.

What does water represents?

Relationships!!! So tone up, activate and normalize your relationships by doing the techniques above. 

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran, thank you for teaching us it starts with the body that is our first home.

  2. Thank you so much Naranji. You are really doing great work towards humanity by sharing these things with us

  3. This site is immensely helpful in multiple number of ways. It is really worth full & very much needed in life. Easy yet useful; there cannot be a simply, relaxing & lazy technique that is good in many ways & cures more problems than we could ever imagine.

  4. Naranji I suffer from Asthama every night when I’m asleep (been more than a month). Is there any mudra along with mantra that could offer me relief in this context ?

  5. Dear Sir,
    My father is suffering from back pain, leg pain & Kidney problem . is their any remedy so i can chant on behalf of him.
    Please help me.
    Thanking you in advance

  6. roopa,
    chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM YEAKDHANTHAM (very good for back pain)
    what is the kidney problem.

  7. Namaskar Naran ji.
    i have a severe problem of constipation too. sometimes it turns into piles too. as i drink a lot of water with empty stomach..but of no use … i unable to eat anything due to this problem… i tried to eat almost everything now.. but still the problem is increasing day by day.. i have been doing yoga for last four years now .. and now have started to doing mudras too .. but still the problem persists ..i have tried Musth mudra … and many other too.. as i do these mudras the problem gets solved but again the same returns… so pls help me in this matter… i always try to eat out too …


  8. sunitha,
    contact the centre and get the remedies for constipation

  9. Hi Sir,
    I used to follow your teachings when i am in mental tension. This time i am requesting help for my husband. My husband is diagonised with Reneal Failure. He is on the border line of dialysis. Please help me to find a donor so that i can save his life.


  10. indu nair,

  11. sir,
    As written above you have mentioned ring finger represents water element, but actually little finger represents water and ring finger represents fire. Its in your blog sir, Am I correct sir? which is correct sir?

  12. kavithabindukumar

    Kindly let me know which is the best Mudra for kids who r having I GA neuropathy

  13. In para 2 above “How to increase water element….” ring finger is mentioned for water. But in other sites it is little finger for water while ring finger is for earth. Please check it.

  14. Sir Ian reading your blog iam new got hope by reading this as my p romblem would be solved too like others.Sir respect you a lot you are likevan Angel.my son is studying in 7th his grades are down this year otherwise ok but always watching t.v ,roaming outside what should I do give me some mantra for chanting and also recommend how to chant and for how many days iam hoping that my son should get good grades in future.and also he should listen to me sir I could
    Not get remedies as Ian typical house women.hoping for your word me it means lot to me.

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