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S. Bhuvaneswari

I have come across your page in the Google on healing just a few weeks back where I had severe neck pain in the right side.

I started practicing the (Chin Mudra) Forgiveness Mudra and along with the affirmation for all my family members and my colleagues. To my wonder in other 5 minutes of this exercise, I was able to feel great relief. The pain also got reduced.

Also, in the past one week, I was using the Movement Mudra (index and middle fingers touching Thumb on both the hands) – which helps me a lot in arriving to office soon in spite of heavy traffic. This is really amazing.

For the past 3 to 4 days, I was trying for a gas booking and the connection to gas phone was always busy.  Today, before trying the call, I called the Animal Spirit Guide of Wolf and prayed them. To my wonder, the gas office staff took the phone and updated me.

I am too grateful for you to publish these details on site for our usage.  Thank you so much…!

With much love & light

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear sir,
    many many thanks for all the help and guidance you have always given to me i have still many more reasons to thank you for giving me the lalitham lambodharam lalitham baskaram, lalitham balachandram it has made lots of difference in my life at various levels and certainly has improved the healing abilities within me.

  2. Its very true that these techniques help us in handling our day-to-day life situations and also make our mind calm and cool. We feel Mr. Naran and his team has solution for every problem. God bless them in this mission.

    With great regards,

  3. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am having trouble selling my house. Its been on the market for seven months. I want to sell this house and buy another one in different city where my husband works. He has to commute 2hrs everyday and his health is getting deteorating.
    And I also want to start my business. Please advice me any chant or mudra that can help me. I live in Washington, USA.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Seeker,
    write walnut in a piece of paper and keep it in the pocket of your husband

  5. Thank you so much for your reply.
    Is writing walnut for my husband’s health or for our business? Because I want to start my business too.


  6. seeker

    Yes for both

  7. Respected Mr. Naran, with your blessings I found a buyer for my house. You are a messenger of god. Thank you so much for your help. I want to buy another house in a different city. Please help me what should I chant or do so I can buy a good and beautiful house of my choice. Please shower your blessings on me so that I can have a Prosperous, healthy and wealthy life in my new house.



  9. Respected Mr.Naran,

    I am struggling to get a job for the past 13 months. I was in UK before. For some reason I came back without extending my visa. Now I am not willing to work in India but I am struggling to get a job abroad. Please help and guide me with remedies.

    Moreover I have lot of commitments and duties to perform. I would be grateful ever to you. Please help me.

    My mail id is

    Thanking You!


  11. My Divine,

    Thank you in full faith. The switch words to bring a person to close to you worked for me. And it happenned within 2 days.

    Thank you once again in full faith.

    • Good to know that. Which switch words you tried?

      • Hello Naran,
        I chanted this mantra “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE”. And also kept a “JELLY FISH” picture in my purse.

        Also chanting the mantra “OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA” for alcohol addiction.

        He acts silly, even now. I am just waiting for those days to see, when he will stop doing all this and he will be loved by his SON.

        Hope I am on the right track. Should I still continue with the Concede clear mantra.

        Please suggest.


  12. roopa,
    Continue doing it.

    • Thank you Sir. But for the house construction, you have give me bach flower remedies:
      rockwater oak chestnutbud mimulus gorse

      After chanting of these names and taking the pills, a few days the work went on well. And now again it has stopped forthe past 2 months. My husband does not want totell me anything or discuss with me anything. Unnecessarily we are payinginterestto the bank, paying the watchman and many others like this.

      I am already old and cannot earn for more than 5 years. But my husband is forcing me to continue my job till the hosue debt is over for next 20yrs. But he wants to relax by resigninghis govt job, as a superintendant of customs.

      I really do not understand what’s going on in his mind. And don’t want to. But Iwant to get rid of paying debts for the whole life.

      please look into the matter.

      • Roopa,
        dont have any expectation. just accept whatever comes. chant GENTIAN WILDROSE. The chanting of this will help you achieve peace of mind.

  13. Rajendra Passary

    I had one blockage in my coronary artery (L.A.D.) two years back. I went for Stent treatment. After One year of stent treatment I found again deposits (blockage) at the same place and I went for Dr Bimal Chhajer treatment last year. I am on zero oil diet but Now I feel slight pain in knee and arm joints. I also suffer poor digestion. I also feel memory loss and fatigue after slight mental work. Kindly suggest suitable Mudra with sketch or photograph.

  14. Rajendra Passary
    This heart mudra will help you. But it is not a cure for your problem. Haphhazerdly i cannot suggest anything.

    Keep the index finger at the base of the thumb. with the thumb touch the tips of middle and ring finger. Be in this mudra for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening before 6pm. Mudra should be done by both the hands.

  15. Respected Sir NAranji What is the remedy for a wife whose husband comes late at night drunk have smoking habbits and dont know weather He is earning good some of money.Sir suggest good sw for the wife of such person who neglects all his responsibilty (she will follow your suggestion)towards his wife and son who is infant ,She tried convincing him but he says he will be good but he everytimes tells lie.Kindly help .Thanks

  16. Dear Sir Naranji ..What is the LIMIT of (SAHANSHILTA) TOLERANCE for the Person and what is the solution to cross such hurdles in life?
    when kids dont listen,husband does not agree,care for the family,when friends and relatives have wrong ideas, A PESRON WANTS TO HAVE HAPPY<HEALTHY PEACEFULL

  17. snm,
    if you think that happiness depends upon friends and relatives, you will never get.
    This world has all people good and bad. All emotions like fear anger sadness, worry are present within us. At the same times we have other emotions like peace love happiness joy calmness etc also within us. If the same person can have both surviving emotions and evolving emotions at the same time, the outside world also can have good and bad people. We should believe in co-existence. When we dont like others because they are creating problem for us, we think they should not be in our vicinity. This fear about them makes us forget our good qualities. In the midst of fear cultivate sympathy. When you dont get love give love. In this world nothing is imperfect. Everything is happening as it should. If there is imperfection around us, we are trained to see imperfection only. Develop the attitude of gratitude thinking that everything is perfect. Always thank any event any person.
    sympathy unconditional love and Gratitude only can elevate us and only in evolved state we can get peace or happiness. Same anger same hatred same fear will bring in the same people same event and our life becomes a repetition of the past. break the past. think differently. Then you can have a different future.
    1000 times, of which 100 times over a glass of water. Drink that water so that the body also is filled up with that energy of love

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