Uses of Shunya Mudra

Place the middle finger at the base of the thumb.

Your movement will be restricted. When there are too much of problems in your life – one problem after another, your problems will be restricted due to this Mudra.

You get ear problems because of heavy usage of mobile. Even if it is not ringing, you think it is ringing. It means your ear is not working properly. May be there will be a heavy sound – some form of humming sound in the ear. Any ear problem can be mitigated with this Mudra.

This Mudra is useful, when you are airborne. Your ear pains, while flying high altitudes. Cotton is used to mitigate this issue. Do this Mudra. Your ear pain will automatically come down.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hm, I tried this for my ear pain, and it seems to make it worse…

    Any idea why?

  2. KEEP both middle finger and index finger at the base and try. Probably you may have too much of vata – vata imbalance

    • Thanks for your reply.

      I tried this, and although it did not immediately reduce the pain, I do feel significantly more balanced – less anxious.

      I will keep up with this and see how things develop.

  3. my problem z with left ear as if my hearing power has decreased. should i use shunya mudra.

  4. jagmohan,
    only left hand.
    find out where it is affected by mobile, if so, get some protective stickers to be pasted on the mobile

  5. Can I do Akash mudra for increasing my broad mindedness and after that do Shunya mudra for increasing my hearing? Ie 2 kind of opposite mudras for different purposes? Will they still work or will the energies cancel each other or will some complications develop? Kindly advise Sir.

  6. Will this mudra cure tinnitus?

  7. suchi
    along with that take the flower remedies whitechestnut heather and emerald pills

  8. hi,i met a surgery in june2011 and doctor removed my hearing bone from my right ear as he said that it was 90% INFECTED ….BUT 3-4 MONTHS BEFORE this operation,HE removed some bones from my nose who were increasing and he said due to some event of hitting in the nose such thing happened ,Now Even My Left ear is also Hearing Less Please Suggest Some Yoga FOR BETTER HEARING ….as i HAVE BEEN FED UP WITH THESE DOCTORS……

  9. vp rana
    there is a breathing exercice for poor hearing. you can learn it from any yoga master.
    take the flower remedy heather two pills four times a day. this can improve hearing

  10. Vry useful healing tips n guidance. Its amezing
    Thanks sir ji

  11. Hi..
    I am very prone to cold cough sinus infections… but from 1 year, whenever I get cold, my ears get affected..I get ear pressure, clogged ear, dizziness vertigo confusion.
    which mudra should I do?

  12. can akash mudra can cure small sound in my left ear ( tinitus ) how long we need to practice

  13. both ears itch & pains, right ear nerve problem-deaf; So scared-I want to hear clearly with out any problem till the end. If possible in both ears(i some time could not find the direction of sound) .
    Also some time especially while standing few micro sec i feel as though tilting back. Which mudra should i do & for how long

  14. Few more details – age 44, low dose of tablets daily for Diabetic, High blood pressure & neuropathy(left leg) i feel itching inside the skin at finger tips if tablet(i guess neuro pain killer) is not taken

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