Uses of Akash Mudra

It creates space inside you. You don’t have space when you are stuck in a traffic jam (what’s inside us is reflected outside us). Put both the Chin and Akash (space) Mudras (let the index and middle fingers touch the tip of the thumb in both the hands). Then we will have space and move.

Akash Mudra activates our own teacher inside us.

If anybody is selfish, you can ask them, “Please put this Mudra”. It will make him broad-minded.

It widens your views and helps to understand your life better.

This also helps to clears the throat.

A Case History

Dear Naran,

Thanks for the wonderful program at “Raj Bhavan”. While teaching on “Akash Mudra”, you mentioned that the teacher in us will be widened and awakened.

Evening after coming from the function, I checked my mails. There was an invitation mail from a Chartered Accountants study circle to address the chartered accountants. Thanks to you Naran.

Tomorrow, I’m doing counselling for CA (Chartered Accountants) students appearing for final exams. I attribute all these success to you!

Mrs. Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    While I was reading this article thought of giving it try. So I was doing this Mudra for 3 days in my office during my free time. As this experience says that the teacher in us will be widened and awakened, Surprisingly my CEO called me today & given new responsibilities which I was not expected and also increased my salary though Im on my probationary period .
    I have no words express my gratitude to Naran Sir.
    Thank you

  2. It really worked

  3. very useful and effective.

  4. Thank you. Divinity has so many healing secrets. one only has to be open-minded to receive the divine grace.

  5. There is something I cannot clearly see. You said “let the index and middle fingers touch the tip of the thumb in both the hands” but your picture shows middle and thumb touching only. In this picture the index is extended.

  6. Jorge
    the space Mudra – thumb touching the middle finger. The heading is uses of Akash Mudra. It is written clearly that when you are stuck in a traffic jam what you need is space and movement. To create space and movement together touch the index finger and middle finger together.

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