Jupiter Mudra

Also called as Aakaash (space) Mudra.

Keyword for this Mudra is “expand”.

  • This Mudra activates Jupiter inside you and brings abundance in your life.
  • It will expand your horizon and get wider views of life and you will become a good judge of the life’s events.
  • The teacher in you will be activated too.
  • Person who is mean minded and selfish will become broad minded and selfless.
  • This generates blue energy and thus activates throat Chakra.

Chant Bija Mantra “Om Hum Namaha” while doing this Mudra.

Touch the middle finger with thumb on both the hands

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. respected sir, if i want to do 3 fulfillment mudras should i chant bija mantra or the affirmation words please guide me i want to become successful entrepreneur….. Thank u

  2. with mudras you chant MUSTARD (Bach flower) CITRINE (gemstone)

  3. hello sir,
    i am 21 yrz old, seem to have a problem with my throat. whenever i am hurt and angry, all the feelings seem to gather in upper area of my throat and it pains to the point of bursting. the throat actually expands like a balloon.
    i was quite active as a choir singer in my school times and found singing and music very soothing. but with time i could not carry on the hobby and i feel repression of energy there. please suggest me a hasta mudra for healing my throat. thank you.
    P.S. – i often have mild tonsillitis.

  4. Nivedita Atre
    you have to take flower remedies. contact our centre at chennai.
    mail yogashobana@yahoo.com

  5. dear sir , iam suffer from from financially debts to many loans veiy much worried.physically .mentally …very week ..pls help me which mudras and mantras.i go for to lead sucessfull life…pls help me…..

  6. harit,
    you have to get blue sapphire pills from the centre

  7. dear sir ,lack off financial problems if comes come it wont stand for while lack of faincial problems .. no house still stayinh insombody place pls help me….

  8. HARIT,

  9. dear sir, my problems getting more and more financilly getting very bad even though i do jupiter mudrs .sir pls help …i’m in very much difficult position…

  10. harit,
    when the problems mount up, keep the middle finger at the base of the thumb and chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER for 20 minutes two times a day

  11. Sir, The jupiter finger is the index finger so is it akash or Gyan mudra to be used here?The middle finger stands for saturn.Please do clarify this

  12. Is there any disadvantage of Akash mudra if performed beyond limit as the Surya mudra has.?

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