Acceptance Mudra

(From Multi Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)

It helps us to accept our live situations as it is. There are two rules in the world: You don’t get what you desire and you will get what you don’t desire.

Chant the mantra Om Rum Namaha while doing the Acceptance Mudra (right hand – thumb touching index and middle fingers, and left hand touching middle and ring fingers — check the pictures at the end of the article).

 When we were seven years old, we fought over a broken pencil and got emotional. After two years, it was not as important as it was when it happened. Every time something happen, we make it either as a big problem or a small problem by categorizing. Every problem is same – no big or small.

Rama taught this Mudra to Lakshmana, who wanted to kill their father Dasaratha. Rama consoled his brother that whatever happens is right and therefore one has to accept what happens.

If any disappointment strikes you, think about Rama and his deportation to forest for fourteen long years, and do this Mudra. Then you will understand the meaning behind the incident that happens in your life.

When we are angry we don’t want to forgive. It’s ok. Therefore, let it be with you for a while, be in the Mudra and then do the forgiving exercise.


This Mudra helps your digestion. Before taking food, say in a buffet, do this Mudra. You will choose the right food. This will help to avoid our tendency to eat everything.

Changes Will Happen

Without our effort things happen.

I didn’t put an intention to get the sweet today, yet I got some. See how much god is fulfilling our needs without intention. How they are happening and why they are happening – there are no known answers.

The wisdom does not exist separately. Once you remove ignorance, wisdom shines through. Because of thought patterns and life reaction patterns, it’s shrouded. When the patterns and unwanted energies are cleared, wisdom becomes visible.

Awareness removes ignorance. Once the cleansing is over, I will come to know I am a man of wisdom. It dispels the darkness which is like the clouds that covers the sun.

Mentally accept whatever happens. Without acceptance our life is spoiled. If we accept ourselves totally, then things happen. We try to change without acceptance. Don’t change anything. Changes will happen automatically happen then.

pushan left hand

pushan right hand


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran, the instructions for the right hand corresponds to the picture of the left hand. Which is correct? If we switch the hands from left to right, will it make a difference? Thanks.

    • naranbalakumar

      the Acceptance Mudra (right hand – thumb touching index and middle fingers, and left hand touching middle and ring fingers — check the pictures at the end of the article).
      check the figure. it is as per the instruction.
      do as per the instruction.

  2. jayalakshmi raghavan

    Kind attn,to Mr,Balakumar.Thanks for the Diabetic tips and the mudras.I shall start doing them today and let yu know the out come of it.I am Padma aunties sisterinlaw and I get the updates from you regularly.if there is anything else to control the sugar level plse let me know.
    yurs faithfully

  3. you can also chant RUM BUM LUM DHUM while doing the acceptacne mudhra

  4. Thanks Balakumar for th diabetic tips, I will tell my friend, his family of four all have diabetes. I hope it is able to control it.

  5. if all in the family have this problem, they can take crab apple, oak, wildrose regularly. 5 pills of each of the above, can be put in water and the water is boiled and colled down.. Then they take that water 6 to 7 times in a day. This will help reduce blood sugar.

  6. Do you have any remedy for throid

  7. for thyroid contact any homeopathy shop nearby and get the remedy. In india, there is a product known as B56. This is normally taken 10 drops in water and taken three times a day for about 3 months.
    anyhow i want to know whether it is hypo or hyper.
    please let me know what are the symptoms you have what is your mental state

  8. is this mudra helpful in alltype of disease.
    what is the mantra to chant during mudra i.e. Om ram namah. How long this mudra is done at a time

  9. Shyama, I do this chant “OM RUM NAMAHA” (Please note it is not “Om Ram Namaha”) about 108 times (sometimes even less) it is very effective along with this Mudra before and after meals.

  10. I am sorry. I meant should we chant “OM BUM NAMAH” or OM RUM NAMAH’ fo digestion

  11. Lata
    chant om rum namaha

  12. Sir,
    My child is 5 years old and has severe autism. My child doesn’t talk yet. Not even a word. She gets so frustated and gets very angry, not being able to communicate. She gets therapy everyday. She can communicate with few gestures. But my parents and I and doctors believe prayers help more. Can you please let me know any mantras or remedy to help my child talk? Thank You for your wonderful blog.
    Mom of a child with autism.

  13. chant om vachaspathaye namaha as many number of times as possible.
    Take a glass of water hold by the hand and chant the mantra. give that water to the child.
    Give the child flower remedies Cerato scleranthus Walnut Rescue remedy. Three pills each three times a day.

  14. Thank You very much for your kind reply. Can I buy these remedy from your center in chennai?

  15. Yes you can. But i am at present in Gurgaon. will be back by the end of this month only.Please mail me and i will give you the contact no of my asst.

    • Hello Sir,

      I was wondering if your Bach Flower CD for meditation will help calm my autistic child. Whenever I take her to new places like doctors office, she gets really anxious and she wants to eat something to calm her fears. Will listening to the CD every night bring in peace to her mind?
      Thank You,
      Mom of a child with autism

  16. Helpmychild,
    yes will defenitely help.
    She is fearful of new situation, in which case, you give the flower remedies Mimulus larach and Rescue Remedy before taking her out. Buy these remedies from any homeopathy shop if you are outside chennai. If you are in chennai come to the centre.
    three pills each. Dont touch the pills by hand.

  17. Naran,

    I am sufferring from Hyperthyroidism.
    Symptoms are:
    Increase in body weight, over the throat region, below the chin, in the hand wrists. Get hypertensed, as husband is an alcoholic person and irritates me normally after 8-00p.m.

    You have already given me the remedy for him.

    Now, I wanted to know if there is anything that i can do for myself.

    • Roopa
      for hyperthyroidism, consult a homeopathic doctor and take remedies. There is one drops available B-56. consult and take it.

  18. namaste
    my husband is very short tempered and use bad words at the time of anger and later he forget. pls help me to stop this.

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